Jurassic Park Builder: Leedsichthys


The Leedsichthys is a Crustaceans eating Dinosaur in Jurassic Park Builder. It was made available on December 10 2012 when the developers introduced the underwater part of your Jurassic Park.

“The huge Leedsochthys was believed to feed exclusively on plankton” – Jurassic Park Builder: Leedsichthys Information

 Jurassic Park Builder Leedsichthys

Aquatic Park Only!

Release Date: December 10 2012
PARK: Underwater
Buying Price: 342,000Jurassic Park coins
Selling Price: 171,000Jurassic Park coins
Feed Type: Crustaceans
Initial Egg Wait: 22:02:59
Research #1 Cost:
15,000Jurassic Park coinsx10
Egg Wait Time #1:  22:02:59
Research #2 Cost:
25,000Jurassic Park coinsx10
Egg Wait Time #2:  22:02:59
Research #2 Cost:
32,000Jurassic Park coinsx10
Egg Wait Time #2:  22:02:59


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How to find Fossil [Under Water Jurassic Park]

In the underwater section of the game, you can only find fossils through expeditions. Once you send your team to search for fossils you will get to select from 3 different tubes (FREE) if you select the right one you will get the fossil if any are found.

 Jurassic Park Builder: Leedsichthys Evolution

The evolution for the Leedsichthys begins at level 5 where he comes an adult Leedsichthys. Most dinosaurs follow this order and will evolve when you feed it to the required level in your Jurassic Park Builder game. When the dinosaur reaches level 10, you will need to evolve it using the research center which requires you to successfully evolve it into its next form.

Once you have successfully evolved it into its second form, it will become a baby again and you will need to feed it to level 15 to become an adult again. Once your dinosaur reaches level 20 you can evolve it using the research center once again where once you completed evolving it, it will become a baby and will evolve into an adult at level 25.

*Level 30 and beyond

The developers added new levels and coloring for players that want to go beyond level 30.

Evolution 1 Completed Message: The Leedsichthys was a giant that had no means of defending itself from the attacks of predators.
Evolution 2 Completed Message: The Leedsichthys had filter to sieve the plankton that it would shed once a year to grow a new one.
Evolution 2 Completed Message: The Leedsichthys had 40,000 teeth to filter plankton and eat them.

 Jurassic Park Builder: Leedsichthys Earnings Chart

Due to the nature of Jurassic Park Builder, we only document earnings and food cost to give you a rough idea of how each one will cost.

Earning Rate: 3000 every 12 Hours

Level Earnings
1  3240 Jurassic Park coins/ 12 Hours
2  3576
3  3900
4  4237
5  4574
6  4898
7  5235
8 5559
9  5896
10 6233

 Jurassic Park Builder: Leedsichthys Food Chart

Level Food
1  300
2  497
3  694
4  892
5  1089
6  1286
7  1484
8  1681
9  1879

Jurassic Park Builder: Leedsichthys Evolution Chart

 Baby Adult
 Jurassic Park Builder Leedsichthys  Jurassic Park Builder Leedsichthys Evolution 1 Adult
 Evolution #2
 Jurassic Park Builder Leedsichthys Evolution 2 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Leedsichthys Evolution 2 Adult
 Evolution #3
 Jurassic Park Builder Leedsichthys Evolution 3 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Leedsichthys Evolution 3 Adult
 Evolution #4
 Jurassic Park Builder Leedsichthys Evolution 4 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Leedsichthys Evolution 4 Adult

  16 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder: Leedsichthys”

  1. I have researched hundreds of times and i never get leedsichtheyes DNA! Is there something wrong? That’s my only mission and I’d like to have more things to do

  2. I wish I would have known you guys needed help with this, I have always come to this site for info on dinos. Here is the info I got, sorry I didnt start early.
    Leedsichthys lvl 15 3063 7308/12hr
    lvl 16 3260 7620/12hr
    lvl 17 3458 7920/12hr
    lvl 18 3655 8232/12hr
    lvl 19 3852 8544/12hr
    lvl 20 8844/12hr
    25000 per research to evolve
    I also just got a megaladon, so if you guys need some info on that let me know.

    • Andrew… 25000 to evolve to level 20….
      For level 30 is 32’000
      I also got the megalodon… bastard’s first evolution is 25’000 x 10 and eats like a… well like a megalodon!!!


      • And 33’000 for the second evolution…Good thing I already had more than 10 millions saved…. but it got me down to 7 and a half hopefully It’ll pay off quick
        Wonder when will they release new goals… I’m getting kinda bored

    • hi how do u get the megalodon? ive been trying so many times but i nvr find it.

  3. 15,000 for first evolution

  4. 25,000 second evolution

  5. I got this yesterday and its at level 5 i love him hes huge

  6. I was actually really disappointed in this specimen. The design for it is FANTASTIC, 5/5 easily. It is just beautiful and I was more than excited to have finally gotten it.

    However, it’s got some big drawbacks. It takes up a lot of room, eats a lot of food, has a HORRIBLE probability of success when it’s being evolved in the research lab (Expect to lose at least a million coins to get it to lvl 20), and doesn’t even make that much money! I’ve got him at lvl 29 right now. He takes up twice the room of the ammonite, eats 5,826 crustaceans per feeding, and only makes 968 coins per hour (11,616 in 12hrs). It’s just absolutely horrible, so disappointed.

  7. That’s a big ass fish!

  8. There’s no way I’m spending 342,000 coins on this LEEDSICHTHYS,can’t it be 76,954 coins or something else that’s 300% lower cause I don’t get enough coins every day

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