Oct 212013

It looks like Mermaid World developers are finally back with a brand new mermaid that’s made available for a limited time. To get into the spirit of Halloween, players will find the HEX MERMAID in their Mermaid World Realms that players can sing and call for using specific combination to get this mermaid into their realm.

How to get Hex Mermaid

Mermaid World Hex Mermaid

The Hex mermaid is known to be a sorceress that will spook players this Halloween with her magic and treats in mermaid world realms. If you haven’t seen this mermaid then it is time to login and start singing and calling for this mermaid before she leaves the realm.

Game description:

This sorceress collects Carbon as an ingredient for her spells – and can sometimes be found dancing at Luaus!

From the game description, we have tested and confirmed that to obtain the Hex Mermaid, you need to use the Carbon Night mermaid and the Luau mermaid. The singing time is exactly the same as the other limited edition mermaid which is 11 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds which is 12 hours.

Once the mermaid is gone from the market and has expired, you will no longer be able to get this mermaid into your game until the event is re-enabled. Players that have obtained this mermaid will be able to keep her until they decide to sell her in the game.

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  1. YES!! Got her!! She soo pretty Luau and Carbon Night peeps!! it works!

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