Jun 222013

Mermaid World updated the game with two brand new mermaids for the game. Players can now obtain the Cancer Zodiac mermaid, which means the previous zodiac mermaid, the Gemini mermaids is no longer available for calling in your game. Released with this zodiac mermaid is also the “Cherry mermaid”.

The Cherry Mermaid is also a limited edition mermaid in the game and she is only available for 5 days for players to sing and call for in the game. She appears to be designed from the inspiration of a sundae in mind and has a cherry on top of her head.

About Cancer Mermaid

Mermaid World Cancer Mermaid

The Cancer Mermaid is available for 30 days and represents players with the cancer sign as their zodiac. She is similar to other zodiac mermaids and has an increased difficulty compared to regular limited edition mermaids.

This mermaid has orange hair and a navy blue tail with golden decorations around her entire design.

In game hint from the developers

This starry eyed siren has descended from the Emerald heavens to visit all her friends in Mermaid World! Tigra is especially thrilled

That means you can get the Cancer mermaid using the Emerald Mermaid and the Tigra mermaid.


About Cherry MermaidMermaid World Cherry Mermaid Picture 2

The Cherry mermaid is more limited compared to the Cancer mermaid because she is only available for 5 days. She looks like a sundae design and is colored mostly in red and light red.

In game hint and tips from the developers

Best of friends with Tropicana and Seafoam, Cherry is the premiere confectioner of Mermaid World


It has been tested that you can get this mermaid using a Tropicana mermaid and the Seafoam mermaid. As you can see she has a cherry on her head and her entire body is designed in red or light red through to the color pink. Definitely one mermaid female players would want to get for their game.



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