Jan 052015

A new contest has begun for Marvel: Contest of Champions, in this new arena battle is Captain Marvel aka Ms Marvel in the game. Captain Marvel is only available through this special Arena battles that is made available for a limited time and cannot be obtained any other way.

Developer Notes

Marvelous Might has begun

A marvelous opponent is ready to light up the battlefield! Two new Arenas are now open that award Top Ranked players with Captain Marvel. Take your 2-Star Champions into the Kree Hybrid Arena to fight for a  3-Star Captain marvel. Use your 3 and 4-Star Champions in the Marvelous Might Arena to fight for a 4-Star Captain Marvel!


Opponents with higher PI will award more points. String together series wins into a bonus granting streak. Worried about keeping your streak? Use Units to find new opponents with lower ratings. Gain as many points as you can to reach the top and get the prize!

How The Event Works

You need to compete against the world in a 3v3 battle to obtain points aka scores. The higher the score the better the chance for you to obtain the character after the event is over. It is unknown at this point how much point you will need, that will depend on how many players are playing worldwide. It’s best to aim for whatever you can do and play every 2 hours as the timer expires.

Marvel Contest of Champions Captain Marvel

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