Jurassic Park Builder: Dino List


The list of Dinosaurs, or Dinos are one of the coolest things in Jurassic Park ever and here we have the complete list of Dinosaurs to help you build the best Jurassic Park ever on your mobile device. Keep in mind that each dinosaur has their own unique evolution that can be obtained 3 times. These are different “forms” and not evolution from baby to adult. Each dinosaur will evolve from baby to adult half way through their levels.

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Glacier Park

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Underwater/Aquatic Park

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Regular Land
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Limited Edition
  • Hacker.no.1

    Open the console of game and type max cheat
    You gain max resources , coins and cash
    Type free dinosaur in console
    You get all limited dinosaur free
    Enjoy 🙂

    • T-Rex

      Wow thank you buddy it worked !!!

      • Gian Joel

        What did you do to get it?

      • Gian Joel

        What does he mean by console?

      • jason price

        How do you get to console mate

    • Pop

      Is this for real

    • Max

      Wait a minute how did you do it did you have to go to help and get them

    • Michael

      What do you mean open the console, could you explain how to do do this.

    • jim

      how do you go about opening your console as i play on an ipad

    • Gabriel Nyman

      Where’s the console located?

    • Bryce

      Is there a way to do this on the Facebook version?

    • how? when? strane?

      how do you open the console?

    • pierre

      quiero un recomendar algunos dinosaurios
      edmotonia , diplodocus, megalosaurios ,gigantosaurio y sushumimos
      para ser un poco mas divertido

    • Gian Joel

      Is this for the iPad version? I really want the limited edition animals. 🙁

      • Gian Joel

        Also, I have a BIG load of ideas for the game. What could I do to let Ludia know?

    • shanejohnson21

      i don’t understand about opening the console, and i cant seem to do any of the hacks to gain endless bucks or coins, please any advise would help me out alot

      • mini

        there is no command console. But if you want to hack it, one way to do it on an android is to root the device then download freedom. I think you can do this on apple devices too if you jailbreak the device but I’m not positive

        • mini

          By the way, what freedom does is it let’s you make in app purchases for free(but is illegal in some countries obviously)

    • Gian Joel

      Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee tell us what you mean by “console”. I reeeeeeaaaaaalyyyy want the limited edition animals as I barely have any. Looking at videos from gameteep and wbangcaHD, I really cook my brain about the thought that I COULD have them if you would explain what you mean by console. Is it in settings? Is it in the game? Is it somewhere else? Just tell us please! ;-(

    • jason price

      How do you get to or open console?

    • LeadFaun

      What the hell is the console?

    • henri

      can you do this on the fb version?

  • Raptor93

    Can you explain that please ?

  • Raptor93


  • Max

    I GOT THE MACRACHENIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    can’t find any amber in glacial??? tried using helos digging ground nothing!!!!? also supposed to have 5% bonus building for quest? nada also 55 watch tower? lastly had to wait over 80 hours for dino to hatch !!!!!!

  • Duke

    I got doedon finally

    • Max

      You mean daeodon

  • Duke

    You missed macrachania
    Tricomerium and deodon

  • Your dead velociraptor

    I just only got it few days back and I got tones of bugs you need to fix them one of the bugs is my dinosaurs glitch out and pause for a second and my game keeps on lagging me out.

  • Max

    I HAVE THE AMEBELODON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • panji

    I need more coins! HOW?

    • chris

      upgrade dinos and put plants and stuff with bonuses on next to dinos and buildings

  • Pradel

    Les dinosaure ou je devrai dire la liste des dinosaure est pas mal jais eu le corytosaurus se midi en rentrent de l’école .

  • Yasaka

    What console can you tell me more i dont have any limited creature

  • Yasaka

    What console can you tell me more i dont have any limited creature and buck

  • Beastii

    Hey guys why every time I click on glacier park
    It says park access failed
    I can’t get in !!!HELP!!!

  • hanny fadia

    Is this an online game for android and tablet?

    • Gian Joel

      The game is available for Facebook, and the AppStore. I play on the iPad. I’m not sure about android though. I think it is.

  • Sylvain

    If there’s such a hack/cheat why would you wanna use it. If you had everything the game would be over. Collecting the Dino is the point of the game.

    • masterexploder

      because some of the creatures can only be bought with cash. insane amounts of cash. the t rex alone is 490 cash which is about 30+ dollars or so. if who’d want to play that much for a fake dinosaur? if they made everything obtainable via gold then it wouldve been fine.

  • Snake Historian

    My suggestions for Jurassic Park Builder Dinosaurs:
    Land Park

    Marine Park

    • dans th3 dino fan

      Thats abit much! Lol xD

  • Morgan

    In level 33 there is a mission that says “remove one carniforous mix plant” . I have tried removing plants around the carnivores…what does this mean? Nothing has worked yet

    • Parveen

      Carnivorous mix plant is the name of the plant. Click on ur plants and u will see the name. Find that plant then sell it.

  • Grant

    The Dodo birds came out yesterday and Titanoboa tororrow!

  • Grant

    Got the Titanoboa!

  • andy

    what can i doto get around this connection error 304-34

  • Paul Kuchnicki

    My game was not working ever since the update of the battle arena. I ve been working on that game for 5 freaking months!!!!!!!! I was crying all evening 🙁 I bet its the game server. Tell Ludia company to fix that problem pleeeeeeeeaaaasse!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

  • Duke

    Hey guys on the game management
    May be for the next update you can give a whole new
    Update.You can start by giving it a 3D look not just in 2d plane
    Where let the Dino’s (meat eaters) be in more bigger
    Cages with a more irregular shape for the cage as well as
    For the herbivores where the walk around in wider plane fields
    With special boundaries for each of them .you can even set up breeding programs
    For the herbivores only .even in aquatic park u should be more
    Realistic where u can see the same concept but put the creatures in
    Underwater domes so the can just swim away
    Make it more realistic and more based on the JURASSIC PARK movie
    It’s just a suggestions

  • Lina

    I cannot find this friggin game anywhere. I dont like phone games, no ipad for me. just PC or console. and google sends me to all these terrible sites. Any help guys?

  • cindy

    Is this game age appropriate for a seven yr old that eats and sleeps dinosaurs? This mom wants to make sure if he should be on here.

    • Sophia

      Yes, as a mother to a six year old who also eats and sleeps dinosaurs, we play it together and really enjoy it. Just collecting dinos and building stuff. Nothing bad that I can see.

  • dino fan

    here are some animals to add:

    land: Oviraptor,
    underwater: Cretoxyrhina,
    glacial: Megalonyx,
    Wooly rhino,
    and can these animals be non-limited.

    • dans th3 dino fan

      Wooly mammoth=elasmotherium by the way and he is already in :b

  • Duke

    Hey guys on the game management
    Can u create more easier and convenient
    Ways to earn bucks
    It’s really hard to earn bucks and plz
    Let more than 2 bucks to be earn like a lot more!!!!

  • Jim

    I’ve reached level 75 so when is the next update

  • Kawah dinosaur

    Cool! we make realistic dinosaurs back to our life http://www.kawahdino.com

  • Anthony

    list not complete trinacromerum is missing in acquatic park

  • B-babe

    To get ALOT of money on iPad/iPhone, do this:

    You need 2 devices, and logg on on one of them, then the other one, so that det other device resets, then log back on the først, and try sell something. Then logg on the second again and back on the first again! And the things you sold is back, but your stats stay as after you sold them. For real!

  • Sophia

    Does anyone know how to get round the task in Glacier to ‘collect from a 5% building’? There are no 5% buildings (on Level 26 currently), and the decorations that are 5% can’t be collected from!!! Aaargh

  • Dieter theuwissen

    Hello, ive got a question i have some mission To go another star with carnivores but il got already al the stars of carnivores my question if i sell some dino do il can buy him again with no stars ?

    • micheal

      yes u can

  • zapper rapper

    I wish more dinosaurs like
    Were added to the game

  • Zapper rapper tapper

    I guess every one are right to add more dinosaurs

    • dans th3 dino fan

      I know right and they are mostly fricken identical to the ones that are in the game!

  • joe

    its a fun game

  • Zapper rapper tapper

    I wish the Ludia company added argentinosaurus , giganotosaurus , styracosaurus , quetzalcoatlus , therizinosaurus , kentrosaurus , oviraptor , hadrosaurus , ichthyosaurus , deinosuchus in the game

  • Meetali Bedi

    DEAR ludia company ,
    I honestly ask you to add more dinosaurs like

  • Meetali Bedi

    DEAR ludia company,
    I also ask you to have dinosaurs like
    Dire wolves

  • Gamer girl

    Please release more dinosaurs for the main park! Oviraptor would be cool and many more!!!!!! Please!!!!

  • Abest

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    Your favorite justification appeared to be at the net the easiest thing to keep in mind of.
    I say to you, I certainly get annoyed whilst other people think about worries that they plainly do not know about.
    You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the entire
    thing with no need side effect , people could take a
    signal. Will probably be again to get more.
    Thank you

    Feel free to visit my web site

  • Cayetano

    Hi everyone here this the Maker of jurassic park builder they delete me dinosaur all then they to me they delete your all of your hard work.

  • Nasser Aref

    Won’t you release giganotosaurus ?

  • Bayu

    why in jurassic park builder not have a:

  • Bayu

    Or my suggestion is:

  • Bayu

    i have a titanoboa!!!!
    but my regular park change like tutorial lvl 1

  • Jackson D

    Are there any good cheats for this?

  • dans th3 dino fan

    Well this a bit selfish but im going to request some dino’s for ludia here because they only had 4 limited ones well…

    Jurassic park:

    gastonia or policanthus

    Aquatic park:


    ….and posibly the addition of one last park….The triassic park!

    Triassic park:


    • dans th3 dino fan

      Yes I know is alot.

      • Gavin Dyer

        Deinosuchus is already in the Glacier Park

  • Max

    How about Quaggas for glacier park

  • brent

    Every time I go to play the game and it starts to load up it always has to load some big
    update for each place even the arena and battle have to update. But once it does then u can travel inbetween parks with a problem. The it starts doing it again later on . What wrong with it

    • Daniel Robinson

      Your clearing your data cache [ don’t do it] and you will not have long downloads

  • Gella

    There are a lot of missing and messed up in evolution #1, #2, #3 (baby and adult) plus where is “Macrauchenia” in Glacier Park?

  • Max

    Someone mentioned about a Tapejara

    Can you info me about it

  • Gian Joel

    I need help! My game just randomly reset and I lost my park! Sometimes it works if I reset the ipad, but now it doesn’t. I’m getting really annoyed and tired of this game!

    • i got annoyed with that too but i found if you play it thru facebook as your main platform when a device resets you just log the game into facebook and walla!!!.

  • Duke

    This new dna rescue is a bunch of crap
    It’s too much a complicated system
    We have to collect 20 dna strands meaning we have win 20
    increadiblely Hard tournaments I just hope they will do something s bout this to make it easy like rescuing dino dna with 2 or 3 tournament in next updates

  • Duke

    Still this dna rescue tournament is a bunch of crap
    Still collecting 15 dna strands wat the shit
    Not all players have powerful Dino’s to compete
    N not all of us have a lot of bucks to spend it on
    Even the creatures given during limited time offers
    r hard to get
    Juz hope the games creator cn make the games more easy to play
    Then I cn garentee the game will become an even more greater hit fr sure

    • Z is epic

      No swear plz

  • Z is epic

    Breeding Dino’s would be a good update buuuuuuut… Making a new game(based on the upcoming Jurassic world movie) with everything in the previous game and more stuff (like breeding, crossbreeding, and Mr. Indominus Rex) would be EPIC AS THE MOVIE ITSELF!!!!1!!!!!!1!1!!!3!!!!!-$-&”- LOL

  • Z is epic


  • Gavin Dyer

    where is anomalocaris?

  • erwien

    Why i still not have Edmontosaurus. I’m lvl 35, i’m just stuck on pachyrhinosaurus.

  • U don’t know

    Add way more Dino’s please

  • Gavin Dyer

    guys Deinosuchus is already in the game

  • Rasengail

    will the limited animals come back at some point?