Nov 192012

Jurassic Park Builder players! It’s time for a new update! It looks like this update is mandatory and all Jurassic Park Builder players must upgrade.

The developers have noted that it’s just a few bug fixes but we’ve found some interesting chances to the game that players may experience while re-entering their Jurassic Park Builder game.

UPDATE: There is a known glitch through Facebook saying it’s its cancelled. Please wait as the game rolls out fixes. This does not affect non-Facebook users.

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One of the key, and we mean key changes is that now Dinosaurs can go beyond level 30. That means if you have a Dinosaur maxed out in the old update, well it’s not the max level anymore! That means you’ll have to level up your dinosaurs even more.

What are the differences? Well we’ve only notice minor re-coloring like a white outline compared to a black outline on some dinosaurs.


There are now 4 stars for your dinosaur’s containers than 3 stars.

We have no discovered anything more updates but we’re confident that new features will come soon, especially with the underwater feature.

Jurassic Park Builder Update 141 New levels

What’s New in Version 1.4.1

Welcome fellow Jurassic Park Builders!

• A few bug fixes to improve your gaming experience.

Think you can manage a park full of dinosaurs? Begin your adventure and start building!

The Jurassic Park Builder team.

  18 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder: Update 1.4.1, New levels”

  1. Was so excited to see an update, was so disappointed when it didn’t include new water area. 🙁 A few more color changes is anyone cares: My 3rd evo. iguanodan is now purple when I’m 90% sure it was green before. 3rd evo ankylosaurus is grey blue top shell instead of bright blue. I think the 3rd evo gallimimus is completely different color as well though can’t remember earlier color. some other bright, dark, redder here and there.
    Star system is a bit different too, was 1 star for lvl 0-10, 2 for 11-20… but now all my three star lvl 30 dinos are only 2 stars :(, meaning max lvl is now 50?
    Fine with all of that, what’s not cool is I lost tons of exp! My personal lvl has been maxed at 35 for ages, last time there was an update that extended max personal lvl they gave you the exp you had built up, not this time, all gone
    🙁 not cool.
    (I did get about 1.5k more from code red than usual so they might have changed something there as well)

  2. Yup a few changes…cool to keep ya goin, but not cool about the experience & also not cool about not getting near the amount of coins I was gettin from collecting…that pissed me off, lol! I'm sure ill get over it 😉

  3. I don´t have upgrade the game yet, because of fear to lose my progress. I only play with a guest-accout not through facebook.. what happened when I update the game? Will my progress be lost?

  4. I also do guest account, not facebook. Last update I was mid-quest(almost done of course) and the update changed the quest completely. (this time I was done with all quests 🙂 10 herbivores to 30 and 10 carnivores, if you think you have enough food, you don’t). So if you’re in the middle of one, finish it first if you can.

    (though I thought the update was requiring you to install it before letting you play?)

  5. Problems? It wiped my game completely, update if you want to start from scratch fellas!

    • I think they force you to update at the beginning if you're not on the latest version. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • I think they force you to update at the beginning if you're not on the latest version. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • same thing happened to me once Richard, hopefully its the same situation for you. I got logged out of my guest account and was wanting me to log in through facebook or start a new game! had to go to the phone settings, find the game and log in there. Was a while ago so sorry I dont’ remember more details, hopefully you can get your game back.

  6. I kind of liked the update, I mean I think it’s obvious we were all expecting the underwater section but still for what it it, this update wasn’t bad.. I liked all of the dino color changes, and the new levels. I was expecting maybe some new decorations or buildings, or maybe even new dinosaurs, but it’s okay that’s bound to happen in the future anyway. The only thing I didn’t like is the fact that they added new evolutions to all the dinosaurs. It seems like they hardly put any effort into these last stages of evolution, and most of them are very dumb-looking. For triceratops, all they did was add blue rings around its spots, and for carcharodontosaurus, they just added red trim to its stripes. The only dinosaur I think looks better with the added evolution, is dilophosaurus. It looks fantastic. But other than him, most are train wrecks. My advice: if your dinosaur is level 25 – 30 and you like the way he looks, leave him. Because you may be devastated if you evolve it and it turns out ugly. That happened to me with my Triceratops, so I was forced to sell him, buy him again, and restore him to the way he was before I evolved him. However, I made this same mistake with yutyrannus. He wasn’t that good looking before, so I evolved him to the final evolution. Now he is the ugliest dinosaur in the game by a landslide. And it’s going to take a lot of cash to get him back, not to mention countless food and the burden of evolving him twice to get him back to the way he was. My advice: if you absolutely love the way your Dino looks, keep it that way. Even if you don’t like it that much, leave it alone until you have confirmed what it will look like in it’s next stage of evolution. Be careful ! Especially with your limited edition dinosaurs !!!

  7. What can your experience bar get up to now. I’m at Level 40. Not done it yet, but wondering where it caps out

  8. I am at level 40 now and it seels to be maxed at 40. I really don’t want pay anything else that would give me experience since we lost the build up last release.
    Get with the program team, people get ansy and eventually lose interest. I was playing the gave with my husband that’s a big time Jurassic Park person, when he lost the exp points and there was no water park, he lost interest and hasn’t played it since.

  9. how do you get the stars

  10. I’m at level 55 but ever since then I have received mega experience points and it will not advance to level 56.. Have I reached the limit???

  11. My LEVEL 1 Carchardontosaurus is green, GREEN I TELL YOU GREEN!!!

  12. I’m a bit angry I have up graded to the new version of Jurassic park builder and I’m doing well on glacier I have all five of the dinosaurs but I can’t get anymore . I have sent my helicopters on an exhibition and it comes back with no DNA samples ( bit poor that is should be more ) fell let down on that part .

  13. I recently upgraded and lost all progress back to a level 4 triceratops. Anyone know if Ludia will fix this problem or anything?

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