Jun 072013

A brand new mermaid is released into Mermaid World and it is the third Mermaid World Community inspired mermaid called the Plume mermaid.

Mermaid World – Plume Mermaid

The Plume mermaid is a tanned-skin green haired mermaid with tons of golden jewelry such as her crown, earrings and so forth. One of the most unique things about this mermaid is that the mermaid has peacock-like feathers surrounding her tail and as decorations on her crown.

Her full body including the tail will remind you of a peacock because at the tip of her tail is a design similar to the creature. Her crown also has a peacock feather that is attached to her crown that represents her love for the animal or representation of the animal.

The Plume mermaid comes with a trinket called the Enchanted Feather.


Yes! The Plume mermaid is a limited edition mermaid that is only available for a limited time. She is available for exactly 6 days and once she expires, you will no longer be able to obtain the mermaid in your game. Even if you know the combination, you will not be able to sing and call for this mermaid until she returns into the game.

How to get Plume Mermaid?

To get the Plume mermaid, it has been tested here that you need to use the Domino Mermaid and the Velvet Twist mermaid.

More information on the mermaid here.

Mermaid World Plume Mermaid Full

  4 Responses to “Mermaid World: Plume Mermaid Arrives, 3rd MWC Inspired”

  1. Got her on my first try!!! So happy!!!!

  2. I think the game is a little bit riged one minute it makes it a little easy to get a limited mermaid but just as quickly it prevents u from getting another I know they are limited but it gets frustrating when u try over and over again and fail it kind of makes me personally want to stop playing if its going to be that difficult and I am a devoted player

    • It’s based on pure luck that you get the desired mermaid your singing for. Devoted player or not, if you love the game you won’t stop playing. Don’t let your frustration get the best of you!

  3. How do u get velevet twist? To get plume?

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