Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus

“”Tyrant lizard” is the meaning of the name Tyrannosaurus.” – Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Information

 Jurassic Park Builder Tyrannosaurus icon

Release Date: Original
Buying Price: 490Jurassic Park - Premium money
Selling Price: 192,000Jurassic Park coins
Feed Type: MeatJurassic Park Builder Meat
Initial Egg Wait: 24:11:59
Research #1 Cost:17,200Jurassic Park coinsx10
Egg Wait Time #1: 24:11:59
Research #2 Cost: 19,150Jurassic Park coinsx10
Egg Wait Time #2:  24:11:59


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Rating: 4.1/5 (317 votes cast)

 Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Evolution

The evolution for the Tyrannosaurus begins at level 5 where he comes an adult Tyrannosaurus. Most dinosaurs follow this order and will evolve when you feed it to the required level in your Jurassic Park Builder game. When the dinosaur reaches level 10, you will need to evolve it using the research center which requires you to successfully evolve it into its next form.

Once you have successfully evolved it into its second form, it will become a baby again and you will need to feed it to level 15 to become an adult again. Once your dinosaur reaches level 20 you can evolve it using the research center once again where once you completed evolving it, it will become a baby and will evolve into an adult at level 25.

Jurassic Park Builder Tyrannosaurus Screen

Evolution 1 Completed Message: One of the largest meat eating dinosaurs that ever existed was the Tyrannosaurus.
Evolution 2 Completed Message: 60 teeth, with some the size of a banana, filled the 4 foot-long mouth of the Tyrannosaurus.

 Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Earnings Chart

Earning Rate: every 4 Hours (/4 Hours)

Level Earnings Level Earnings Level Earnings
1  5100Jurassic Park coins/4 Hours 11  10375 21  15650
2  5626 12  10901 22  16181
3  6156 13  11432 23  16707
4  6683 14  11958 24  17233
5  7209 15  12484 25  17760
6  7739 16  13015 26
7  8265 17  13541 27
8  8792 18  14067 28
9  9318 19  14598 29
10  9849 20  15124 30

 Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Food Chart

Level Food Level Food Level Food
1  500Jurassic Park Builder Meat 11  3775 21  7051
2  827 12  4103 22  7379
3  1156 13  4431 23  7706
4  1482 14  4758 24  8034
5  1810 15  5086 25  8362
6  2137 16  5413 26
7  2465 17  5741 27
8  2793 18  6068 28
9  3120 19  6396 29
10  Jurassic Park Builder Meat 20  Jurassic Park Builder Meat 30  Jurassic Park Builder Meat

Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Evolution Chart

 Baby Adult
 Jurassic Park Builder Tyrannosaurus Evolution 1 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Tyrannosaurus Evolution 1 Adult
 Evolution #2
 Jurassic Park Builder Tyrannosaurus Evolution 2 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Tyrannosaurus Evolution 2 Adult
 Evolution #3
 Jurassic Park Builder Tyrannosaurus Evolution 3 Baby  Jurassic Park Builder Tyrannosaurus Evolution 3 Adult

  52 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus”

  1. I need one with coins please make it sell with coins.

  2. Yeah i do agree. can you plz make the trex into coins. Make it like… a million coins. Im happy with what whatever amount but as long as its not bucks. its kinda like forcing you to to buy the trex.

  3. i just got this sucker yesterday 🙂 already up to level 12 1 star, i love him! and i got the stegosaurus as well.

  4. I want to get T-Rex, too…
    But after I update this game app last week, I cannot buy bucks! It shows that “in-app purchases are not avaliable right now”. I just have 200 bucks earned from missions but T-Rex costs 490!! I really want to buy bucks but it seems that it doesn’t let me to buy~~ I have sent email to Ludia to ask but no one reply me … is it only my problem as I live in Hong Kong??

    • I live in indonesia. I also cant buy bcause it says in app purchass are not available right now. I dont know why

  5. comprar el t rx es un desperdicio de bucks

  6. Quick the trex is so cheap 15 bucks het it

  7. Just got t rex yesterday for a good discount

  8. i love you trex carnivores rock!

  9. Nate u have a Facebook so i can add u and be friends

  10. Nate u have a Facebook

  11. Hey gameteep can you please put pictures of all megalodon evolution color

  12. I just got t rex yesterday

  13. T rex is expensive but i could get 700 bucks by in app

  14. I just maxed out mine a couple days ago it makes 25k every four hours

  15. T rex is awesome

  16. T rex is my 2nd fave dino

  17. Why does it have to be 490 CASH?! Can’t it just be coins 🙁

  18. miért papírpénzbe kerül?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(::(:(?

  19. My Rex makes 100k+ every 4 hours, is that normal?

  20. When does the T-rex come out, I can’t seem to find the shape of a TYRANNOSAURUS REX

  21. And can you make it 67,350 coins because I like it as much as the spinosaurus and hatch in approximately in 7 hours please

    • It makes tons of money its not worth that much coins probally would be around 750,000-1,000,000 coins.

  22. my goal in jurrasic park is to earn money for the hecking trex and my cousin jurrasic 295 ej
    is just level9 and is now a pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{hint i taught him}

  23. Please make it coins, I’m not good at the game, even though I have the allosaurus

    • You cant be good or bad at the game considering it does not take to much skill, its only about how long you played the game or how much real money you waisted.

  24. I got T. rex with 50% off and I love it it cost 245 bucks

  25. I need 490 bucks at the end of the aquatic expedition,please I like the tyrannosaurus so much I have the Papo toy of it,PLEASE, IM BEGGING

  26. Is it normal to have T. Rex and stegosaurus at lvl 28?

  27. I want my tyrannosaurus and stegosaurus in my cell I have ta play the jurassic park builder but I want big money in the game as I have seen on the internet and the videos and did some pages to download but the download gets me a message choose a question and then without warning is loading please help or you can discount tickets to buy less and also the stegosaurus please. thanks

  28. Of all u got a t-rex tell me how to get I had a hard time place.

  29. Have every regular dino except him bought all the other bucks ones on sale but now have to save up for him. Please make it on sale for like 150 bucks instead? Or 5000000 coins

  30. I liked this game but if I did not like is that when we are already at level fifty in battle you stay at least bills and not save for dinosaurs having few bills that just spend it on XP when I evolve or leaves new dinosaur can not change the fewest in more dinosaurs showing ticket, because I want my park is a Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus can if you give in more minor number please? thanks.

  31. I love this ultimate super duper beasty giant!!! Too bad i have O BUCKS!!!!!

  32. Go to the spinosaurus page

  33. Make tyrannosaurus for coins

  34. Is it Normal to have a stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, brontosaurus, pteranodon, dryosaurus at level 29 without spending real money.

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