Jan 222013

Mermaid World players should be excited because a brand new mermaid is added into their realm. The Aquarius mermaid is the next zodiac mermaid in their line of mermaids that shares your zodiac sign. This mermaid is released after the expiration of the Capricorn mermaid.

Mermaid World Aquarius Mermaid

The Capricorn mermaid had a very short duration of 15 days but the Aquarius mermaid on the other hand appears to have about a full month! Not exactly but close. The Aquarius mermaid is here for 27 days which means you have 27 days to breed for one of these mermaids if it represents your zodiac symbol or horoscope.

The English translation for Aquarius zodiac players is that they are known as the “The Water-Bearer” which are for people that are born from 20 January – 18 February. Although the zodiac is known as the Water-Bearer or Water-Carrier, that’s just the given nickname. It’s zodiac element is actually Air.

It looks like the prices for this mermaid has been slashed from the normal price and that even includes her own special trinket. The prices for the trinket has also been slashed so the developers are really giving players a break on obtaining these mermaids if you plan to purchase her instead of taking time to call for her in the singing summit.

Check her out on the Aquarius mermaid page here.

  16 Responses to “Mermaid World: New Aquarius Zodiac Mermaid”

  1. Do you know how to call for her? It seems like it’s Stinger mermaid and Twinkletail/tone lol I can’t remember it’s name. Is that right? If so what is the sing/arrive time? Thanks!

  2. I summon it right now

  3. Wait lol I added two to’s the second one was wait. To let u know the sing take 12 hrs and the arriving takes 6 hrs

  4. She on her way for me 4 more hrs till I get her

  5. I got her

  6. i cant get the stinger mermaid any tips

  7. Ok i have been singing the two mermaids for 7 days now and still no Aquarius. Is any one else having problems? Any more hints

  8. Still waiting for more realms. Been playing since Mermaid World started but inspite of many many many trys suitable trinkets for mermaids never found. Love the gamer but there is a limit to one’s patience. Hurry up and give us some new realms. Can’t keep the extra mermaids in the lounge endlessly. Thanks Karen.

  9. Ok, so the jade mermaid from yesterday, I got it on my first try in the morning when I first got up!! I was soooo happy!! 🙂

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