Feb 042013

Mermaid World players! The Amore mermaid is available for Valentine’s day! That’s right! The Valentine’s mermaid is here for a limited time to call for through singing a specific combination of mermaids in your singing summit.
Mermaid World Amore Mermaid

If you haven’t checked out this mermaid yet then let’s try to give you a text description of her. The mermaid appears to have white hair but there are tints of pink and there is a heart decoration over her head. Her fins are also pink and they appear to be made out of heart scales that run all over her fins. The tip of her fin is light-pink and transparent. You’ll have to see her to know how beautiful she actually is.

How to call and get Amore Mermaid

The Amore Mermaid is a limited edition mermaid for Valentine’s Day so if shes no longer in the market then the event has expired and you can no longer get her in your game until next time.

To get the Amore mermaid, you must use the Ginger Blossom Mermaid and the Isis Mermaid in the summoning summit. Only this combination works and its singing time is 12 hours and the arriving time is 6 hours.

Keep in mind that your mermaid needs to be at the very least happy to sing, the order in which you select the mermaid does not matter. It is completely up to your game to give you the correct singing time.

  13 Responses to “Mermaid World: How to call and get Amore Mermaid”

  1. She’s my fav le mermaid she is just do beautiful

  2. If u guys read the comment of the original mermaid expert she will no longer be answering questions about mermaid world because some people have been posting inappropriate lap words online and she is to busy so I’ll answer your questions be cause I have most of the mermaids I’m missing prism princess and Electra and I wrote down all the combinations I used to get those mermaids so post me questions and I’ll be sure to answer them

  3. It’s not working.

  4. Mermaid Expert
    How can i get Amore!Are there any other combinations???

  5. I got 16 hr singing!

  6. Thanks!She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. I wasted my 3790 coins.Again.

  8. I got her in my 13th try.She is very pretty and beautiful.

  9. I have two if her, I had to get two of her she is just too beautiful

  10. Can I still get her after she’s out? If I have those two mermaids sing in the future?

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