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Mermaid World is a brand new collecting game that is simply beautiful. If you’re here then you’re probably looking for information on the game or about the game. We’ll be covering it soon but if you are experiencing crashing issues then you’re not alone. 

The new update for Mermaid World has fixed the crashing issue most players are experiencing.

Here are some of the notes from the developers about the game itself. Our list of help will be coming soon.

★ Discover a treasure trove of fantastical and unique MERMAIDS

★ Marvel at GORGEOUS retina graphics as you explore magical and tranquil worlds
★ Unearth HIDDEN TREASURES to create dazzling environments for mermaids to flourish in
★ FIND THEM ALL…and become part of their world!




  265 Responses to “Mermaid World”

  1. My game has an error pop up that keeps coming up
    It won’t let me play my game

    • I have two ideas the game I think the game is stored on “game center” since I play mermaid world on my ipad and iphone. So why don’t you try deleting it and redownloading it, making sure not to delete the data from the device you are using. My second idea is if anyone else in your house has a iPhone or iPad or have a friend that will let you borrow theirs or can go to a apple store why don’t you see if your game will work on theirs you would have to add your account onto “Game Center”.
      Please note these are just ideas I recommend you posing on forums for better answers as well as contacting “CrowdStar”, maybe they can help you.
      Anyway I hope you don’t loose your cherry mermaid I couldn’t get it in time 🙁 good luck

    • Game fixes for this issue:

      1. If on a phone update your iOS to the latest then update your game. I had this issue myself.
      2. As the above user mentioned delete the game then reinstall. This bypasses the update credit card issue.
      3. Don’t play Mermaid World on iphone and either ipad/pod You will lose mermaids, coins, and/ progress. Mixing both has frustrated me.

    • You need to update it then

  2. I’m about to get a cherry mermaid an I don’t know how to fix my game without resetting it please help!

  3. I can’t look at all my mermaids stored in my lounge! When I try to the game shuts off!

    • The same thing happens when I try and place special trait mermaids unless I have a new/empty realm! I have nowhere near anough coins to get the next realm and place my new Fortuna Swirls mermaid! Please update the game soon, Crowdstar! Phoebe Fortuna Swirls needs a realm so my Twinkletail mermaid can come!

  4. anyone having problems with kira


  6. I was one of the first three to get it!

  7. i just got the sylvan mermaid a few days ago!!! but why does it cost so much to sing with a limited mermaid??? does something special happen?

  8. Need more realms!! I got all 15 n need more room

    • Although a notice was posted several months ago on the Forum saying no more Realms, there are now multitudes of different and beautiful Mermaids just languishing in their Lounges for many of us players! Both the many Colorful mermaids and the Gilded mermaid lasses need more new home-realms to live in and to be seen.
      So, YES, we long-term, seriously dedicated players most definitely need more Realms–and very, very soon, please!
      Thanks in advance!

      • In the same boat. Have all the mermaids and half of the gilded. All of the limited since I started playing. Over 10M gold and nothing to spend it on. They really need an update with more realms, or there is really no point in playing. What is the point of getting the new mermaids if they just have to go in the lounge? Are they not making any money on the game any more so they have lost interest? Please, more realms!

      • Hey mimsymaid and other long term players
        I’m having a problem and i hope you guys can help me.. I can’t fully decorate my realms starting from Hidden Arches realm and the following realms i get the (no more room) at about 40%..what should i do???

      • Hey mimsymaid and other long term players
        I’m having a problem and i hope you guys can help me.. I can’t fully decorate my realms starting from Hidden Arches realm and the following realms i get the (no more room) at about 40%..what should i do??

    • So true man, I have all the mermaids and just need four more gilded ones and its complete but I need more realms, I already have all 15, and no more space left, I wonder when is croudstar going to update the game with more realms and more different mermaids instead of one every month of star sign? if anyone has any info please help, email me at [email protected]

  9. I love mermaid world but I can’t seem to get the coco mermaid can you help

  10. i think when you show us which mermaids to use in the video you should also show us how happy they are because I noticed that the happiness affects the time and the type of mermaid

  11. yay I have prism princess! <3

  12. How do you guys get along with the 3*** realms? This is so difficult. I only got two and that’s only I have aqua twice in one realm…any tips how to get to the 3*** realms faster without using millions of pearls?

  13. Yay, finally got the Cancer mermaid after endless tries! 🙂 *happydance*

  14. I got a new mermaid

  15. I have had no luck getting new mermaids even though I try all kinds of combos. I’ve had some mermaids just dissapear on me and not return at all. Now I’m just stuck in relm 13 and cant call any new mermaids.

  16. I want to put a suggestion out there. Why can’t we be our own mermaid like have a mermaid avatar and be able to swim around and talk to mermaids and see what the say?! That would be much more better! Plus if we are our own mermaid we could be whatever mermaid we want to be!!! And we can have tiaras and find special stuff!! That’s what I would suggest for crowd star and gameteep to do to this game to make it more fun!!

  17. I got only 27 mermaids and it took all the realms I have plus my lounge.

  18. does anyone wanna be my friend my email is [email protected] and also, IS THERE AN EASIER WAY TO GET PEARLS FOR THIS GAME??? is there a specific way to randomize a mermaids likes/dislikes?

  19. Any way of getting mermaids to find better decor? Really struggling to get them 100% happy!

  20. Yay,I have 37 mermaids the 36 mermaid is still arriving,And th 37 mermaid,I’m still calling
    it.36 mermaid,Emerald mermaid,The 37 mermaid,Virgo mermaid Still calling Virgo mermaid,
    The limited mermaid!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY FIRST LIMITED MERMAID!!!!!!!

    • Yay!! Awesome!! My first called one was Ravenna!! ( if you check the page, you will see how exited I was!! Lol! )

      • Congrats! I have my first limited mermaid on my way as well, the Atlantis mermaid! It’s been hard since I haven’t seen any videos to help me out with getting her but using sweet water and stinger worked, but anyway congrats and enjoy your new mermaid!

  21. I have the app mermaid world stories but I deleted it

  22. I love mearmaid world just got temmptres mearmaid shes great but

    shes too easy to get

    • She is not easy to get!! I was trying to get her trinket but I accidentally deleted her!! I got her by the time Sonja was out and I lost her at the start of the Sagittarius event!! ( Ps I’m talking about temptress)

  23. HELP ME PLEASE!!!WHAT’S GOING ON Mermaid World Alert All of my mermaids are gone including limited edition mermaids I have worked hard to summon Where did my saved mermaids go and How do I fix this glitch to get back my Mermaids

  24. Anyone else use the lounge glitch (game booting you when you are going through the mermaids in your lounge) to erase your newest call in the singing summit? When I am trying to call a certain mermaid and I don’t get the one I want I usually just go to the lounge and have the game shut off. 9/10 times it cancels the singing and I get to start over without paying/waiting. I hate the glitch, but I use it to my advantage. Do you consider this cheating?

  25. Need help to get the virgo mermaid. I have tryed for month

  26. Has anyone else noticed an increase in pearl cost when singing for mermaids? For example, when I get an hour mermaid and want to speed it up, it now costs 9 pearls. Up until yesterday it was only costing 3 pearls. Are other users experiencing this? Have they changed the game?

  27. Is an apple ipad or iphone the only means of playing this game?

  28. how to get gems on dragoncity

  29. Im wanting to get the newest mermaid, limited edition Nutcracker and im having a bit trouble getting her. Ive read her description and see Honey and Vapor mermaid names, i was wondering if the Honeydew and Vapor mermaid are the best ones to use to call the Nutcracker? All ive been getting is the tiger tail, ive tried a few times no luck any ideas?

  30. I am going to try mermaid world

  31. Has anyone had the problem where you get a mermaid and try to put it some place and the game kicks you out. I got the calypso mermaid and each time I try to put her someplace the game kicks me out then I would have to go into it again.

  32. My girlfriend loves mermaids but I can’t find this game on her Samsung galaxy in the play store. Is this game only IOS friendly?

    • you should be able to play Mermaid Wolrd on an iOS device. iPhones are iOS, so if you can’t find it in your play store, try getting it from the apple app store.

  33. Mermaid world is a great game, my little girl loves it.

  34. my game is glitching i can’t get my mermaids out of the lounge The game shuts down can’t get them out of the summit into a realm either. it started with me trying to buy more lounge space as i was trying to keep some to move around later and keep the special ones As realms cost so many pearls it was easier to buy more lounge space or so i thought. First it took my 25 pearls gave me the 5 spaces and then glitched, Keeping my pearls and losing what i had bought. i tried again and this time they both stayed through the glitch but now i can’t get anything out of the lounge. game glitches and kicks me out. same for trying to put mermaind from summit in the realm

    any suggestions??

  35. Mermaid world doesn’t work. I keep getting an error sign and I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but it still doesn’t work. Please help!

  36. Ok I can’t believe it I waiting almost a year to get the princess mermaid it shows up I have it in 48 hours the game crashes now at its totally gone !!

  37. Installed this game on my iphone 5S a couple of weeks ago (April 2014) and have not experienced any issues with crashes or anything. Working fine so far.

  38. So I have a little issue I’m hoping someone could help me. I’ve opened my 8th realm and I have found 33% decoration (I don’t keep anything if it’s not worth percentage) I have 3 trinkets in this realm also but it is apparently full…. Why???

  39. Can anyone help me make more room in my realms? Each decoration has a difference % in each realm. The higher it is makes more room for treasures? I need help understanding that part of it. Thanks a bunch!

  40. I have a good tip for players that don’t like their mermaids’ names. You can change them easily! Just go to their profiles, tap on their names, and then you can type in the name you want! I changed my Limelight mermaid’s name from Alma to Michelle, my Lotus mermaid from Rena to Kayli, my Isis mermaid from Inez to Allison, and my Stinger mermaid from Shay to Stephanie. I got the game a few weeks after it came out WITHOUT KNOWING IT, and it’s the best game ever!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  41. I got all the mermaids dahhhhh!!!!!!!

  42. I wish you can do a part that we can trade mermaids

  43. I tried to called the light princess with Diamante. +Ember mermaid, but why she don’t come.
    Anyway, did you know how to called the crysralia, aphrodite, zeus, and maybe fae?. Please tell me!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you look at the ‘List of Mermaids’, there is a post about all the new combos at the bottom.

  44. I keep buying pearls the money is took out of the account but I don’t receive the pearls this has happened 3 times now. Not happy! 🙁

  45. Does anybody know if the Atlantis mermaid is Stinger and Sweetwater for sure?

  46. And they don’t have to be happy or ecstatic do they?

  47. Also having great trouble getting libra!

    • Oh really? I used to only get one le a month but in October alone, I have summoned 4 les, each took less that 3 tries to get! I got libra on my second try

  48. Does any one knwo how to get cetrice mwemaid?? She is not listed with the other mermaids

  49. Gameteep is very far behind on mermaid listings. :/

  50. hi

  51. My Mermaid World app for my iPhone 5C keeps receiving a message that says “Error” and it doesn’t let me play it anymore. I got this issue a few years ago and then I deleted the app. I re-downloaded the app a few weeks ago and today I got the same error message. Do you know if this can be fixed and how to fix it? I love this game and I’ve bought so many limited mermaids and pearls and coins with my iTunes money and my actual money. Please let me know if you know how to fix this. I don’t want to lose everything again.

    • I was having the error massage too. I just gave it a few days and it eventually fixed its self.

  52. I haven’t been offered any of the Limited Edition mermaids since March. Anyone know how to fix this?

  53. My game completely erased and started from scratch! I’m devastated as I had 12 realms and lots of limited and special mermaids. And Suggestions how I can get it back?

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