Dec 262012

The Celebration mermaid has just been released into the Mermaid World game. It was released right after Christmas holidays and is one of the most highly sought after mermaid to celebrate the New Year in 2013. It was suspected that this mermaid was released for players just to celebrate that occasion so its definitely a must call for mermaid in your game to start off the new year.

Mermaid World Celebration Mermaid

How to Call/Sing for Celebration Mermaid

The Celebration Mermaid is a special trait mermaid which means you can’t tell the what mermaids you need to sing with to call for this mermaid. It is usually hidden in the description or pop-up given by the developers and this time the developers have made the hint in the pop-up.

Even with the hint, the breeding of this mermaid can be quite difficult if you can’t make out what exactly the developers are trying to imply. The pop up message said:

Welcome a NEW member to our mermaid family for a limited time! Hint: The Opalescent Bells are ringing in Celebration. Happy Holidays!

This hinted that we should use the Opal Mermaid and a mermaid with “bell” in its name. There are two different mermaids but we have confirmed that you need to use Opal Mermaid and the Blue Belle mermaid to sing for one of these limited edition Celebration Mermaid for your game. The singing time is 6 hours and so is the arriving time.

Mermaid World How to CallSing for Celebration Mermaid

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  1. I didn’t get her, I am pissed. At least i got peppermint and Holly.

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