Jurassic Park Builder: Ammonite


The Ammonite is a Crustaceans eating Dinosaur in Jurassic Park Builder. It was made available on December 10 2012 when the developers introduced the underwater part of your Jurassic Park.

“The god Ammon inspired the name of the Ammonite, since he was often illustrated with rams’ horn.” – Jurassic Park Builder: Ammonite Information

 Jurassic Park Builder Ammonite

Aquatic Park Only!

Release Date: December 10 2012
PARK: Underwater
Buying Price: 22,600Jurassic Park coins
Selling Price: 11,300Jurassic Park coins
Feed Type: CrustaceansJurassic Park Builder Crustaceans
Initial Egg Wait: 08:27:59
Research #1 Cost:
Jurassic Park coinsx10
Egg Wait Time #1:  08:27:59
Research #2 Cost:
9000Jurassic Park coinsx10
Egg Wait Time #2:  08:27:59

Research#3:  12,000Jurassic Park coinsx10


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How to find Fossil [Under Water Jurassic Park]

In the underwater section of the game, you can only find fossils through expeditions. Once you send your team to search for fossils you will get to select from 3 different tubes (FREE) if you select the right one you will get the fossil if any are found.

 Jurassic Park Builder: Ammonite Evolution

The evolution for the Ammonite begins at level 5 where he comes an adult Ammonite. Most dinosaurs follow this order and will evolve when you feed it to the required level in your Jurassic Park Builder game. When the dinosaur reaches level 10, you will need to evolve it using the research center which requires you to successfully evolve it into its next form.

Once you have successfully evolved it into its second form, it will become a baby again and you will need to feed it to level 15 to become an adult again. Once your dinosaur reaches level 20 you can evolve it using the research center once again where once you completed evolving it, it will become a baby and will evolve into an adult at level 25.

*Level 30 and beyond

The developers added new levels and coloring for players that want to go beyond level 30.

Evolution 1 Completed Message: The Shell of the Ammonite could grow to reach 6 feet or more in diameter.
Evolution 2 Completed Message #2: The female Ammonite grew to be 400 percent larger than their male counterparts.
Evolution 2 Completed Message #3: As it grew, the Ammonite constantly built new parts to their shell.

 Jurassic Park Builder: Ammonite Earnings Chart

Due to the nature of Jurassic Park Builder, we only document earnings and food cost to give you a rough idea of how each one will cost.

Earning Rate: 950 every 2 Hours

Level Earnings
1   1159Jurassic Park coins/2 Hours
2  1278
3 1395
4  1515
5  1634
6  1754
7  1871
8  1991
9  2110

 Jurassic Park Builder: Ammonite Food Chart

Level Food
1  95
2  157
3  220
4  282
5  345
6  407
7  470
8  532
9  595

Jurassic Park Builder: Ammonite Evolution Chart

 Baby Adult
 Jurassic Park Builder Ammonite  Jurassic Park Builder Ammonite Evolution 1 Adult
 Evolution #2
 Jurassic Park Builder Ammonite Evolution 2 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Ammonite Evolution 2 Adult
 Evolution #3
 Jurassic Park Builder Ammonite Evolution 3 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Ammonite Evolution 3 Adult
 Evolution #4
 Jurassic Park Builder Ammonite Evolution 4 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Ammonite Evolution 4 Adult

  15 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder: Ammonite”

  1. Earning Rate lvl 10 : 1826 every 2 Hours

  2. Earning Rate lvl 30 : 3776 every 2 Hours

  3. Research #2 cost = $9,000 per attempt

  4. Level 2 food of ammonite is 157, level 5 345, level 11 720, level 14 907, level 15 970, level 16 is 1032

  5. 12,000 research cost when going from level 30 –>31

  6. Research #1 cost = $6,000 per attempt

  7. I can’t seem to find any DNA for a Annomite and I expanded so much it’s not possible to find any Annomite DNA

  8. I found DNA for a ammonite but I still can’t get it because I have 947 coins and I need 22,600 coins to get the ammonite

  9. I HAVE MY AMMONITE NOW, is the next creature in the aquatic park a KRONOSAURUS, or a TYLOSAURUS

  10. Is he the second aquatic creature

  11. 57 expeditions and no fossil/DNA. I quit.

  12. My ammonite has 11.00% bonus although it has the highest bonus points in aquatic park but my 2.00% dunkleosteus will be coming with ammonite too!!!!

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