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Mermaid World is a free-to-play simulation game from developer Crowdstar Inc. where the primary focus is on developing a luscious underwater domain for your mermaids to flourish. Seeking out additional mermaids is another key goal of this app and they represent your key source of income as well as your primary means of obtaining new treasure and experience. This review will examine Mermaid World and determine if it is the simulation app for mermaid fans and those seeking a unique underwater “building” game experience

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***December 27th 2012 – Review was re-evaluated based on improvements from stability and smoother graphics/performance. Like bug reports, we’ve also lost a good deal of mermaids during updates, if the stability of the next update causes the same problem it will be re-evaluated.

****January 2nd 2013 – Review updated because the new update fixed glitches and problems we were experiencing.

 Gameteep 4.5 star rating 

App Name: Mermaid World
Seller: Crowdstar Inc
Release Date:
Dec 07, 2012Apple iOS
TBAAndroid OS
Genre: Builder/Breeding
Gameteep Rating: 4.5/5
Platform: Apple iOSAndroid OS

Gamer Rating

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Overall Rating
Rating: 4.7/5 (33 votes cast)

Mermaid World Gameplay

Most of the gameplay in Mermaid World is done through an aquarium style view of your underwater realm and it begins empty and only with a single mermaid; however, it will grow once you seek out additional ones as well as add treasure and decorative pieces such as seaweed and other assorted plant life. As previously mentioned, in order to grow your underwater Mermaid World, you need to attract a wide variety of mermaids to generate income (gold coins, which fill up your treasure chests and need to be emptied periodically). This is accomplished by getting your current mermaids to sing and the specific mermaid that they attract to your realm is heavily based on their element type. The lower level mermaids only represent a single type; however, the higher level ones contain 2 or even 3 traits, which allow for a more diverse underwater experience.

In addition, the characters in Mermaid World have personalities as well, with their own favourite trinket (used to decorate your realm) and their favourite mermaid as well as their most hated one. This element adds a certain amount of complexity over simply just collecting mermaids endlessly and forces the player to consider where to place new mermaids once he/she begins unlocking additional underwater realms for the gamer to manage. All of this affects the mermaid’s happiness rating, which is extremely important in Mermaid World because if it falls too low then mermaids are highly likely to leave the player’s realm in search of greener pastures.

The economy in the game revolves around the aforementioned gold coins as well as pearls, which are acquired upon every level up as well as through rewards that obtained for completing certain quests in the game. Due to Mermaid World being a free-to-play game there are in-app purchasing options as well in order to obtain more coins and pearls. These can be used to speed up the core game mechanics in Mermaid World (i.e. purchasing trinkets to increase mermaid’s happiness or acquiring new mermaids at a much quicker rate).

Overall, the gameplay of Mermaid World is easy to understand and the mechanics of the game do not force players to spend money through in-app purchases (unless the gamer is extremely impatient) and the moderate pace of the game suits the calm and serene atmosphere of the app.

Mermaid World Graphics

As with many simulation games, the graphics suit the atmosphere of the application with no glitches or bugs of any kind. All of the mermaid’s animations (heavily cartoon based) were good and the underwater backdrop is very well done and suitable for Mermaid World. The graphics overall are impressive and will not disappoint this game’s primary target audience.

Mermaid World Sounds

The music of Mermaid World is a relatively standard affair with a single calm track that attempts to immerse you in the calm serene underwater environment and it does a solid job in that respect. The issue however, is that there is only one track, which the player will be hearing most of the time (which repeats). There is another soundtrack that plays when you assign mermaids to sing (used to attract new mermaids to your realms); however, this only plays on the call mermaid screen and only when there is at least one active mermaid singing. Overall, the music is solid; however, Mermaid World needs a little variety in the soundtrack department to prevent the audio from getting stale and fully maintaining the interest of today’s fickle mobile gamers.

Mermaid World Round-up

Overall, Mermaid World is a very good addition to the simulation mobile game genre. The major emphasis on collecting a wide variety of mermaids in a number of realms in enticing for those interested and the mechanics while they might welcome in-app purchases do not hinder players that seek to forego spending real money on in game items. The decorations and mermaid trinkets are diverse and add another promising element to spice up desire for Mermaid World’s target audience. The user interface is simple and doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the game and there even social media tools integrated into the game (such as capturing a screenshot and seamlessly sharing the image on Facebook without leaving the app. Overall, it is a very good game and only the lack of variety in the soundtrack mar what is otherwise an impeccable experience.

Bottom line: If you like Fish with Attitude, you should check this game out.

Mermaid World Screenshots

mermaid world screenshot 1mermaid world screenshot 3mermaid world screenshot 4mermaid world screenshot 2

The new iPad Screenshots

Mermaid World Screenshots 10Mermaid World Screenshots 11Mermaid World Screenshots 12Mermaid World Screenshots 13Mermaid World Screenshots 14

Overview of Rating

Please be advised that due to the nature of apps and games, ratings will change according to the updates. If the game makes a large change, it will be re-rated accordingly.

Review Rating
  • It’s like Fish with Attitude
  • Large collection of mermaids
  • Colorful mermaids (some really cool ones)
  • It uses Fish with Attitude as a back-end end and the same bugs/problems/glitches exists in this game as it do on Fish with Attitude
  • Not optimized for every device
  • Game loads slow at certain points
  • Crashes when placing mermaids on certain devices. (Same problem from Fish with Attitude)

  123 Responses to “Mermaid World Review”

  1. Please make this available on the US iTunes!

    • Hey everyone!

      Help shape the game!
      We’re having a poll on our Facebook Page! Come and vote on it and help us!
      Its located here->


      Mermaid World Community Manager

      • Hey Kane, i have recently downloaded the mermaid game on my ipad, but everytime i just close it and then re-open it, the loading bar gets filled but then it opens the home page of my ipad. Is that somehow a glitch? I have tried many times to delete it and re-download it, but the same thing keeps on happening the page just closes after the bar gets filled.
        Is there any solution?
        Please reply as soon as possible
        Thanks !

        • Hopefully you got this fixed since! (Sorry, havent visited this site in a while!)

          • Please tell me when this game will be available on android. I was playing and fell in love with it on ios but the got an xperia Z and I miss it like mad lol.

      • Help me pls its my first time to play this and when I opened it there was always an error

      • I hope you will consider to make this wonderful game available of windows and android. I believe more people will appreciate this and like crowdstar more.

  2. Needs to be in us App Store I really want it

  3. Hi there!

    Thank you for your review! I am the Community Manager for Mermaid World, and appreciate your thoughts and comments on the game, and all the team have had a read of your review as well!

    I just want to point out one thing – the ‘sushi’ mermaids is only appearing like this on iPad 1’s at the moment; all other versions have the correct mermaids appearing in all their proper and wonderful colours. I have included some links to the images of how they should be in game:

    Once again, thanks for your review, we really appreciate it!



    • The game is well designed – with great mermaid designs. Many of the technical problems overshadow the game though.

      The new update made me lose all my rare mermaids. It reverted me back to an earlier stage… Game crashes on occasion (iPad 3).

      Don’t have an iPad so haven’t experienced the ‘sushi’ mermaid though

      • Hi Leon,

        Thanks for your message. If you would be so kind, please message the support team here-> and they will assist with your issues!



    • I need more realms to put my mermaids….is there only 10 realms????

    • Why i dont have ” earn free pearls?” And my other ipad have?

      • Me too !!! My daughter has it in her iPad, I have it in my iPhone but my son doesn’t – why ? How can I fix it ?

    • Jan 2014

      Doris says:
      Please help! I’ve been playing Mermaid world for the past few weeks now and today, when I tried to open it, it said “Error! Unusual activity was detected and the incident has been reported.” I don’t know why that came up, or what does that even mean?!! I was thinking of re-installing it but I’m scared that I might lose all my mermaids, please help, I truly love this game and so does my 6 yr old! Please help!

  4. It would be also helpful to have some kind of manual online or in the game especially regarding the new update mermaids with *specia elements eg. The Prism Princess. Is there a specific way to get these special mermaids or are they purely there to encourage in game purcace of pearls? Additionally, if it could include ways to call mermaids. Obviously it’s not difficult to know that Red and Blue will get Red&Blue but the more traits mermaids have the more complicated it becomes and I find that I normally need to try the same combinations multiple times before the game finally gives me the mermaid that I want. Eg. If I want Red&Blue&Green I could try Red with Blue&Green or Blue with Red&Green or Green with Red&Blue or any of the three reversed and then try all of them a second time if i haven’t gotten her yet. Do you see the dilemma? Anyway I really really like this game. The graphics are really good.

    • You can call all mermaids in the game including the Prism Princess, however it requires a special combination that needs to be discovered. The game is like Fish with Attitude and takes after it and other breeding games.

      Not getting mermaids on the first time is part of the genre… and what makes it fantastic. But the rates of getting the change based on the developers. Just like any other ‘breeding’ game and again Fish with Attitude (their first game but based on fishes).

    • Hi Annie!

      We have our Facebook page here->
      And our Forums here->

      We are still building content and are encouraging Community Participation, and there is also a section for User Guides, which is to specifically help others get particular mermaids 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback as well!

      • Hi,

        Is this game ever going to be available on android??? I have a samsung galaxy tablet and phone and I want to play this game real bad…

  5. I like this game but I’m not going to play it anymore. I wish there was a way to find out how to get certain mermaids

  6. I am enjoying the time playing this game with my daughter. Cute mermaids, perfect directions for her to understand. It is hard for her to get the mermaids all happy, she gets a little annoyed with getting “all the spots perfect.” The game does crash on both of our iPhone 4 aps.

    I look forward to seeing how the game grows and progresses in the future.


    • Thanks S, we’re working on the issues, and have a new build on the way with several bug fixes and improvements, and new content 🙂 We appreciate your feedback!


      MW Community Manager

      • Hey My Mermaid world opened up with only 1 mermaid and All my mermaids and lounges and over 10mil in cash including limited edition I hope this is a joke and my mermaids and hard work will be restored PLEASE HELP FIX this problem I’m upset after all my effort with this game

  7. i love this game and i love mermaids<3 so pretty and fun to take care of…wish they could have mermans instead of breeding two females..lesbonic way hm still fun to play tho 5stars!<3

  8. Tapjoy is not showing up, I have no option to earn free pearls and it will not let me join. plz fix?

  9. how can i play ..

  10. you better fix the stupid game because it’s not saving my game and I lost my christmas mermaids!

  11. OMFG my whole game crashed and when I reopened it my whole fucking save file was gone and I was greeted with- welcome to mermaid world tutorial starting screen, lost all my mermaids Christmas mermaids eft valuable trinkets.. 200 pearls over 100k not to mention I spent over $60 on getting money/pearls.. I’m not freaking happy. You need to fix this. Please get back Immediatley Kane Coswell

  12. Jordan,
    please dont use language, kids may read it.

    Thanks for your message though. If you can contact with any issues you had we will look into them asap.


    MW Community Manager

  13. Thank you for the review

  14. Me and my sister love this game! Gets a little frustrating when is crashes. Very cool game though! I do find that the “Relms” are high in coins so when i have all my “Relms” filled I can not place the mermaid. Not that big of a problem though. Great game! Glad it came out!

    • Yeah. Awesome other than when it crashes when you try to place new mermaids. It only works when you have an empty realm 🙁 I have had to creepin’ SELL a mermaid I had to place my Chromia! I also would have SILVER SONG if it weren’t for that!!!!!!!!!!!

      FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. My granddaughters and I love this game. However, when two mermaids sing in a new one the correct mermaid should come the first time. It is not fair for two mermaids to sing in a duplicate. There should be a little direction as how to sing in newer mermaids.What do the traits mean?

    • Ok… The traits ARE your clue! See how ur mermaids have traits of yellow,blue,red,white,black? That’s how u sing for mermaids. And it’s part of the game not to get the mermaids the first time. And you have to have two mermaids, as more often than not you won’t have a mermaid of thoes traits. Actually… U will never have a mermaid with the same traits (like say a three trait mermaid) because u need to sing for them! If u have any questions just reply to this… Ill get bac as soon as possible

  16. When I put my mermaids into the lounges, I cannot get her out anymore. Every time I tried to do so, the problem closed automatically and I will lose things because it would not save. I had already lost 200 pearls, do you know how I can get them back without paying any extra cash? I didn’t even use those pearls and it just vanished. Btw, I cannot seem to be able to buy the second wining place since the application closed down by itself again. Please help me fix it because I really like this game, but it is just so frustrated sometime.

  17. I have a comment about the mermaids likes and dislikes. I noticed that getting all of the mermaids 100% happy is very near impossible unless you keep calling multiple mermaids of the same type to get a specific like/dislike trait. For example I have had two mermaids many times where one likes the other, but that other one hates the other so how am I supposed to make them fully happy? I know there is a trait reshuffler option but it’s expensive with pearls to keep trying to get better traits and no even know what those traits will be once reshuffled. Any chance for a better system on that part?

    • Hey, what u do is u sing for the mermaid who dosnt like the other mermaid, and eventually u will get one that will get along with them. That’s how I’m making my mystic rocks realm three stars but can’t get the tiki trinket. Any help? I don’t want to spend my perks but the bluebelle mermaid just won’t bring it back for me!!!! And I need it to help me get the Atlantic mermaid. And a question, why can’t I breed rare mermaids? There is a tab for them, but when I tap it nothing happens. But anyway just sing for the mermaid and u will get everything right eventually!

  18. When it says log onto Facebook for twenty pearls I click on it and nothing happens! This game is fantastic and I already as a new comer have got a 3 star realm!

  19. This game sucks because every time you update the game you lose all of your pearls and data. i give this game no stars because its a big waste of time so nobody should give it any stars. its waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I have been playing for a while now and after readin all those crashing reports I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. I’m just wondering if I play with game centre logged in which automatically save my progress, if my game do crash and lost everything does tht means I can restore my progress through game centre after I reinstall?

  21. Do you know there is a new Capricorn mermaid?

  22. I’m very upset this morning, I lost my my mermaid game. I was opening the 2nd singing realms (I had 3 stars realms) I had 7 realms. I was trying to get Capricorn mermaid since it is my birthday today.

  23. I folllowed the link to see if I could find the resolution and I did. I was logged off game center which I didn’t know I was using. So I relogged in game center and got my mermaid world’s game back. One thing that worries me though is that I log in game center using my sister logon id. So for now I have to use hers to continue my game. Hope I get Capricorn…

  24. Great game,but how do I unlock the 4th singing realm? Also what is the rare mermaids (tab not open) and what rare treasures to be found? I would really appreciate some info.

  25. Hey all!

    Help us shape the game!
    We’re having a poll on our Facebook Page! Come and vote on it and help us!
    Its located here->


    Mermaid World Community Manager

    • Every time I collect my money and wake up mermaids
      And than close the app
      I go back on and I have to react what I’d I’d again
      My mermaids r back to sleep and the money is there again
      As if I never did it the first time
      Becomes extremely frustrating when u have all nine realms with over 47 mermaids
      Please fix
      Also every time I open the app I notice to the left side it says free pearl but than goes away quickly what is that about ?
      I’m also running about of room I gave mermaids n Lounge as well
      When will put up more realms ?
      Is is possible to get other fun things to do ?
      I use to go on all the time
      Thanks for reading
      Ps have a iPad mini
      And keep up the good work

    • I really LOVE mermaid world it’s an AWESOME game you should play it and I rate it 5-stars

    • I need a response ASAP All my Mermaids are gone and it is showing the beginning stage WHAT’S WRONG WITH MERMAID WORLD first I was loosing pearls after purchases then I couldn’t get mermaids out of the lounge I feel like there is no Technical Support! Players are screwed n left helpless!!!!

  26. Mermaid world should really do something about the crashes and the bugs it’s just so Irritating!!!!!
    I haven’t played Mermaid World in a week because of a crash that happens when the game loads!!!! I hope somebody does something about it!! I want to play mermaid World NOW!!!!

    From Angry fan

  27. How do u unlock second calling tank?

    • You unlock it by having 3 reals with 3 stars an 15 special mermaids. Or a ridiculously amount of pearls! 99 or something like that!

      • Sorry 3 realms with 3 stars!

        • I’ve got 53 unique mermaids, but only 1 3 star realm!! I have a 1 star realm too, and all of them are at level 3 happiness, but Opal just needs the EMERALD mermaid! All the others (Tigra, Marigold, Harlequin, Sparkle Pinkle) just need their trinkets!

          HELP! 🙁

  28. Fix the crashes please there is some lag time but other than that I love this game very much! Very fun to see which mermaids you can get! Love the updates w/new mermaids, great game!!! Thank you!

  29. So how do you get free pearls?

  30. Ive sent my mermaids exploring for three days straight and they come up with junk or 0 realm deco items. I’ve spent over 300k trying to get my lagoon up to 100 room deco. Is there something else I can do?!?!?!!! It’s killing me!

  31. I wish the game could show you how to get new mermaids, and also it says realm full when it’s not, I remove some of the items to new items ( trinkets) keep saying its full. Game is fun, can get frustrating when you only earn 1 pearl per level when you need over a hundred to get certain things.
    I have a question. At what levels do you unlock free realms or mermaids?

  32. My daughter and I absolutely love this game! We are getting further along and I did the math with the realms and realized that there is not enough to hold 1 of each mermaid. Is there another realm that opens up after “Rainbow’s End”? Also, what are the “Treasure” and “Rare” mermaids? Those tabs are empty in the book that contains the list of Common and Limited mermaids. Maybe I’m just not far enough along yet…??? Thanks!

    • I have the same problem. I think once u have all of the good mermaids u get rid if the shitty ones… I guess. Anyway anyone have a good way of getting the tiki trinket? I’ve sent bluebelle so many times its not funny

  33. Hey Kane, i have recently downloaded the mermaid game on my ipad, but everytime i just close it and then re-open it, the loading bar gets filled but then it opens the home page of my ipad. Is that somehow a glitch? I have tried many times to delete it and re-download it, but the same thing keeps on happening the page just closes after the bar gets filled.
    Is there any solution?
    Please reply as soon as possible
    Thanks .

    • It is a glitch it’s been happening forever… If u go to the reviews page for it ppl r complaining about it. I waited a day then went back on and got in, it’s annoying but they won’t fix it

      • ya, but the next time or next day i open it it doesnt open :c
        Its really annoying… so am i supposed to just keep it on my ipad opened on that game?

        • Mine doesn’t do that. I think it has to do with your signal.

          • Sometimes it has but sometimes I have great signal and it crashes on opening. It’s weird but yeah..

          • no the signal is good . i am telling you there is something wrong with that version, or maybe because its not yet working good on ipad4 cause i am using an ipad4 the newest

  34. I hate how the decor loses value as you put it in a different realm!!! Something that 300 can be worth nothing in a different realm. Stupid.

  35. i love mermaidworld

  36. The mermaids used to perform actions, they don’t anymore…it has taken away the interaction you could have with them. I really miss that.

  37. updated mermaid world 2/12/2013 and after upgrade all my progress was lost, I was at lvl 19 and had opened 25 mermaids. I really need help

  38. Today all my status was lost when I clicked on the mermaid world app. Why would this happen? Is there a way to restore my progress? Normally when I would click on it had my username at the top in a welcome message. I noticed that is gone. Is there a way I can login in to my username? It is like I have someone else game now…

  39. Does anyone else have a problem in placing newly summoned mermaids in a realm?

    Finished summoning a Coco mermaid a day or two ago to get the Jolie, but the game keeps crashing when I try to place her in a realm. She’s in the first singing summit. I have another mermaid arriving in the second summit and if I won’t be able to place her in a realm too then there would be no point to the game now since they’ll be stuck there and I won’t be able to get new mermaids.

    Can’t even get any of the limited edition ones anymore recently because the game crashes at one point 95% of the time after you open the game, wastes so much time. It feels like the recent update added more problems than fixed anything.

  40. Retweet competition! Retweet our post on our Twitter account and win 150 pearls!

    Our Twitter!->

  41. What does it mean when the mermaids have sparkles floating around them?

  42. i do love this game but i do not understand why it says realm décor 83% – so i try and put things in there to make it 100 % and it keeps saying no room!!!! grrrrrrr! any help will be much appreciated 🙂

  43. oh and just a suggestion – i love the fact that we have a spare lounge area for extra mermaids – but could this apply to the trinkets/decorations too? as then you can put them in a storage place until the new realm is ready 🙂 xxx

    • that does sound like a really really good idea. I don’t like selling the trinkets when i don’t have the space in the realm anymore 🙁

  44. When I opened the app, I’m missing some mermaids…anyone know why?

  45. When is there going to be an update for more realms? I have ran out of room and have one realm left that isn’t a 3 star realm, and I have my lounges filled, I need to empty them but I need realms? Please let me know when. Love this game! Thanks.

  46. A few of my mermaids have sparkles or bubbles around them, but I can’t figure out why. I haven’t gotten the rainbow realm yet so I know it has nothing to do with that. If anyone knows why they sparkle I’d love to have an answer, thanks!

  47. Can you please make this available for anroid……. would really love to play.

  48. What is your favourite mermaid? Let us know here!->

  49. Hi
    I’m at 1.0M, I keep collecting coins and it’s not being added to my account.
    Please let me know why
    Thanks A

  50. Is it true the 3 star realms earn additional pearls? I’ve had 3 3star realms and haven’t seen additional pearls other than leveling up or when a mermaid brings some from exploring. Also….seems near impossible to get certain trinkets then I get multiples of trinkets that NONE of my mermaids need….Really doesn’t make sense…

    • I have been playing for years, have many 3-star realms, and never get daily pearl from them. ONCE a message came up saying like “you have collected your free daily pearl” but I don’t know what triggered it and I have never seen it since. I have tried clicking every thing possible! Either a bug in my game that has never resolved, or there is something I don’t know… 🙁

  51. I am playing mermaid world since I started. It is really good and I love the challenges like sending the mermaids to try and get the trinkets we need for our mermaids, but trying after thousands of time and eventually not getting the trinkets after that is very frustrating and I don’t want to play anymore. After a brek the same thing and it gets so frustrating I don’t want to see the game again. Many of my friends agree. Another thing is breeding the mermaids the same thing. After many many tries nothing. Have to keep at the game which I do but other home chores have to be done too and life has to go on so it should not get that frustrating. It’s is fun but there should be a limit. Thanks. More realms please since there are new mermaids. Buying trinkets and mermaid cost an arm and a leg. It is not so easy as you put it in your comment because you make sure we run out of patience.

  52. I really LOVE mermaid world it’s an AWESOME game you should play it and I rate it 5-stars

  53. Is there any way to get more coins/ treasure faster then the traditional way?? (Chests, explore)
    Like with some games there may be a glitch or something…??

    • No you can’t do that, however the Limited Edition Sun star finds rare treasures which you can sell at high prices and pearls. If you don’t have her, she may be brought back in the future for a short limited time, so be sure to ger her!

  54. I can’t enter one realm in particular it’s the blue one with the stars/ starfish every time I try to enter it the game crashes it’s so frustrating its been like that for days. I read on another site someone had two stinger mermaids in the lounge and it kept crashing. I also have two stinger mermaids in that realm that keeps crashing how do I fix this problem?. I don’t have a Facebook account so I don’t have a Facebook ID to even ask crowdstar for help. I also have my Stella star mermaid stuck in there should I delete the game then download it again? What are the chances I will lose my games progress? Help 🙁 .

    • I am experiencing the SAME issue with Stella Star! What Apple product are you using and generation? I have ipad1, and the game apparently will not work on it. I refuse to delete the game that I’ve grown addicted to. (also spent some real money for fake) I hope they fix this soon, or this will honestly be a real waste of money (and time!).

  55. Kind of frustrated i cant get my 3d realm to 3 stars and no matter how much i randomize a mermaid it still doesnt get it to set up with the mermaids with in the realm what do i do.

  56. My daughter absolutely loves this game, she plays it constantly! I’m just writing to beg for more realms!!! With all the guilded mermaids, there are no places to put them all. Please please please add more realms!!

    Thanks for all the fun!

  57. Just saying, hard enough waiting to get three trait mermaids after countless tries but then on top of that we can’t get the limited edition mermaids because we’re beginners or don’t have space in the damn realms! I was seriously addicted to this game but now I’m just contemplating whether the glitches and limitations of the realms and the LE mermaids we miss out is even worth it. There’s no additional side games either. Still have a place in my heart for this game but getting very frustrating (and upsetting) that I may have to let this one go. (And I don’t give up on games!) I really want to get all the mermaids! Every last one! But how could we do that with all the bull!

    Maybe there should be 3-4 different worlds with realms, one for normal mermaids, another for the diamond-weird thingy ones, a world for LE mermaids and another for gilded! Collection achievable (and a little more realistic!!)

    By the way, I would really like crowd star to reply the to questions more frequently. Especially the one about how some mermaids sparkle/glitter and others don’t…

    Hope you guys eventually got past the loading screen. Mine glitches every time I visit my friends realms 🙁

  58. So i found a bug in mermaid world. But a great one.
    I usually download applications from tapjoy to get free pearls and since the first lounge crash update, everytime i open the game, i get the pearls i get with tapjoy everytime. So if i download 2 app that gives me 5 pearls each, everytime i open the game, i will get 10pearls. So im at 200 pearls with tapjoy that i get everytime i open MW.
    I have now more than 30K pearls. I dont know how long it will last but it’s a good topn to those who cant afford the pay for pearls

    • I just posted something like this! Lol but I wonder if others have the same problem

    • I’m getting pearls now too! Thanks for sharing the bug!

      I can’t get more than 5 pearls at a time, even after completing more tapjoy app installs! 🙁

  59. Please I beg of you to fix this problem!!!! I have been using tapjoy like the game makers suggested in order to receive pearls. I download the apps tapjoy says I can get mermaid pearls for if I do. But when I open mermaid world to receive my pearls the game WON’T GIVE IT TO ME. It sucks cause I put time and effort and I get ZIP! You ppl are killing the joy of this game. I love it and all but WHY THE HECK CAN’T I GET PEARLS?! I mean come on now you can’t be Doing that to folks. This rip off, pearl stealin stravaganza, what ever you wanna call it has been going on for OVER A MONTH. I don’t know what you gotta do to fix it but please please please please fix it!!!!!!!!

  60. Please help! I have been playing Mermaid world this past week and today, when i tried to open it, it said “Error! Unusual activity was detected and the incident has been reported.” I don’t know why that came up! I was thinking of re-installing it but i’m scared that i might lose my progress.

    • Hi, that’s happening to me now …did they ever fixed it? And if so, what can I do to fix my problem w/ this game, just wondering? Thx

  61. How come every time I log into mermaid world I gain 45 pearls? My device isn’t jail broken or has any issues. I’m loving the pearls but I kinda like the challenge of calling my mermaids! I now have 32k pearls, it’s crazy lol

  62. All my games were cleaning and then it cleaned mermaid world but it took at least 3 days for it to stop cleaning and it would have still gone on if I hadn’t gotten the new update. But after I did it hasn’t loaded one bit and every time I try to go on it says mermaid world was not able to down load at this time. It has been a month and the update still won’t load. What do I do? I don’t want to delete it because I have rare mermaid and tones of mermaids plz help?!!?!?!??!?

  63. Help me!!
    The game crashed when i bought my louge expendestion and i lost 25 pearls! Plz help me!

  64. Okay people enough with your DEMANDS. You are having issues with the game CONTACT CUSTOMER SEVICE/TECH SUPPORT via EMAIL. Don’t come on the small little page here and yell and curse at Kane, not Kane’s fault. Its a glitch so grow up and calm down. YOU are the one that wasted money buying pixelated items, so be patient when things go wrong, using “bad words” as you can tell gets you nowhere and if you have to curse over “glitched” items maybe Mommy and Daddy should take your credit cards away and tech you how to be respectful.

    For those of you that haven’t played a “breeding” Simulator Game. ITS A GAME OF CHANCE. The Chance being when you sing there is a CHANCE to get the MERMAID you want but also a chance you may get something else.You want the CORRECT mermaid the first time? You will have to buy it with your hard earned money, which IMHO takes away from the game’s fun. Its not called breeding here simply because two females can not breed. It would be called MERPEOPLE, and Males would be present if it were stuck in the confines of REAL LIFE. As far as is known, no one actually knows if Mermaids have to sing to draw their sister Mermaids to new waters or not. For that matter most Merpeople have been female. *smirk* So stop with your “homophobic” issues, and take that crap out of game. This game is aimed mostly at the KIDDOs so stop ruining it for them with your hang-ups about society. I for one am actually impressed CS thought about Parents having to explain what breeding means to a 4 year old >.< So 1. Stop bashing poor Kane and making demands like a spoiled child. 2. Take a bit of time to research the game to find out why things work the way they do, but above all else3. try to have fun, remember its a free game, its your choice to spend money and time on it.

    So to recap:
    1. Want a to get a Mermaid first time out? BUY IT. Always getting what you "sing for" is NOT fun, you will get bored with the game, the Dev will not provide updates because they aren't making any money off the game either.
    Besides technical issues, griping about the game will not make it better. Giving positive/negative feedback is appreciated but cursing and "yelling" like a child is not. Wish lists are a good thing too but you have to stick with how the game works. Take a look at some of the other "breeding" games, I bet you will get it then. (:

  65. My daughter and I loved playing this game together. Very cute and entertaining. However, I no longer have an iPhone, I upgraded to the Android galaxy s4. We can’t play anymore and it’s kind of sad. My daughter really enjoyed it and I actually put real money into it.

  66. Hey I love this game, I only have one MAJOR ISSUE.. I have run out of space to put my mermaids into!! I know that it takes a while for you guys to produce an update but can you please please please say that you’re making some more realms! I don’t care if they cost 5 million coins, I seriously believe that once all my realms are filled and there are more and more mermaids coming out that I cannot place anywhere I will not be wanting to continue playing, which is sad because I have spent so much time and effort on this game.
    Please please make more realms!!
    (It really is ridiculous to make more mermaids than spaces available for them.. really)

  67. I can’t open my game after I updated….
    What should I do??…

  68. The game is crashing again. First thanks for the extra space but having to buy it with pearls sucks. So i bought some extra space in the lounge as I like to move them around and keep the ones i need to try and get a three star realm. Well today I must have exceded your lounge limite because first the game let me buy more and then it crashed taking the lounge and 25 of my pearls. I needed the space so I stupidly bought again. This time it crashed but let me keep my space although now I can’t get anything out of the lounge without it crashing. So mermaid goes in but she doesn’t come out to be placed where I was trying to put her. I thought the extra space in the lounge was good as you always run out of space but new mermaids keep coming up and the graphics on them keeps my interest.

  69. Hi! I had saved and saved pearls to buy another realm for my mermaids then an update happened so now the realms are CHEAPER! I would like my 300 pearls back please and thank you….

  70. My game crashes and days that unusual activity was detected and I already contacted crowd star and did everything they said but I still can’t access my game. Please help Kane!!!

  71. My game always says unusual activity detected and I’ve contacted crowd star and I did everything they said to do but I still can’t get in. I’ve been waiting for over a week now to get it fixed but nothing is working! Please help

  72. How can i link my game to my ipad? I’ve been playing mermaid world on my iPhone and just got an ipad but it’s making me start my game over on the ipad even though I’m connected through Facebook. Is there a way to fix this??

  73. i play mermaid world and ive been reported how do i play mermaid world

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