Jun 192013

Mermaid World players can be both excited or rushing to get the final bits of the Gemini mermaids in the game. There is less than 24 hours for mermaid lovers to sing and call for the Gemini mermaid into your game. If your zodiac sign is the Gemini then these two mermaids are mermaids you don’t want to miss for your game.

Mermaid World Gemini Mermaids Last Call

In this special event, there are two Gemini mermaids, one with pink hair and the other with purple hair. If you already have both mermaid then you can rest assured that the next zodiac sign mermaid is getting ready to be launched and players should be able to sing and call for her very soon.

However, for those that are still struggling to get the Gemini mermaid into the game, it’s time to press your game a by further with pearls because you just might miss the opportunity to get these two mermaids. There are two mermaids for this event which means that it’s harder for players to get both mermaids in such short period of time. As a result using pearls now may be a good time.

How to Sing and Call for Gemini Mermaid

The combination to get both the pink or purple hair Gemini mermaids are the same. You can use the Celestia Mermaid plus the Twinkletail Mermaid in the singing summit for a chance to get either one of these mermaids into your game. Please keep in mind that these are special mermaids which means there is a certain degree of rarity.

Unfortunately if you are not getting the mermaid, you can only continue trying hoping your game will give you 12 hours singing time for calling a mermaid in the singing summit.

Once the mermaid is gone, they will no longer appear until the developers re-enables the event.

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