Feb 152012

MapleStory Cave Crawlers-1MapleStory Cave Crawlers is an amazingly fun app that plays like an action-style game but isn’t. If you have played apps like World War and iMobster you know that it’s just a simple menu with objectives and goals for you to meet daily. MapleStory Cave Crawlers takes those aspects but changed it completely. Although you still have your simple menus and and goals but you also have dungeons and can actually move within the game. How cool is that? You also have a battle system and random encounters [like Final Fantasy games] but the battle system is quite unique. Your attack bar will run across the screen and you have to tap on it when it gets to the orange section to attack. If you want a critical hit, you need to aim for it when it gets to the red bar. Unfortunately, that’s not it! There are also trap black sections where if you hit it, your attack will miss letting the enemy hit you.

Crawling through these dungeons is not all you can do! In MapleStory Cave Crewlers you can actually build your character. We don’t mean, collecting tons of money or having a well established network of players but I mean they have skills, points, weapons, armor you name it. They have tons of items for you to collect and advance your character.

We must advise you that this game is actually very different from Maplestory Cygnus Knights where you have a full action-rpg game just like on the computer. Whereas this one is like a pocket edition similar to storm8′s famous apps like World War. If you like RPG, Action, or any of that sort you should definitely give this game a try, it’s free at the moment. Did I also mention how amazing the artwork design is in this game? Well it’s amazing just check out the picture, high-quality images and crisp design.

MapleStory Cave Crawlers-2MapleStory Cave Crawlers-3MapleStory Cave Crawlers-4

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