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We received many reports that there are various bugs for Jurassic Park Builder players on our review here. If you are a person experiencing any of the following then you are not alone. It is expected that there will be a bug fix on the next update as more players report their device and bugs that needs to be fixed. However, we have not personally encountered any of these bugs and errors.

If you haven’t heard about Jurassic Park Builder then you should definitely check out our review on the app game. Jurassic Park Builder allows you to build your very own Jurassic Park and collect exclusive dinosaurs with amazing graphics that makes you feel as if they were actually alive in the palm of your hands.

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  • Unable to harvest crops/meat
  • Unable to build roads
  • Unable to move dinos

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  357 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder Bugs and Problems”

  1. Accidentally changed server now game won’t load! 🙁

  2. My son lost his entire park completely because of the last update and so did everyone else I know. He has never been compensated for anything. I refuse to install that update because of this. I would seriously hope that anyone who does get compensated get a large amount of bucks to rebuild their entire parks because of it. That will be A LOT of bucks per person! I think new techs are needed. I noticed a lot of errors and issues with this game all the time and when you have a child who is sick and plays these games to pass the time of appointments, procedures, etc and this always happens, it tends to make you want to stick to games that work.

    • Have you figured out why you lost everything yet or did you manage to fix it?

      • My wife and I have the same issue too. I play on my iPhone and my wife plays on both her iPhone and iPad.

        After the recent update, she had about 10 dinosaurs, all with 2 stars. She went to battle and came back with all Jurassic Map disappeared and no dino’s. Only 1 lonely Triceratops which was like back at the beginning. All player levels still remain, quests, money, roads and upgrade stuffs. Aquatic Park not affected. 2 days later, same happened to me.

        A lot of items were purchased to upgrade on the earlier game before the issue. Now… we have buy this all back? This is not fair.

        Please advise, because we both love the game and want to continue playing.

        We don’t mind to restart, but 1st – Reimburse big bucks to re-level back dino’s and 2nd – this shouldn’t happen again. 🙁


    • This happened to me yesterday as well. My Aquatic and Glacier parks are up to date and have all of my work. The main Jurassic park looks like it was my first day again (it has only one dinosaur and one square of land cleared). In fact, all of my dinosaurs are gone and they are not available for battles or tournaments anymore either. There has got to be a fix for this as I play multiple times a day, every day, and have been for a year. Please help!

  3. I am trying to buy the 9.99 and the 24.99 buck packs but every time i try to buy either one it says “Error, problem connecting to the itunes store. Don’t worry the transaction hasn’t been processed. please try again later.” I have checked my apple account and the payment information is all correct so it seems to be an issue with the game please let me know how i can fix this, thanks

  4. My code red does not work anymore and I have trouble getting coins from my meat eating dinosaurs ever since the last update for collecting points!!!!!!! I’m not going to waste any more money on this app.

  5. In between switching from land board, to water level, to glacier level, etc., All of a sudden this strange loading bar appears every time I switch from one level to the next…it doesn’t matter in what order I go to each board. It loads in mb, and once it loads, it gets stuck. It is driving me crazy and I just want to play the damn game. VERY SIMPLE… AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE! The game takes long enough without this new surprise and its getting extremely cumbersome. ?.pretty much, I’m about to ditch this game, even tho its one of my favs. It takes up wayyy too much time, tolerable without the loading bar, TERRIBLY mind-numbing with the loading bar. To make matters worse, once it loads, it gets stuck after it fills up. don’t have time for this nonsense b*******!

  6. Please fix this… as I can see you losing many dedicated players to this glitch. annoying as f***

  7. it will not allow me to place titanoboa in the glacier park. there is plenty of space.

  8. I successfully complete research for my Pterodactylus, but when I went to purchase it, it was not available and my research had reset to start all over. I was not re-imbursed for any of the coins I spent on research.

  9. Right here’s my problem the app is telling me it can’t access my basic information and tells me to change my settings to allow it, I did as it said and went back on the app to see if anything changed, this time a question popped up asking if the app could access my friends list and I allowed it then the game started to load but suddenly it stopped and went back to the to the previous message saying please change your settings to allow the app to access your basic information it doesn’t make any sense as the settings haven’t changed can you please help me resolve this problem so I can continue enjoying this game please and thank you.

  10. I spent far too much time playing this app. I won’t go into detail in just how meticulously laid out the park was or how many surveys I filled out to earn the free bucks, but when I logged on one day after the update I was devastated to find everything gone & no explanation as to why. Even though there is no way of replacing the time spent, it would be nice to receive at least a few dollars in compensation.

  11. when will the maintenance be done??

  12. Finally! A facebook app about my most favorite movie of all time; and it won’t work?!?!?!

  13. What do you do about connection errors?

  14. The app won’t even open

  15. The app won’t even open

  16. My park whenever I click on the app it loads until the screen with the two Dino’s fighting then it just glitches up and dies. Any thoughts?

  17. Ever since I have hit the level to unlock glacier park I have not been able to access it at all. It always tells me that the “park access failed” and I need help finding out how to get it to work or if I can’t do anything at all.

  18. I love this Game so much but that stupid god d*** 304-34 login glitch someone. Plz tell me how to fix it because I am not restarting I have way to much stuff on there

  19. Been playing this for a couple of weeks now got so far spent money on dollars and this morning won a battle went back on to my park and it’s all gone, my cash crops meat and dollars are all the same even the roads surrounding the dinosaurs in my park are still in place and the noises of the other dinosaurs are still going on but been put back to square one with only 1 dinosaur, anyone have any idea as to how I can fix this and get everything back?

    • i have the same issue and i was all the way up to having unlocked gallimimus and now its as if it was all for nothing

    • Hey Paul I just went through this exact same thing. Were you able to get your stuff back?

    • I just had exactly the same. Lost my entire Jurassic Park, all other specs are still the same. Did you’ve managed to fix it?

    • Yesterday I just had the same problem as Paul, I’m left with one dinosaur. What is going on? I tried resetting my phone but came back to the same thing. Other 2 worlds have no issue. Does anyone know if this is going to be fixed and will I get my park back?

    • Same! Many ppl are seeing this same issue.

      Something’s got to be done. Great game, but time wasted and more importantly…. REAL Money wasted.

      I’ve sent 3 emails to Ludia about it already… 1 last week. 1 yesterday, 1 today. No answer at all. Will continue each day until we get an answer.

    • That happend just now for me too pls find something to fix it …my heart is really in pain right now

    • Same for me man! 🙁

    • I got the same problem too… I restarted a MILLION times and it still won’t work

    • Hey, did you ever get this fixed?? I just had the same damn issue last night, irritating as all hell.

    • People have been losing their parks since the start of this game, it is absolutely riddled with bugs, i have just lost my park and all dinosaurs same as you paul, iv spent real money on limited edition dinosaurs which ill never get back, i sent ludia e-mails complaining almost a week ago and have nothing back. Absolutely ludicrous dont play this game honestly not worth the time and effort.

    • I’m having the exact same problem. I got to level 67 or so with loads of dinosaurs (including premium ones) and tons and tons of missions completed, expensive items purchased, etc. But after installing the last update, I tried logging into the game and my park had shrunk to level 1 size with one Triceratops. The top bar still shows level 67 with about $1.7 million, but all of my improvements and dinosaurs are gone, including the ones I paid for. I checked the server and I’m still on the North American server, as before.

      Here was their lame reply: “Hey there, We are currently looking into the issues that the update has caused and can offer a temporary solution to help mitigate the situation. We want our customers to keep enjoying the game as much as possible and as flawlessly as possible while we are looking into the problem. We can help give you Dino Bucks to help build your park back up. The issue MIGHT happen again and we can NOT guarantee that this is a sure fire fix. There is corrupted data within the game that can cause issues such as crashes when trying to clear a piece of land, the game not saving properly or missions not appearing.”

      A few dino bucks are not going to fix this. 1,000 dino bucks won’t even fix it, because I don’t have any of my high-earning dinosaurs anymore, and most of my dinos were maxed out on strength, the ports were built up, etc. I think I’m just done. I wrote back to them saying that a few dino bucks aren’t going to solve the problem, and they just said “I have added the Dino Bucks to your account. Enjoy! :)” Unbelievable.

    • I have the same problem. did you fix it? and how?

    • Hello I have the same problem as you Paul, has it been fixed!?? and did you get everything back?

  20. In my park every time I log in it shows on the left hand side that I have new missions although I CANNOT click on them and when I go into missions they are not there. I currently only have one mission even though I should have four!

    • Update: I now have two characters boxes doing nothing on the left hand side and I can’t click on them.I do not receive missions from those two characters anymore. 🙁 Please Help!

  21. hi, love your new game of jurassic park builder, but i’m on level 12 almost to 13, and it keeps starting me over with one dinosaur, and still on same level, suckz starting over twice in one week thou, 9 of them, the 1st time it reset me, then 6 the next time, can’t do it any more…lol let me know what you can do to keep me playing…;lthanks 4 ur time

  22. I didn’t hit the reset button but I lost all of my dinosaurs for some reason. My level coins and dollars all stayed the same but now I only have a triceratops. Anyway to get my park back?

  23. I am concerned that I can not enter the battle zone, I would hope that it gets fixed rapidly, because I am getting impatient. Plus all of my dinosaurs disappeared and, I started the game from zero again. But from reading all of the complaints, I don’t think I´ll be playing this game soon.

  24. The battle arena & tournament modes don’t load anymore. It’s been doing that for a few days now. Why is this? I enjoy playing them. Is there a problem with the server or is it my connection?

  25. Has anyone gotten this resolved, or has gotten a response to the emails they have sent. 5 days and still no response. Very poor customer service. Plus PR has dropped the ball in helping put people’s concerns to ease

  26. I spent almost 2 years playing this game, I had almost every dinosaur (most of them fully evolved) then today the game crashed and restarted me all over again. I’m absolutely devastated and they haven’t done anything to help me. What a waste of 2 years.

  27. I went into aquatic parc and when I went back to jurassic all of the cleared area reset and all my dinos were gone


  28. everyone’s parks are being deleted…funny how THEY haven’t ever seen this problem but their entire fanbase is blowing up about it

  29. I have the same problem as Paul, “comment above”
    I had just completed the research for the allasouraus, won a few battles and when I went back to the jurassic section of my park I only had a level 1 Dino!!! I’m still level 16 and have the aquatic park with the same amount of coins and bucks as before except every dinosaur is bloody gone!!
    I had really been enjoying this game until this rubbish happened

  30. On kindle fire hd …. Daughter was playing her game & was going around collecting her coins .. Then all of a sudden a pop up pops up & now everything has gone .. I mean everything !!! She is back to like having a new kindle … No apps …no games …. No internet … No information ….. What’s going on !!!!!!

  31. I spent almost 3 years building my park and I went to login today and my whole jurassic section is completely wiped out. I don’t know how this happened, I just want it back the way it was

  32. Reached level 20 then lost everything… Is there a chance of getting it all back without starting all over?

  33. I have been playing this game for over a year and had all animals in the first (Jurassic) at max level. I’m on level 75 and just completed battle 44 in the battle arena. I have just lost the whole park leaving me with just the aquatic and glacier parks. I now have cars driving through the forest where my roads were. I’m left with the first animal to start all over. I also have spent many dollars on this that now have been wasted.

  34. I was playing jurrasic park bulider and when I went to the aquatic park the game keep losing connection does anyone know how to fix it?

  35. Haven’t been able to load my park since the August 14 2014 update. Any idea when this will be addressed? The initial 121meg download never completes, but I have loads of space on my phone.

  36. it crashes every time i try to take out a piece of jungle that end the time

  37. Almost got to level 22 and now the app won’t load.

  38. My dino’s aren’t earning money anymore. Buildings still do… My fish dino is also giving money.

  39. I lost all my dinos like Paul Im still in level 33 but with only 1 dino? How do I get everything back to normal?

  40. I think there was an update or something and I lost my entire PARK everything i now have a lvl 1 triceratops and lost my pteranodon and all other dinosaurs I have tried going on the computer and loving in Facebook which I have always done even on my phone and now I lost everything is there a way to fix this so I get everything back ? Thanks for the help my park was destroyed and I have the same buck after winning the silver league tournament which was 81 and I realy enjoyed this game but it now suck my brother had the same problem but he got it before the update and he has started over from scratch and I now am too please help fox this problem if u need a picture of my destroyed park I can give it to u but please help me get my park back thanks

  41. Help! One day while I was playing I lost connection and then when I came back I had lost everything but kept my level and gold and foor. The main problem is that missions no longer show up. Please help. Also I’m playing as a guest

  42. My facebook login won’t merge all of as sudden. I a m on my kindle fire and ask day have been playing with no issues and the all of a sudden it won’t login. But yet ask my other apps connected to facebook are working and logging in just fine….what’s going on???

    • did u get this sorted

    • I would like to play with my old save game but I cant connect to facebook, everytime when I try it comes : Cant connect to Facebook… Please tell me somebody how I fix this :(…

  43. When switching from park to park all of a sudden I’ve lost my Jurassic. It has crops all over the park but still looks like the park is underneath. HELPPP!!!!

  44. Lost all dinosaurs after accepting a mission with Hammond. now what?

  45. My jurassic has started new but im still lvl 20 why can You help me please and i ve got 190000
    That unpossible Please help and make the bug or Mistake awawy

  46. Battle arena access failed please fix my email [email protected]mail.com password lietuva0

  47. Have anyone fix this problem??
    i wanna restart for a new game also can not get Game stable.
    Keep disconnect.

  48. My Jurassic park builder will not allow me to collect any coins, or harvest and meat or crops from the harbor. I love this game, and hope the issue will be fixed. Thank you for your time.

  49. When I do any of the promotions to earn extra bucks I DO NOT receive the bucks, I’ve done a few of the game ones, has anyone else had this problem and is there’s way to sort it

    • Happened to me all the time. All you need to do is email the staff at TrialPay (click “Support” at the bottom of the list of offers) and let them know which offers you have completed and that you haven’t received your bucks. Whenever possible, take screen shots in case they ask for them (press the Prt Sc/Sys Rq button to copy the screen shot to your clipboard, then open up an imaging program (like Paint) and pasting the screen shot into the imaging program (usually found in Edit -> Paste), then save it to your computer.) if they’ve seen that you have completed the offer, they will usually send you the bucks you’re owed.

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