Jurassic Park Builder: Ferris Wheel Rex


The Ferris Wheel Rex in Jurassic Park Builder is a building found in the market section of the game. Purchasing buildings will allow you to earn extra income for your Jurassic Park Builder park. Each set of building has their own set of earnings per minute or hours. Purchasing these buildings will also allow you to decorate your Jurassic Park till your heart contents.

In this section of Jurassic Park Builder, you will find all the information about different type of buildings found in Jurassic Park Builder, along with their price and complete build time.

 Jurassic Park Builder Ferris Wheel Rex

Release Date: Original
Buying Price: 276,000Jurassic Park coins
Selling Price: 138,000Jurassic Park coins
Build time: 73:35:59
Unlock Level: TBA

Jurassic Park Builder: Ferris Wheel Rex Earnings

Earnings Rate
 2160Jurassic Park coins  /12 Hours

  3 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder: Ferris Wheel Rex”

  1. What do they mean when they say to place it for the organizers to admire

  2. I had the Ferris wheel Rex before it told me to place one it marked off that I collected off it twice but it wouldn’t mark off that I had one I just bought a 2nd one any advice would help

  3. It takes about 3 days to build!?!

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