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Many of the combination for obtaining mermaids in Mermaid World Stories are similar to the original game, Mermaid World. Please check out the original mermaid world for guides on obtaining regular mermaids that are already part of the original game.

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Deep beneath the oceans, a mermaid world comes to life! Join mystical, magic-wielding mermaids as they embark on an epic adventure. Help the mermaids rescue sea friends, solve ancient mysteries, and work together to overcome the evil forces threatening their world.

From Crowdstar, makers of the smash hit games – Mermaid World and Fish with Attitude – comes the newest and most exciting underwater adventure yet!

Join them and…
★ Play NEW STORY episodes every other week
★ Harness the unique MAGIC powers of each mermaid to help save their world
★ DISCOVER stunning mermaids and adorable sea creatures
★ Marvel at GORGEOUS retina graphics as you explore magical and tranquil worlds
★ Unearth HIDDEN TREASURES to create dazzling environments for mermaids to flourish in


Guides will be coming soon. Feel free to comment below to see what type of guides you would like to see!

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  1. I have a mermaid stuck searching for treasure, any one know how to get them out. This has happened to me twice now and I have had to reset the game from the beginning, I don’t want to do that again do some one please help!!!!!!

  2. kristy if you want to get out uninstall it and install it

    • I have tried that and it stayed the same when reinstalled the only way I have been able to fix in previous games is to reinstall and restart the game all over again, I don’t want to do that again. I need to get her out without resetting the game to the beginning again

  3. I was wondering if anyone knew how many deco items we can have in a realm, I am trying to the star but says I have no room? So confused!…lol

    • and michelle maybe youre realms full of deco pls see this quickly

    • You need to get rid of items that are low values. They need to all be 10 plus even in first realm and as you go on they seem to need to all be 20 or mostly 20 and maybe one 13 or 17

      • Mermaid world stories isn’t the same as mermaid world in this game all items have the same percentage in each realm!

  4. kristy what level you have

  5. kristy wbangca hd is have the wrong combonation of the seafoam and tested the combination it’s the kelp mermaid & the luau mermaid singing time is 59:59 and arriving is 59:59

  6. kristy marigold combination is tiger lily mermaid & citrine mermaid

  7. did uou know the combo s of wbangca hd is tottaly disaster

  8. michelle max deco is 10

  9. Hi guys!
    Found out these combinations work:
    Crystalline = Aqua and Opal
    Marigold = Citrine and Opal
    Seafoam = Kelp and Opal
    Sweetwater = Coral and Opal

    These are all the same combinations I used in Mermaid World as well. They worked on the first try. 🙂

  10. no melo just read the description

    • What about the description? If you’re implying that I’m confused what game this is, I’m not. The combinations I’ve said worked in MWS. And as I said before, they worked in Mermaid World AS WELL. I’m merely stating these have worked for me and if anyone wanted to try it, it may work for them too.

  11. My opal mermaid got stuck exploring, how do I sing for another one or fix her?

  12. how to get mermaid world stories

  13. i mean i can`t or i don`t no wear it is

  14. could somebody answer pretty plz

    • Crowd star took it out the App Store because of problems players are having with it they will release it back in August

  15. I deleted my game but saving my progress as my opal mermaid was stuck but now the App Store won’t let me find the game and says not available in the uk?? Help! I bought pearls and put time in to the game 🙁

    • It is not in the App Store anymore if you are on a apple device you can download it from your previous purchases or it should be stored in icloud the mermaid being stuck is one of the major problems crowdstar is having why they pulled it .I have one stuck too did the same thing but I found the app back in my previous purchases on my iPad .

  16. It isn’t available in Australia either, but I still have it. Oh, and when do you get the Onyx mermaid???????? Someone please answer!!!

  17. Anybody know if its Sparkle Pinkie or Vapor that finds the Mandolin in rebuild Prism castle? I wasn’t reading story!

    • It said sparkle pinkle but I have spent almost 30,000 coins exploring for ut and still did not find it

    • My Sparkle Pinkle found it after a while. If you have tried many times at that point with no luck, take it easy and wait for the morning or something. I send here out like 70 times in the evening before i got tired, tried two days later in the morning and she found three in a row. Seems like some mermaids are depending on time to find useful stuff, or it’s just a coincidence. Don’t know..

  18. how it prisim castle rebuild you need 5 mermaids for the fixing the prisin caslte the traits is red blue green

  19. how it prisim castle rebuild you need 5 mermaids for the fixing the prisin caslte the traits is red blue green

  20. How do I get carbon night mermaid in this game? It’s asking for her but I still don’t have onyx

  21. For Carbon Night you need Belladonna and Vapor. Tgey tell you in store the ones you need for each one. You get Onyx when you solve 8/9 in rebuild Prism Castle, if you go to Mermaid World Helpers FB page there is a screenshot posted.

  22. How do I get this guitar that apparently SparklePinkle lost because I have been searching with her for ages and didn’t find it and I really want to rebuild the castle so that i can get Onyx. Please HELP!

  23. Oh and my second question is about the third Fate mermaid and if anyone knows how to get her. The first question ( above) is more important by the way.

  24. The only way og getting tge Mandolin is buying it for 50 pearls 🙂 I have searched for two weeks several hundred times and nobody has ever found it.

    They have been checking on it for two weeks but still no news so maybe the update fixes it!

    I am working on getting Belladonna and Carbon Night which you need to complete the task. Once I get Carbon Night I suppose I will have to buy it with 50 pearls to complete the castle and get Onyx.

    Who is the third Fate?

    • Thanks a lot, the third Fate is the the last Fate mermaid after Onyx as the spirit of the ocean said that Opal is one of the three of Fate mermaids, so the second one is Onyx, but who is the third and when do you get her? So you are saying that to complete the task you have to get carbon night? Have you bought the mandolin?, I could buy it cause I have 56 pearls, but I am going to wait for the update.

      P.S I just got Harlequin with Marigold and Limelight.

      • Oh so is that right that you got the information from somewhere else and you don’t have the mandolin either? What rare mermaids do you already have and did you call them with the singing pairs from the store? Thank you for the information.

    • The third fate is coco she is the one that is black and white

  25. I just bought pearls and finish the castle could not get carbon night been trying for over a week now still trying


    Look on this page for photo that shows how you complete rebuild Prism castle. It says once you get Carbon Night you get a screen where you enter mermaids to a certain level of magic and the reward is Onyx.

    I will wait until I have Carbon Night and hope the have fix the Mandolin issue by then!

  27. Does anyone know how to unlock the other singing summits? Please answer!

  28. It says on them. 80 pearls first extra one then 175 then 325. No free way like in MW 🙂 I wish I did it before the huge price hike! It jumped from 30 to 80 overnight 🙂

    • I know I have two I got the extra one when it was 30 pearls I don’t know if they are updating why the prices are changing at the same time

  29. I wonder what is going to be in the update. Hopefully there will be more ways than just exploring to earn pearls and you can unlock singing summits without spending money. I just bought the second singing summit anyway.

  30. My sweetwater mermaid is stuck in exploring, is there a way to get her unstuck?

  31. OMG! I know that no one will probably believe but I just found that mandolin and after that I got a call of 24 hrs with Belladonna and Vapor which is surely Carbon Night so that I can finish the castle!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. That’s awesome, I still haven’t found belladonna or vapor

  33. Yes they fixed it on 17th August and my Sparkle found it on her second search after then. I have now finished the castle and got Onyx 🙂

  34. I don’t like it when it just release in Australia!

  35. Oh I still have to train my Opal two more times so that she can totally finish the castle

  36. What mermaid do you guys have? ( like the newest and how rare they are )

    P.S my newest one is Stinger and I just got a call for Isis

  37. Sounds like you are about the same as me. I have all up to Stnger and also have Isis. I haven’t tried for anymore for a few days as I am busy training them up to max magic. I just need to clear last relic and have Vapor and Calypo up to max magic but need Onyx and Isis trained a bit higher.

    I then have completed all goals except the impossible one as there is no mermaid that is blue trait that trains up to 82 to open last treasure chest.

  38. Well I guess you are way ahead of me as the only highly trained I have is sweet water opal crystalline and I have been calling mermaid instead of training but I guess I’m gonna switch when I get isis

  39. Yay I just got Onyx now! The way I’m playing is to call all the ultra rare mermaids and then train them as high as possible. How many singing summits do you have and do have any idea what the third Fate is?

    • I only have two singing summits. I wish I opened them before the huge price hike. I paid 80 pearls for the second one which was only 30 a day earlier and I will not pay 175 for the next one unless in the update we can build up free pearls through Tapjoy etc.

    • The third fate is coco

  40. For the last treasure chest you need the Onyx and a fully trained blue nova and also a fully trained celestia or another blue nova.

  41. My story changed to 21 hrs I am getting tnotice that there is a new story but still have not seen it

  42. Do you know how many hrs it takes for Silversong or other ultra rare mermaids to arrive?

  43. Did anyone time change to 365 days

  44. The time till next episode? If yes, it didn’t.

  45. I have no idea what has happened with your game. In my game, my Onyx mermaid’s trinket is a striped blue scallop and she only finds GEMMED trinkets and she hasn’t found the striped blue scallop. I hope they fix it all in the update. Sorry that I can’t help.

    • The best mermaid to use to find the stripped Scallops of any colour is Sparkle Pinkie. She is cheaper in coins than Onyx to send and find only Scallops in all colours.

      My Onyx is finding some gemmed trinkets also.

    • Or try with opal she finds lots of striped shells for me

  46. Wow! I just got a call for Silversong because it says 1d12hrs so I guess it has to be her! Does anyone have an ultra rare mermaid already? Jane you probably do, don’t you?

  47. A. Lot of people stop calling and leveling up their mermaids crowd star announced their will be a replcement game not an update so we will lose all our progress so far we have to start over they are going to give us back our pearls that we bought and also a bonus mermaid and pearls

  48. WHAT?!?!?!?!

  49. OMG! Type in crowdstar in your apple store and scroll to the bottom, you’ll find mermaid world stories and instead of the world open there will be update. Do so and your game will be reset and the rules and goals are totally different! I bought pearl so I got 50 I bought 50 for the first episode and mermaid Amaranth. There is a lot of new mermaid that you find in a very different way. Go on update and try it for yourself! It’s fun!!

  50. I don’t see a update for MW stories yet but hopefully it will be there soon

  51. Oh I thought it will be in my updates, but make sure that you try what I told you to. Go to App Store type in Crowdstar and one of the games should be Mermaid World Stories. You know where there is the word “DOWNLOAD” or if you have it “OPEN”, but there will be “UPDATE”. Update it and there you have a brand knew game, which IS fun. Hopefully I helped a bit!

  52. That is what I did but it doesn’t say update it says open

  53. Help! I was just experimenting, and I put Cherry Jelly in the castle realm by accident and now I can’t find her! She’s still in my mermaid guide, but no where to be found!

  54. Just tap on the castle and a menu will pop up and you’ll see her

  55. I only have one mermaid left to get where is the update

  56. I want to play it but it doesn’t let me. Now I’m really starting to hate it!!!

  57. I’m trying to do stories but I don’t know how to do it can you help me please . I’ve tried so many try’s I’m getting very closer to stop playing it .

  58. I’m getting tied of searching HOW DO I GET STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Never mind. I just had to download a new software update.

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