Jul 152012

We received many reports that there are various bugs for Jurassic Park Builder players on our review here. If you are a person experiencing any of the following then you are not alone. It is expected that there will be a bug fix on the next update as more players report their device and bugs that needs to be fixed. However, we have not personally encountered any of these bugs and errors.

If you haven’t heard about Jurassic Park Builder then you should definitely check out our review on the app game. Jurassic Park Builder allows you to build your very own Jurassic Park and collect exclusive dinosaurs with amazing graphics that makes you feel as if they were actually alive in the palm of your hands.

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  • Unable to harvest crops/meat
  • Unable to build roads
  • Unable to move dinos

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  284 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder Bugs and Problems”

  1. Accidentally changed server now game won’t load! :(

  2. My son lost his entire park completely because of the last update and so did everyone else I know. He has never been compensated for anything. I refuse to install that update because of this. I would seriously hope that anyone who does get compensated get a large amount of bucks to rebuild their entire parks because of it. That will be A LOT of bucks per person! I think new techs are needed. I noticed a lot of errors and issues with this game all the time and when you have a child who is sick and plays these games to pass the time of appointments, procedures, etc and this always happens, it tends to make you want to stick to games that work.

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