MapleStory Live: Dual Blade, Ultimate Storm Blader Guide


The Ultimate Storm Blader Guide is for Dual Blade players in MapleStory Live for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. It is a guide focused on developing the Blade Storm, Slash Storm, and Bloody Storm  techniques. It focuses on using the Storm techniques in MapleStory Live for the Dual Blade class in the beginning.

*Warning: If you do not plan to go to Level 90, which unlocks skill V you will not be able to unlock the main skill for this guide. You can adjust and reallocate skill points according to your liking.*

MapleStory Live - Blade Storm Skill

This guide is in 0.01 Beta and is only to be used as an experiment to developing the Dual Blade class using the storm techniques.

Stat points allocation:

You can go a number of routes here depending on your play style. It is recommended you either choose LUK or STR due to their increase in ATT power.

LUK – Choosing LUK will increase your ATT and AVD with each point added. This gives you more damage and the more ability to avoid enemies.

STR – Choosing STR will give you a enormous amount of life allowing you to survive many battles. It will also increase STR for every 10 points you place into STR. You also get DEF along with HP.

It it recommended you split half and half. However, if you are an expert player you should add them according to how well you are killing enemies in your game.

Skill points allocation:


  • Nimble Body:  10 (MAX later at level 50+ so you don’t miss and can avoid enemies.)
  • Blade Storm: 10 (MAX don’t put anymore than 10)


  • Katara Mastery (OPTIONAL): Leave for now until you get to next job, if you are missing enemies then place points in here or max nimble body.

SKILL III (Level 30):

  • Slash Storm: 20 (MAX for Bloody Storm)
  • Shadow Resistance (OPTIONAL): When its maxed you get 10% HP increase/ Status and element resist by +20% (You can place puts or save if you plan to go to level 90)

SKILL IV(Level 40):

  • All three skills are useless, except Tornado Spin. If you are not going towards level 90 which is the requirement to unlock the next job level to SKILL V. Then use up your points.

SKILL V (Level 90): Level 90 depends on your play style and because it is a difficult level to reach you have more options. You can choose to max Mirror image which will make a shadow of yourself or go the route with Flying Assaulter which is an extremely powerful attack. Keep in mind that SKILL VI will unlock after you beat the Horntail.

MapleStory Live Bloody Storm Skill

  • Bloody Storm – 10 (MAX)
  • Mirror Image (OPTIONAL)
  • Flying Assaulter (Strong flying attack but requires you to max Blade Fury)
  • Venom (This poisons your enemy making them lose life as they walk)
  • Sudden Raid (USES TOO MUCH MP) – NOT RECOMMENDED but powerful and cool.


  42 Responses to “MapleStory Live: Dual Blade, Ultimate Storm Blader Guide”

  1. were should I train at lvl 75?

  2. What is the level to get Skill 3?

  3. How do I beat Hiver at the desert area? >< Haaaaalllppp..

    • Just stay in cloak until he stops his attacks before slashstorm him then the fatal blow on the other side repeat the process take potions while in cloak.

  4. I think is lv 60 because I from lv 55 to 59 also can’t beat him. He too strong for me so I decided to become lv 60 to kill his ass!!!

  5. No! Player do not need lv 50 and above to kill Hiver! because hiver do have the one hit blow which makes me sick of it ( im pure though,yet im lv 50 and beat him with tactics). ok, here is the point, if u do play a role on dual blade, im suggest u able to use skill fatal blow. Fatal blow not only will attack quickly, yet it have higher chance to critical too! what i will do to fight with him, is observe, once he is using any skill, just avoid it by keeping a distance from him and wait for him to use second skill. ONCE he used a skill, attack him with with fatal blow once and ran away!( please beware when he started to use a skill, his surrounding with glows purple which able to seen) keep doing this u are able to survive easily!
    This are hiver’s skills, which is:
    1) a purple aura on ur character head, which is most least harm on you. few seconds last
    2) potion disable aura, which makes you to unable to use any potion for a few seconds
    3) normal punch, it deals about 380~480(depends on your armour defensive) close range damage
    4) genesis, (ray of holy) this is easily dodge by looking on the surface which doesnt glow. if you do hit on it, u will suffer for 900 damage or less.
    5) shockwave, one of my worst nightmare skill. he yells and punches on surface and creates deadly earth spike blast which is quite long range! you are unable to dodge it if you see him yells. please beware of it.
    well, thats all, i hope i able to help you guys with this small guides.i will continue reply your question if you guys need.

  6. ok, here is the easiest way to beat hiver if you guys still not yet complete this boss quest.
    >his attack will also include vacuum,( i have missed last night) which able to dodge by keep jumping on opposite way. OR you may stand on the middle platform to completely stand there and wait for vacuum ends.
    > how do you differentiate between normal punch and shock wave( the earth spike blast)?
    – normal punch will NEVER used until he finishing his vacuum. a 80% guarantee moves he will make is:
    1) vacuum>if you get sucked neraly to him, he will go for normal punch> cast purple aura/ potion disable on your character.
    2) second option was, vacuum>if you do escape far away from him, either he will walk to you or cast purple aura/ potion disable or he will keep at distance> genesis( ray of holy) nor walk near you and use shock wave.
    > then, please do always make a free space for your character to keep a distance with hiver, do not get stuck on the end of left nor right!
    > jumping around on platforms will increase the survivability of your character
    > do not spam fatal blow! you will miss a survival chance due to time delay.
    > potions does not take much of part in this boss fight.
    > and, if players really unable to beat him…….. buy candies to pass then.
    good luck of trying this guide and hope this helps!

  7. it really helps! thanks alot raijin! i’ve beaten up hiver in 5th try! good guides! and then next question i’ll wish to ask u, how do i save more time in quick slay quest? t(the quest that give ya 5 minutes to slay certain monsters)

  8. thank you william hoftsader, ok, a good question that quite borders most of players.
    > quick slay quest or rush quest that we used to called, is normally borders alot of players.i am recommended players able to use cleave skills such as blade storm, slash storm ,tornado spin, flash bang, bloody storm, upper stab, flying assaulter, final cut, monster bomb, and sudden raid.
    > cleave attacks does multiple attack and huge damage BUT most of the cleave skills only attack once!
    > or player do prefer to rapid single attack skills such as fatal blow ( one of my favorite) , which is quite recommended to players who need to save pots.
    > other special buffs or auras will also help players to increase chance of success in rush quest, such as blade fury, thorns, mirage walk also assist for extra damage
    > if you really lack of time, please use town return scrolls to save your time 🙂
    hope this works.

  9. I am at level 57 how come when I attack hiver with fatal blow most of my
    Hits are misses? When I distribute stats or whatever I choose balanced is it an accuracy problem? Help!

  10. Hello, you might be hitting misses because he is casting his skill when you attacked him. Bosses I’ve played tend to be showing misses when they use a skill. Try to attack him in between his skills. I suggest you to max blade storm because it let s you rush and roll through him, so if he tries to attack you, you would be on the other side ready to fatal blow.

  11. How do i beat horntail il lv 110 and i have like 40 unused sp help me

  12. U hit bot of his side heads then hit the body ;D

  13. I’m so annoyed at this boss, I can survive most of his attacks but his 1 shot kill skill is devastating. I’m lvl 64 and I still cant beat The boss

  14. Hiver was easy just max nimble body and he will constantly miss and keep on using blade storm

  15. quick question, I am level 40, currently have 32 SP, the skills I have right now are NimbleBody and BladeStorm only, I want to put some SP on SlashStorm but I am unable to.

    WHY???? I do not see any pre requisite for that skill…. I hope a kind soul can help me 🙁

    • Well did you scroll down and check if you haven’t it should say because you should have 10 sp on bladestorm then you can unlock slashstorm.

  16. Horntail is the easiest boss in the game. Max advanced dark sight, shadow clone, and upperstab. Use shadow clone and dark sight, then upperstab. If you become visible use dark sight again.

  17. How do I escort the guy in mu lung? He kept dying in the way there…

    • It’s a really hard quest it took me ages. The first two maps you go through just use the very bottom platform as a route and on the 3rd map there’s only one way to get to the portal and it is tough cos the Npc doesn’t jump properly sometimes. You just have to take your time

  18. Lvl 150 db here. I went with all luk and final skill as upper stab xD its working out pretty well for me. My question is, what use are mineral ores in this game? When im going to a different map, the mini “tip” on the transition screen sometimes says that Lumi can craft equipments for me (i think) and that ores and minerals can be used to craft items(maybe it said equipments, idk). Ideas on who Lumi is and how to use ores?? Thx

  19. What do you do with ores and minerals? I have soo many and don’t want to just toss em

  20. Ok I’m lvl 136 dual blade and beat the pink bean but I don’t know how lvl up any faster than just grinding on the monsters in temple of time! I need someone’s advice on wat to do next besides wait ing to get to lvl 180. Btw I have the free version so is that the reason I can’t do any thing else right now please someone help me out here I have no idea wat do.

  21. how do i find ryden at forsaken dragon canyon??

  22. “SKILL IV(Level 40): All three skills are useless”…

    This is not true the “Flash Jump” skill is extremely useful for jumping around in certain maps. It makes traveling so much easier (for example: El Nath maps, a lot of them will require flash jump).

    “Dark Sight” is also extremely useful, especially when you’re traveling under water (those spears won’t cause damage when you’re in dark sight mode).

  23. urgent !!!! im lvl 180 … what i should do now ….no more quest except this peace on maple world … please reply … thank you …

  24. How do you get lvl 200+ armour on this game??

  25. At what level did you guys beat the pink bean,cause i finished pink bean quest when i was level 110. don’t know if that is good or not.

  26. Hey how can iget a mechanic i wish i dont have to spend candy because i dont hace any many to pay for candy im just a kid

  27. How do you add skill points? Cause ointired tapping on the skill thing and the + sign, but nothing happens, i currently have 2 skill points to assign, none of the skill os allowing to add*

  28. Can someone help me please i cant devide the shadow blad loard its frustrating so how did you guys did it i am level 20 and i am stuck in perion because of that stupid quest so please give me an answer.l so i can go furder.

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