Nov 062012

Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince is surprisingly a really unique game. One would be skeptical at first when viewing the game’s screenshots and preview but rest assured that is it’s quite a unique experience.

If you enjoy medieval with swords and knights then this game will fit nicely into your library of apps. There is quite an interesting gameplay for Rise of the Dark Price, because it’s not focused on a single gameplay but there are multiple things you can do including build, battle, and collect.

Rise of the Dark Prince Upper Screenshot

 Gameteep Rating: 4 Stars

Knights & Dragons Rise of the Dark Prince icon

App Name: Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince
Seller: GREE, Inc

Release Date: Nov 06, 2012

Genre: Builder/Battle
Gameteep Rating: 4/5

Rated Version
iOS: 1.0.1

Rated Device
iOS: iPad

App Download
iOS: iTunes

User Rating

VN:F [1.9.20_1166]
Overall Rating
Rating: 4.7/5 (6 votes cast)

Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince Gameplay

The gameplay for this game is separated into two main tasks. One is building your very own castle where you will gain gold and other unique tasks made available from buildings. The other is a dungeon crawler type of gameplay where you explore areas and battle creepy monsters.

Building Stuff

The building portion of the game allows you to create a castle according to what you want. And in the process by building certain buildings you’ll be able to use the Arena, Fuse armor items, get free chests and more.


In this game you’ll also be able to explore various places like ruins and uncover bosses and other areas of the world that are unexplored.

You don’t actually control going into these areas but you’ll dive straight into battle against enemies in the area.

Battle System

The battle system is somewhat of a turn-based system but there are not that many commands for you to control after you have begun the fight. You can use to use your super when you’ve incurred enough energy to use the blast.


An element plays an important role in this game because your knights are separated into different elements.


You can customize your characters in this game and each character has their own set of “element” except for the beginner class.

At the beginning you’ll also be taught how to customize the design of your character.

Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince Graphics

The graphics in the game is beautiful. There are a number of “rich” colors used especially in the world map that makes the game feel well developed.

One of the biggest issues for graphics is that the battles are kind of flat. Not sure what the driving force is but it’s just not as exciting as it should be. Maybe because there’s not much of an reaction on the characters in battle.

Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince Sounds

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Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince Round-up

Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince starts off its game at a very slow pace where it almost feels like an RPG. This because there are a number of dialogues and help in this game that’ll give you a more in-depth understanding of what’s happening. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but when the day voice narration joins mobile devices that’ll be even better!

Overall the game is a great builder game for those that love to see more games with battles and other features than just building. Other things that make this game interesting is the ability to fuse multiple armory and battle with them using certain elements.

Gamers that love RPG may want to take a look at this game because there are elements of it that makes it similar to RPGs

Bottom line:

Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshots

Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 1Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 2Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 3Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 4Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 5Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 6Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 7Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 8Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 9Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 10Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 11Rise of the Dark Prince Screenshot 12

Review Rating
  • Building your own army of Knights
  • Different elements like fire, earth, etc
  • Arena battles
  • Customization for characters
  • Fusing armory
  • Character expressions
  •  Game can be a bit slow at first.
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