Jurassic Park Builder: Megalania


The Megalania is a animal found in the Glacier Park of Jurassic Park Builder game. It is classified as an animal and eats Meat from the Meat Harbor  in the game. The animal was made available on October 22, 2013 as part of a new update with 10 brand new animals to get in your Jurassic Park Builder game.

“The name Megalania means “Giant Roamer” in Greek. ” – Jurassic Park Builder: Megalania Information

Jurassic Park Builder - Megalania

Release Date: Oct 22, 2013

Extracted from: DNA Sample

PARK: Glacier Park
Buying Price: 751,700Jurassic Park coins
Selling Price:  375,850Jurassic Park coins
Feed TypeJurassic Park Builder - Glacier Meat
Initial Egg Wait: 179:59:59
Research #1 Cost:
30,000Jurassic Park coinsx10

Research #2 Cost:
40,0000Jurassic Park coinsx10

Research #3 Cost:
60,000Jurassic Park coinsx10
Egg Wait Time:  179:59:59


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How to find DNA [Glacier Jurassic Park]

In the Glacier Park section of the game, you can only find DNA through expeditions. Once you send your team to search for DNA samples you will get to select from 3 different tubes (FREE) if you select the right one you will get the DNA sample if any are found.

 Jurassic Park Builder: Megalania Evolution

The evolution for the Megalania begins at level 5 where he comes an adult Megalania. Most dinosaurs follow this order and will evolve when you feed it to the required level in your Jurassic Park Builder game. When the dinosaur reaches level 10, you will need to evolve it using the research center which requires you to successfully evolve it into its next form evolution.

This will repeat again from baby – > adult in the next stage.

Evolution 1 Completed Message: The Megalania is also known as the Giant Ripper Lizard
Evolution 2 Completed Message:  The Megalania weighted more than 5 times the weight of the largest reptile alive which usually weighs 150 pounds, the Komodo Dragon.
Evolution 3 Completed Message: The Megalania was the biggest lizard that ever lived on Earth.

Jurassic Park Builder: Megalania Earnings Chart

Due to the nature of Jurassic Park Builder, we only document earnings and food cost to give you a rough idea of how each one will cost.

* Earnings May change from developer adjustments.

Level Earnings*
1  3372Jurassic Park coins/ 12 Hours
2  3720
3  4068
4  4416
5  4764
6  5100
7  5447
8  5796
9  6144
10  6492

 Jurassic Park Builder: Megalania Food Chart

Jurassic Park Builder - Glacier Meat

*****We only document up to certain levels for food.

Level Food
1  337
2  559
3  781
4  1003
5  1225
6  1447
7  1669
8  1891
9  2113

Jurassic Park Builder: Megalania 

 Baby Adult
 Jurassic Park Builder Megalania Evolution 1 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Megalania Evolution 1 Adult
 Evolution #2
 Jurassic Park Builder Megalania Evolution 2 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Megalania Evolution 2 Adult
 Evolution #3
 Jurassic Park Builder Megalania Evolution 3 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Megalania Evolution 3 Adult
 Evolution #4
 Jurassic Park Builder Megalania Evolution 4 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Megalania Evolution 4 Adult

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  2. i am not sure if this is not limited so can some one tell me p.s. is there a better and easier way to get dna in the glacier park thx peace.

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