Jul 152012

We received many reports that there are various bugs for Jurassic Park Builder players on our review here. If you are a person experiencing any of the following then you are not alone. It is expected that there will be a bug fix on the next update as more players report their device and bugs that needs to be fixed. However, we have not personally encountered any of these bugs and errors.

If you haven’t heard about Jurassic Park Builder then you should definitely check out our review on the app game. Jurassic Park Builder allows you to build your very own Jurassic Park and collect exclusive dinosaurs with amazing graphics that makes you feel as if they were actually alive in the palm of your hands.

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  • Unable to harvest crops/meat
  • Unable to build roads
  • Unable to move dinos

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  302 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder Bugs and Problems”

  1. Accidentally changed server now game won’t load! :(

  2. My son lost his entire park completely because of the last update and so did everyone else I know. He has never been compensated for anything. I refuse to install that update because of this. I would seriously hope that anyone who does get compensated get a large amount of bucks to rebuild their entire parks because of it. That will be A LOT of bucks per person! I think new techs are needed. I noticed a lot of errors and issues with this game all the time and when you have a child who is sick and plays these games to pass the time of appointments, procedures, etc and this always happens, it tends to make you want to stick to games that work.

  3. I am trying to buy the 9.99 and the 24.99 buck packs but every time i try to buy either one it says “Error, problem connecting to the itunes store. Don’t worry the transaction hasn’t been processed. please try again later.” I have checked my apple account and the payment information is all correct so it seems to be an issue with the game please let me know how i can fix this, thanks

  4. My code red does not work anymore and I have trouble getting coins from my meat eating dinosaurs ever since the last update for collecting points!!!!!!! I’m not going to waste any more money on this app.

  5. In between switching from land board, to water level, to glacier level, etc., All of a sudden this strange loading bar appears every time I switch from one level to the next…it doesn’t matter in what order I go to each board. It loads in mb, and once it loads, it gets stuck. It is driving me crazy and I just want to play the damn game. VERY SIMPLE… AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE! The game takes long enough without this new surprise and its getting extremely cumbersome. ?.pretty much, I’m about to ditch this game, even tho its one of my favs. It takes up wayyy too much time, tolerable without the loading bar, TERRIBLY mind-numbing with the loading bar. To make matters worse, once it loads, it gets stuck after it fills up. don’t have time for this nonsense b*******!

  6. Please fix this… as I can see you losing many dedicated players to this glitch. annoying as f***

  7. it will not allow me to place titanoboa in the glacier park. there is plenty of space.

  8. I successfully complete research for my Pterodactylus, but when I went to purchase it, it was not available and my research had reset to start all over. I was not re-imbursed for any of the coins I spent on research.

  9. Right here’s my problem the app is telling me it can’t access my basic information and tells me to change my settings to allow it, I did as it said and went back on the app to see if anything changed, this time a question popped up asking if the app could access my friends list and I allowed it then the game started to load but suddenly it stopped and went back to the to the previous message saying please change your settings to allow the app to access your basic information it doesn’t make any sense as the settings haven’t changed can you please help me resolve this problem so I can continue enjoying this game please and thank you.

  10. I spent far too much time playing this app. I won’t go into detail in just how meticulously laid out the park was or how many surveys I filled out to earn the free bucks, but when I logged on one day after the update I was devastated to find everything gone & no explanation as to why. Even though there is no way of replacing the time spent, it would be nice to receive at least a few dollars in compensation.

  11. when will the maintenance be done??

  12. Finally! A facebook app about my most favorite movie of all time; and it won’t work?!?!?!

  13. What do you do about connection errors?

  14. The app won’t even open

  15. The app won’t even open

  16. My park whenever I click on the app it loads until the screen with the two Dino’s fighting then it just glitches up and dies. Any thoughts?

  17. Ever since I have hit the level to unlock glacier park I have not been able to access it at all. It always tells me that the “park access failed” and I need help finding out how to get it to work or if I can’t do anything at all.

  18. I love this Game so much but that stupid god d*** 304-34 login glitch someone. Plz tell me how to fix it because I am not restarting I have way to much stuff on there

  19. Been playing this for a couple of weeks now got so far spent money on dollars and this morning won a battle went back on to my park and it’s all gone, my cash crops meat and dollars are all the same even the roads surrounding the dinosaurs in my park are still in place and the noises of the other dinosaurs are still going on but been put back to square one with only 1 dinosaur, anyone have any idea as to how I can fix this and get everything back?

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