Jul 162017

One of the most highly anticipated villain in Transformers has been released into the mobile game TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight. Megatron, Optimus’s enemy since Cybertron is now available in a all new crystal called the Enraged Crystal which will give you a chance at getting the character for your game.

Available in 3 and 4 Stars, Megatron comes from the universe of the movie Revenge of the Fallen. As a result the design of the character is based off the movie and you can expect it to look a lot like the one seen in Revenge of the Fallen opposed to the later ones.

Description from mgame

All Hail Megatron! That pretty much sums up the Decepticon leader’s ambition… and his minions’ fear-induced feelings. Pity those that stand in the way of his eternal struggle against his sworn enemy Optimus Prime.

You can only get this character available for a limited time from the enraged crystals. It will be added into the premium as time progresses.

More on the character in this video.



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