Jurassic Park Builder: Beginner Basic Guide


Jurassic Park Builder is an amazing app game that allows you to collect and create your own dinosaurs creating your very own Jurassic Park on your mobile device. Here we have an exclusive beginners guides to help you get pass the basics of the Jurassic Park Builder app without problems.

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To begin, you must ensure that you have completed all aspects of the tutorial. Simply check out your quests and ensure there are no new updates or you may still be in the tutorial section of the game.

How to get new Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder Corythosaurus icon

Perhaps one of the most asked questions in Jurassic Park Builder is how to unlock new dinosaurs into your park. Unlocking and getting new dinosaurs is no difficult task, but requires you to have Amber found in the game. Amber are not exactly fossils but actually mosquitos with dinosaur blood from pre-historic age that have died and turned into Amber.

How to get Amber

Jurassic Park Builder Amber

To get Amber or fossils in Jurassic Park Builder, you must clear rocks and bushes (in building game terms). Upon clearing these bush and any rocks you will have a chance at getting an Amber where you can research and obtain the DNA of a new species of dinosaurs.

How to collect Meat and Crop food

Jurassic Park Crop and Meat

Collecting Meat or Crop to feed your Dinosaurs is easy in Jurassic Park Builder, simply tap the activate button and wait for your farms to fill up. You can also gain more food from your farms or habor by upgrading them.

Do Decorations do anything?

At this current moment, we have not seen any special effects oppose to the stats stated on the description. This means that each decoration has their own set of bonuses and varies from one to another. However, it does not increase your chance of obtaining Amber.

Dinosaurs Evolution

As you evolve your dinosaurs into bigger and more powerful beasts, each dinosaur will have their own set of change and advancement including the amount they earn for your Jurassic Park.

Can you create more than 1 of the same dinosaur?

At this current moment, you cannot create more than 1 of the same dinosaur. If you sell the dinosaur you can recreate it again.

  169 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder: Beginner Basic Guide”

  1. On level 10 and I have no more goals, is this a glitch? Don’t want to start over again.

  2. how do you activate the food harbours? when I highlight the building, the "activate" button wont let me press it!

  3. They get activated during a mission but when it is grey like that it means they are getting supplies for you park.

  4. There is a glitch with collecting crops or the “plants” from the harbor.

    When you push the activate button on the crops harbor, it activates the meat instead. The meat activate button activates the meat as it should… but meanwhile you can’t collect or order plants or crops.

    Any idea how to contact the app developers?

  5. I had the same issue and then I clicked upgrade when I highlighted the crop building. I did have to wait until I had enough levels to earn an upgrade, but it fixed the glitch on the crop building.

  6. How do I "Feed Both Dinosaurs" it says 1 of 2 I am a level 6 and still have this as a mission I havnt completed?

  7. How do you find a fossil? It’s the only quest I have left right now.

  8. i am currently connected to the game through facebook and i want to restart my progress..but i dont have the option in the options menu. is there a way around this problem? does anyone have a clue?

  9. I cant find a freaking fossil. anyone find one.

  10. So I have several dinosaurs at the 'evolve' level, but when I click to evolve, it tells me I'm already in the process of evolving my corythosaurus – BUT I DON'T HAVE A CORYTHOSAURUS!

  11. What happends when you merge your fb account and the guest account?

  12. Can u get the xp when evolving?

  13. How do you completely restart the game? I tried uninstalling then reinstalling it but it didn’t work…. I made a bunch of mistakes and don’t have any money left and I’d like to just start the game over.

    • if you want to start over from scratch the best thing to do is do it from another server (although all your friends will not be on this server)
      If you want to do this go onto the settings (Which is the one that looks like a globe on the top right of the main dial with the market in the middle) and an option to choose either North America, Europe or the rest of the world comes up these are all different servers which anyone can use regardless of which part of the world you are actually in at the time.
      The one you are using at the moment is usually highlighted just choose one of the other two (but once you’ve tried all three there’s no more so make sure you get it right this time or the next) once you click on it it will ask you if you are sure about it, click yes and it will restart from the title screen again and Bob’s your Uncle a brand new fresh start from the beginning all over again.

  14. My son was working on his park & a “login in progress” box came up. It’s been over 30 minutes and app is still frozen. Everything else on my iPad works, so wifi connection is fine.

    • Just turn off iPad and back on all fine happens all the time to me

    • If that doesn’t work try a hard shut down .you press the botton on the front and the button on the side like you were going to take a screen shot , but hold the buttons down till the ipad shuts off. Leave it off for a couple of seconds, then turn it on by the side button. It will take a few moments but it should fix your problem. Good luck.

  15. You need to delete the app and re install. It works

  16. I play this game on my iPad, my son plays on his iPhone, we are on the as,e Game Center account…..his game completely deleted this evening and he needs to start from scratch…wtf??….is there a way to recover his game from somewhere?

  17. I’m on the mission were i have to buy the dinosaur habitat in the market, but there is no habitat in the market, how annoying help me

  18. I had the same issue, eventually I just bought a lot of decorations and I levelled up to level 11, I have also figured out that once you are almost at the end of a level you stop getting missions, Heinz the requirement of needing to buy decorations to level up.

  19. Lvl 4 and can’t collect food, I’m activating all the time but when I go to collect it doesn’t add the food to the inventory?

  20. What happens when a dinosaur escapes? Can you get it back?

  21. Did Someone have a t Rex without sell490 bucks

  22. I don’t seem to be getting past level 40, is there a problem with the game or is this the highest level

  23. I don’t seem to be getting past level 40, is there a problem with the game or is this the highest level

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  25. you can fart when you get to level 40

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  27. on jurassic park when you get to level 101 your wife will ditch you and run away!

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      IM A TEENAGER!!!
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      Everyone needs to stop bieng so
      Mean I play it wow and I’m 13 plus I’m a girl
      Plus it’s not that bad if there are adults playing
      So u can shut and the only reason u put that comment it cuz u can’t get a wife


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  32. I can’t get past level 40 and no option to get any more dinosaurs neither.

  33. How to find a fossil please??

  34. How do you get passed level 40? I’ve been on it for a while. I’m not connected to Facebook, I just play as a guest. Is that why?

  35. Bjr comment déplacer l’ankylosaure qui et au niveau 10 dans un autre enclos ces ma mission et j’y arrive pas…

  36. I download this game to my nexus 10 tablet but I’m unable to expand even dough I have 3 thousands over coins?. Any help tks

  37. i have the app on my gallxy s3. i am on lvl8 i had to use my facebook info for another app.but i forgot my password to my facebook account so had to change it.now i cant log in to jurassic builder.can you plz help i dont want to lose my progressn. thank you

  38. It goes gray at the maximum time like for my level 3 meat harbor I only have a max of 2 hrs.

  39. For some reason my whole park was deleted and I am not sure why? Any suggestions?

  40. For some reason my whole park was deleted and I don’t know why? Any suggestions?

  41. I know how to get coins, but how do I get the cash ?

  42. I got to level nine and bought a lot of land got no amber after clearing it completely same thing for level ten? has this happened to anyone else

  43. Anyone know how to get easy exp fast?

  44. How do you know when to feed your dinosaus.

  45. How do I expand my land?

  46. How can I expand my land?it says I have to but I don’t know how or were to look to do so

  47. anyone worked out how 2 get rid of squares yet?

  48. Please help…my son is really struggling on one of the 1st tasks, its the camping out level. Where is the grass tuft?. Thanks

    • when you expand it clears the land but leaves behind some greassy areas or rocks. you need to click o those and then click destroy to remove them. this is also how you find amber

  49. i am currently level 9 with a little bit to go to level 10. i am on the mission “write to know” where i have to build the Parasaurolophus but i didnt find the amber when i expanded and i cant expand again until level 10 unless i spend money. how else am i supposed to get xp? i already built all the dinos i currently have available.

    • You have to spend money to expand every time so you might want to think about just expanding again as long as you cleared out everything from the last one expansion. You can get experience by activating your harbors, buying decorations and placing them in the park, feeding your dinosaurs and leveling them up or evolving them if they are at a level that’s a multiple of five and by completing any missions you may have left. Hope that helps =]

  50. Is there a way to change your park name?

  51. Anybody, please tell me if you know how to get rid of those ANNOYING squares! :(

  52. JPB is a totally awesome game.:) The squares really spoils it though.:(

  53. Well I am lol 17 and I am having no problems except earning dinosaur bucks

  54. Can someone help

  55. my app start crashing this morning and it’s been that way since then .. I updated and nothing .. I don’t know if I have to reinstall it because it says that if I delete the app I will lose the game and all of its data, so did I just lose my park??!

  56. I got a question. I am stuck in the aquatic area, on the mission that says: Have 2 stars with crustaceavores. Please help

  57. I’m stuck on Lvl 2, and I feel so dumb about that, but where do I get the Triceratops habitat? Its says to find it in the market, but I don’t see it there. Is this a glitch? What do I do?

    • If you can still expand by paying with coins then you have to do that, then remove the rocks and what ever else, is in the area you just expanded, until you discover amber, and finally you have to decode the amber to “discover” a new dinosaur.

  58. my entire habitat is all black except the dinos any suggestions, i also keep losing the bucks and food i have been trying to save the food for level up and the buck so buy the more expensive dino but the just keep disappearing

  59. Can anyone help I’m stuck:

    I’m on Level 8. I have cleared the one space of forest that I’m allowed to in Level 8 and gained the XP. I have completed all of the Malcolm missions. I have built loads of buildings and plants.

    The only thing I can do to get more XP is to complete the first Hammond task to have an Ankylosaurus which I assume is the amber I’m currently researching. However my current XP level only lets me 2/3 through the research.

    I cannot clear any more forest without using 10 money notes.

    What can I do to finish the level? Meat/crop stocks only give 4 XP every 20 minutes which sucks. I don’t have enough XP to evolve dinosaurs. Buying an expensive decoration only gives about 7 XP.

  60. I am have trouble with one of the missions in the aquatic center it tells me to have two stars with a certain Dino I don’t have what does it mean.

  61. how can I get my trainees trained ???

  62. I have completed one mission call “Business of Science” but it is still inside the mission list, who know how to settle it?

  63. How to complete the mission “bring the professor along as u level up ” simple level up hasn’t complete the mission… How can I bring the professor…..? Ps I’m at level 7

  64. I have mail and it won’t let me open it how do I open the mail up

  65. Trying to figure out what in the world is it big roc bir head on head on it what is it 4 and why is it there

  66. Im Level 11 And my mission is place 7 tracks and its done but its still there

  67. How do you bring along the professor?

  68. I can’t access the aqua park and every time I try to it says “park access failed…” Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • It’s quite hard. Anything bad happens to anyone’s game here’s the tip:
      1. Go to settings
      2. Go to Wi- Fi settings
      3. Turn the Wi- Fi off then turn it back on again.
      4. Remove Jurassic Park Builder (don’t worry your memory WILL be saved if you keep it in the Game Center)
      5. Download Jurassic Park Builder again. That way your park will still be there and you’ll be able to go back to the aquatic park again. Hope I helped! :D

  69. I really want to access the aqua park but it keeps saying “park access failed…” Can anyone help?

  70. How do you move a building

  71. I am stuck on leveling up the meat harbor. How do I do that?

    • To level up the meat harbour, click on it and there should be an option that says ‘upgrade’, click that and you will have levelled it up :)

  72. How often do I have yo feed my dinosaurs?, cuz its expensive but I don´t want to feed them less than they need.

  73. What makes the dinosaurs have more or less stars?

    • More stars mean how many times it has evolved. Less stars mean that there is an update where you can get more awesome skins for dinosaurs.

  74. Lotta really dumbass questions in here lol. The only one i’ve read that was actually worth asking, was what ‘have 2 stars with crustaceavores’ because thats not a sentence. The rest of you are mad dumb. If you keep playing, it advances.

  75. You dont NEED to feed them. They will never die, fools. You feed them a) because you want them to level up and bring you more money. b) it’s one of your missions. The message you get “feed your dinosaurs, they are getting hungry means fuck all, it meams ‘hey you didnt play the game today, come waste time”. Stop taking things in this game so litterally, you don’t have to bring mr Hammond along while you level up ect, the nigga aint real! And your dinosaurs cant die of starvation! ….help

  76. This may sound stupid, but I just started playing yesterday.. im linked to my facebook and some of my friends are playing as well, but I can’t send them gifts or requests.. the “send gift” button is grey.. is there a certain amount of time you have to be playing before you can send gifts or did I do something wrong?

  77. How do I access the Glacier Park? I just leveled up to level 20, and when I try to access the Glacier Park, it says “Park access failed”. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  78. How do you get the 5% bonus on the glacier level

    • Hi Stephaine, did you manage to find out how to the the 5% bonus in glacier park? I can’t figure it out either!

      • You have to create a decoration in the vicinity of the building they ask you to collect from. Place 1 or more decorations near a building until it has a 5% bonus, then collect any amount of coins from the building.

  79. How do you being the professor along to feed your dinosaurs?

    • Just activate the meat harbor and crops harbor once each then feed all of your dinosaurs when you collect the most of it you can make.

  80. how I can help my dinosaurs to evolve without spending coins?

  81. Hi Stephaine, did u manage to find out how to get the 5% bonus in glacier park? I can’t figure it out either!

  82. I figured it out. You just buy decorations that have bonuses like ice sculpture or plants etc & just place them beside the animals or buildings. Look at the description when you are buying them & the higher the bonus the better.

  83. Yeah, what I do to is get to the next level to get the missions back. That’s how I did it. Also, WHY IS MY FAVE DINO SPONOSAURUS HAVE TO BE 98,600 COINS?! Brachiosaurus was 52,950 coins… :(

  84. How do I place more submarines and cars I cant figure it out
    Please help me

  85. anyone know if the dinos will die (or if anything will happen) if i don’t log in and play the game for an extended period of time?

  86. Is it possible to change facebook accounts in one device without deleting the progress achieved in both accounts?

  87. On level 7 how do I complete “out of the classroom”? I don’t know how to bring the professor along to level up a herbivore! Please help been stuck on this quest

  88. Just feed him until he levels up.

  89. I am at level 9 & there is no more goal left. & XP bar is full, but still I am not moving to Level 10.

  90. Just remove some forests

  91. i am on level 10 about to level up to 11. i have been trying to access the aquatic park. it even says i had an email in aquatic park go there to check it, but when i try to go to aquatic it says park access failed. is there a trick or am i missing something?

  92. How to “get help ” in evolving dinosaurus ?? How to get friends there :/

  93. How do I change the name of my park?

  94. may i know how to change the park name at ipad?

  95. How many levels is there. Im on level 75 and it move up

  96. And it won’t move up I mean

  97. I can no longer collect coins from my dinosaurs. Click on dinosaur, and the collect button is greyed out. It has been going on for several days now.

    Is this a bug? How can i fix?


  98. How do I save the game on Jurassic park builder?

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