Sep 152017

Marvel Future Fight is bringing X-Men’s Age of the Apocalypse into the game with brand new characters, world bosses, and uniforms for you to collect.

New Update

In this new update you will find the new characters Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Cable, and the all powerful villain Apocalypse in an all new Apocalypse Event where you will need to test your skills by slowly unlocking each character and tactical what’s ahead.

Get ready to Challenge Apocalypse and other new world bosses featuring the new characters. This will truly be a new challenge as you face off with one of the fiercest characters in the Marvel Universe. Each new world boss is locked and you will need to slowly unlock them in the game by completing event tasks.

Four new uniforms have also been added into the game. Not right away but they will be slowly released as the game updates. It begins with Cyclops & Beast. These four X-Men will have new uniforms inspired by Age of Apocalypse
– Cyclops
– Wolverine
– Beast
– Rogue

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