May 242013

This week Mermaid World fans can enjoy a brand new limited edition mermaid added into their game. The Omnom mermaid is a mermaid designed by the community in a contest to make their dream mermaid come to life in the game. This is the first contest mermaid and the first Legendary mermaid that is very different from original mermaids. Unlike original mermaids, this mermaid has higher coin generations and a higher chance to obtain rare trinkets.

Mermaid World Omnom Mermaid

You must obtain the new update for you to get this mermaid to show in your game, and with the update you will get new features that the developers have updated including a total of 100 lounge spaces for your mermaids. Other things about the update includes bug fixes that includes crashing and other problems players may be experiencing.

So if you’re looking for the Omnom mermaid or a way to fix your crashing game then update your game today!

How to sing and call for the Omnom mermaid

To get the Omnom Mermaid, you can use the Stinger mermaid and the Ginger Blossom mermaid in the singing summit. The singing time is 12 hours and so is the arriving time.

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What’s New in Version 1.4.1

★ We’ve listened to your concerns for more space for your mermaids. From now on, there will be 100 total lounge spaces for mermaids to enjoy.
★ To make the lounge more accessible, we’ve lowered the cost of lounge spaces to 25 pearls for each 5 spaces.

★ Mermaids that took a break in the lounge have finished resting up their voices. They are now ready to sing!
★ Limited Edition mermaids should now appear in game as soon as their announcements appear.
★ Several crash fixes related to the singing summit and lounge.

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  1. How do you move them back to the realms from the lounge area?

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