May 252013

Amakua Mermaid is now available for 5 days for Mermaid World players to sing and call for during this time. The mermaid is part of the Wyld World Siren series which means there is a dark-ish grey tone color compared to the other line of mermaids in the game. She is limited edition which makes her rare for players, and once she disappears, no one will know when she will be returning in the game.

Mermaid World Amakua Mermaid

Like all Wyld World Sirens, this mermaid has dark block eyes and is colored in light grey or blue. The Amakua mermaid is in fact the head coach of this line of mermaid and is considered legendary by her skills. The description of the mermaid writes,

Amakua is the legendary Wyld World Sirens head coach. Her strategies are said to drop other teams like Dominos, and she loves to celebrate victory with a great Luau.

How to get Amakua Mermaid

To get the Amakua mermaid you must ensure that the mermaid is available in the market. If she is then you need to use the Domino mermaid and the Luau Mermaid for a chance to obtain this mermaid for your game. The singing time is 12 hours like all other special mermaid and so is the arriving time.

If the mermaid is not available in the market, you cannot get the mermaid even with the combination. The mermaid must be enabled in the market for the combination to work!


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