MapleStory Live: Dual Blade Character Build Guide


The Dual Blade Character Build Guide is a basic build that will assist you through the MapleStory Live game up to level 60-70. This guide is meant for casual players that will probably never train until level 90 (which is a long way) that will unlock skills in the fifth section of their skill page.

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Keep in mind that this guide is for a casual player looking to get to about stages of Orbis or El Nath. Once you get to Orbis you are asked to get to level90 to be able to advance into the next Blade Lord Job Advancement from Blade Specialist. However, this is a very long process and most players do not choose to continue to grind in the game as a result this guide is made specifically for those players that will most likely not continue towards long levels.

MapleStory Live - Dual Blade Guide

Stats – Ability Points

By default your ability points are used automatically due to your settings in the middle column. You can adjust them so they will auto distribute from different styles like DEF – ATTACK- BALANCED – CUSTOM. What you want  to do to be able to use ability points on your own is tap the + sign and use Custom. Each time you level up your ability points will not be used up automatically.

Recommended distribution

For every level you will get about 3 Ability Points. You want to put them according to your play style of being a powerhouse or survival  or being balanced. The recommended is being balanced.

POWERHOUSE: Put all your points into LUK

SURVIVAL: Put all points into STR

Balanced: Place 2 points in Luk and 1 point in Str. If you want more life then place 2 points in Str and 1 point in Luk. This will ensure you get increase on ATT and on HP

Skill Points Distribution

This character build focuses on using Double Stab and Triple Stab at lower levels.

  • Nimble Body – MAX (This provides you more accuracy and ensures you won’t miss your target)
  • Double Stab – 10 (Used to enable Triple Stab)
  • Save all other points until SKILL II
  • Triple Stab – 1 Point (you want to continue to use Double Stab, so 1 point for now)
  • Katara Mastery – 5 (If you are missing then definitely add points in this)
  • Katara Booster – 1 (Buff increase attack speed for normal attacls.)
  • Triple Stab – 9 Point (MAX)
After you have maxed Triple Stab you can place skill puts into either Maxing Double Stab or Katara Mastery or Kara Booster.  There is almost no worthy still on SKILL IV except for Tornado Spin and this guide is not for people looking to unlock SKILL V (Level 90).
Other Notable Skills
  • If you have skill points left over you should choose to other max Fatal Blow or Tornado Spin for an extra skill


You should always be upgrading your equipment for the best results.

How to gain experience

Quests on each town is your best way to gain experience so you should always be completing whatever quests are available. Some give over hundreds of thousands of experience which is much better than simply killing enemies.

There is no real strategy to gaining experience except for you to kill every enemy and be sure not to skip those quests or you will fall behind in leveling.

  • Jsh

    How to get pass pianus pls reply fas

    • Hwang Manuel

      Not sure if it has a diference but somehow its more effective hitting hia fore head instead of the face XD

  • Mus

    How do I beat hiver? >< PLS HELP! D: D: D:

    • andrew dale serrano

      you can beat hiver by using the slash storm skil and dont forget to stack up your mana

      • mdmstark

        where is that portal.i cant see any except the one lead me to mini rocky road

    • Ryan

      Pianus is a easy boss to beat. I found out that you can keep slashing his back neck after he spawns the squids. The small platform behind pianus is the place to go after he spawns the squids. Just use dark sight until pianus spawns the squids.

    • Sung

      I think that level is good enough, with skills. MY PERSONAL OPINION. You don’t need to follow my footsteps.

    • Hwang Manuel

      Dude do you play the free version? I was like, i dont know, lvl 50~60 and defeated him at first try and didnt have any dificulties

  • troy

    Hi, how to do 3rd job advancment for dual blade? 🙂

  • Kenny

    Hey im having trouble with pianus. My DB is level 41 and he still cant hit pianus. He nainly ALLWAYS misses pianus and takes heavy damage from pianus. His stats are (with equips) 758 hp, 490 mp, 151 att, 263 def, 45 avd, 58 acc and 57 mastery. 20 str, 34 dex, 17 int and 77 luk. Any tips?

    • Hwang Manuel

      Hit his forehead that works for with for unknown reason

  • Hey

    Why cant i enter orbis when i done every quest including Pianus

  • Clueless

    How to get to dual blade 3rd job advancement? 🙁 I currently am at ludi

    • Deverse

      You’ll get it when you complete a quest in aqua road

  • Cab

    How do you get back to aqua road from ludi?

  • Harri

    How do i escort the panda in mu lung plz reply quick.

  • Harri

    I’m level 72

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    • Kyle

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      • Sung

        I don’t think there is a nine egg quest in el nath…..

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    Shouldn’t be much more different from DB right?


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