Jurassic Park Builder: Beginner Basic Guide


Jurassic Park Builder is an amazing app game that allows you to collect and create your own dinosaurs creating your very own Jurassic Park on your mobile device. Here we have an exclusive beginners guides to help you get pass the basics of the Jurassic Park Builder app without problems.

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To begin, you must ensure that you have completed all aspects of the tutorial. Simply check out your quests and ensure there are no new updates or you may still be in the tutorial section of the game.

How to get new Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder

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Perhaps one of the most asked questions in Jurassic Park Builder is how to unlock new dinosaurs into your park. Unlocking and getting new dinosaurs is no difficult task, but requires you to have Amber found in the game. Amber are not exactly fossils but actually mosquitos with dinosaur blood from pre-historic age that have died and turned into Amber.

How to get Amber

Jurassic Park Builder Amber

To get Amber or fossils in Jurassic Park Builder, you must clear rocks and bushes (in building game terms). Upon clearing these bush and any rocks you will have a chance at getting an Amber where you can research and obtain the DNA of a new species of dinosaurs.

How to collect Meat and Crop food

Jurassic Park Crop and Meat

Collecting Meat or Crop to feed your Dinosaurs is easy in Jurassic Park Builder, simply tap the activate button and wait for your farms to fill up. You can also gain more food from your farms or habor by upgrading them.

Do Decorations do anything?

At this current moment, we have not seen any special effects oppose to the stats stated on the description. This means that each decoration has their own set of bonuses and varies from one to another. However, it does not increase your chance of obtaining Amber.

Dinosaurs Evolution

As you evolve your dinosaurs into bigger and more powerful beasts, each dinosaur will have their own set of change and advancement including the amount they earn for your Jurassic Park.

Can you create more than 1 of the same dinosaur?

At this current moment, you cannot create more than 1 of the same dinosaur. If you sell the dinosaur you can recreate it again.

  • Matthew

    How do I get all my water dinosaurs back with out rebuying them again an with all the levels they were at an tha way it was all set up again in the aquatic era

  • yoyoboy

    how to remove jungle elements at jurassic park builder

    • David Loperleveille

      Just click on it and click remove. Just make sure you have enough coins

  • Soumanasya Dutta

    so playing the game requires an active internet connection??