May 192013

The Stoma Mermaid is now in the market for Mermaid World. She is the Star Bottom Swimmer of the Wyld World Sirens and is the fourth Wyld World Sirens in the game. This mermaid is a limited edition mermaid and players can called for in your game using a specific combination that has been hinted by the developers.

Mermaid World Stoma Mermaid


They say this Coco colored shellball star’s Silver Song is the most serene of her teammates, but you’d never know it by the way she plays Bottom Swimmer.

Being part of the Wyld World Sirens means that this mermaid is much more similar to a shark and players that the design of the more scary and powerful looking line of mermaids then this is definitely one mermaid you want to have in your game. Although the mermaid is far from being scary and is quite beautiful to possess for your game.

The description of the mermaid hints that to sing and call for this mermaid, you need to use the Coco Mermaid and the Silver Song Mermaid. The singing time is 12 hours and the arriving time is 12 hours.

This mermaid is only available for 3 days and will be gone after the 3 days limit in the game. It is unknown when the mermaids returns.

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