Mermaid World: List of Mermaids


Here is the complete list of Mermaids in Mermaid World. Please keep in mind that these are not in any specific order and you may need to scroll for the mermaid you wish to Call for and get into your game.

Also remember that most of the combinations for hybrids and three trait mermaids have been discovered. Other magical and celestial trait mermaids are being worked on. If you know the combinations please help others by letting them know in the comments below.

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Full Chart in Forum (Now Open, Thanks to Infinity.)


Newest Mermaids

Gilded Mermaids

Main Mermaids
Hybrid Mermaids
Three Trait Mermaids
Magical Trait
Celestial Trait
Gem Trait
Galactical Trait

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  1,472 Responses to “Mermaid World: List of Mermaids”

  1. when are they going to make a gameteep page for nutcracker??

  2. Happy new year! Newest mermaid is January birthstone :)
    GARNET. You will need Velvet twist and Crustacea
    Got on my 2nd attempt ;) having trouble getting Capricorn though :(
    Seafoam and carbon night this correct?

  3. A new Mermaid came out, the Garnet Mermaid, does anyone know how to get her?

  4. Garnet is sooooo pretty. Too bad I have to wait until December for my birthstone!!

  5. Gameteep needs to update

  6. Is it true that some players will never get Prism Princess no matter how many times they try. I’ve tried so many times, probably used over a million coins and still not getting her. I have all the other mermaids up to where she is and even though some were slightly difficult they were easy compared to this one. I’ve been trying every day now for months and months. Sometimes multiple times per day if the attempt is a low time attempt.

    If it true that some folks will never get her no matter how often they try then I might just forget about it.


    • When I FINALLY got them to sing for prism princess
      I screamed for about an hour!!! I was so shocked, I thought I’d die..
      I didn’t lol then I spent 2 days hoping I didn’t get the guilded version as both diamond and diamanté were ecstatic .. Only advice is persevere but don’t get too down about it. X

  7. HI-I lost my game on my I-phone and pad-It just disappeared and I started from the

    beginning. I had lots of Mermaids,Pearls and coins. Very unhappy with the system.

    Can I get my saved games back???

  8. There’s a new mermaid – The hydra mermaid super newest dragon mermaid. when will you post her call codes?????

  9. Finally , I got Capricorn today :)
    Use bluebell and inky for Hydra !
    Defo got her coming :)
    I have 49 (almost 50) limited edition mermaids
    Why do new realms have to cost so many pearls?
    Iv saved £16,000,000,00 nothing to buy with it..
    Even if you charged £15 million a realm.. How long
    to save 400 pearls? I’m not paying for them.!
    Most of my mermaids are in storage :( very sad.
    And why now to speed up singing do we need EXTRA pearls
    Used to be 1 pearl for 20 mins.. Now it’s 6 an hour!
    It’s very annoying, the game tells u to update, when u do
    It costs us in the long run.
    I see people complaining again and again with good reason.
    There are plenty of games out there .. You people’s should realise your face looks better with a nose…
    Regards x

  10. It doesn’t let me play this game!! It really annoys me :(

  11. Lets be perfectly honest here. The entire object of this and most other app games is to make dollars for the developing company. As most know Apple finally agreed to settle with the SEC for $32,000,000 (million) over game “accessories”.

    Most players are younger children whose patience combined with I want it now attitudes make selling pearls (in this case) very easy, especially if their parents have shared their app store passwords.

    It’s currently taking me an average of a month or more to save enough pearls to open a new realm, which would be okay if they also made it even reasonably easy to get some of the limited edition mermaids, i.e. can I actually get it within the time frame it’s available. I think it’s that way because they want you to purchase pearls to get them.

    There’s nothing wrong with this at it’s core, after all CrowdStar did make the game, it’s their property, they can do anything they want with it.

    It’s just sad to me that it’s written to appeal to both the weakness and impatience of folks who want instant gratification. It’s not just CrowdStar, it’s the way of current app development. Give it away free, entice folks in, get them to like it, and then make it almost impossible to progress and enjoy the game without sending them dollars. Personally I would rather purchase the game outright and have at least somewhat of an opportunity of seeing it function in a way that I consider to be fair. Not easy, not saying that, just sometimes some of the mermaids, especially some of the limited ones are almost impossible to get, (not all, which is part of the frustration) Currently I’m trying to get the Hydra mermaid, Basilisk was reasonably easy, took around 15 tries. So far I’m above 40 tries and I feel that’s just too much.

    Yet again, it’s the developers property and right to do the game however they chose. Just saying.

    Thanks for listening to me and if you’re reading this CrowdStar, you’ll see there are lots and lots and lots of frustrating comments from other folks.


    • I sooooo agree !!! I been trying for Months to get the Prism mermaid and I’m ready to just give up!!!

    • Agreed 110%. What starts as an enjoyable pastime ends in frustration. Happened with candy crush and I see the future the sMe with this game. GREED!

  12. Am I the only one having troubles getting into the game? It was working fine this morning but now it starts loading then never finishes

  13. my game has been doing the same thing for the past two hours i wonder if that means and update is coming up last time there was an update it did the same thing.

  14. Sooo my game won’t open won’t load nothing wtf??? Anyone else havin issues???

  15. i really hope the winter mermaid is brought back soon.

  16. can somebody please reccomend some good explorers or pearl finders? please and thank you ahead <33

  17. Is anyone elses store in the game missing the pearls and gold for purchase?

  18. Hi a new mermaid came out on the game but i dont know how to get her, her name is Amethyst Mermaid, weary cool mermaid. Somone who know how to get her?

  19. I agree with David (dated the 15th Jan, 2014) . I love the game but cannot get the mermaids after so many tries. I get fed up and feel like deleting my game and telling others to not waste their time also because it only frustrates one. Hope that you take the matter into consideration and make it easier. After sometime we need to get success so it encourages us to keep playing on and on which I would love to do.

  20. So gameteep updates the page picture at the top with amethyst but not the singing combination

  21. Does anyone know how to get Amethyst?

  22. The new amythest mermaid is the combo belladonna and fortunate swirls

  23. The Jade mermaid came back but I never got her. This is the 3rd time failing on calling a mermaid and that never really happens to me. :/

  24. OMG there is a new really pretty mermaid who came and I hope I get her :D

  25. I believe the combination for the Dhalia mermaid is Charming Violet mermaid and Vapor

  26. Hi Peeps

  27. Well as I’ve posted here in the past I’ve been trying to get the Prism Princess mermaid now for it feels like forever. It got so bad that I started keeping track of how many times I’ve tried and finally after over 150 tries it looks like finally it has happened. Can’t say for 100% yet as she’s not arrived, yet the singing time is 48 hours so I’m going to trust that she is going to finally arrive and then I can move on to the other higher end mermaids like Robata, Lumina, Tinker, Shimmer, Metallia and Spectra which will mean that finally I have all of the core mermaids and can continue to work on opening more realms (not easy when you don’t purchase pearls, it takes a long time to get 600-1,000 pearls as all of you know).

    Anyway, thanks for all of the advice that all of you shared with me and especially to just keep trying. :-)

  28. hi so i was trying to get emerald but I accidentally did Seafoam and Calypso and the sing time is 16 hours… what mermaid is this??

  29. I wanna tell u something really helpful
    It’s called the mermaid crash
    The most recent bug is: When u tap on a mermaid in the store, the game crashes
    When your trying to call mermaids, u can use that tool
    Hope you find this helpful

  30. Ok seriously; gameteep is like a ghost town. COME ON PEOPLE! Make it not a ghost town!

  31. They need to make a storage room for when u need to place extra trinkets some place! U can only have 5 mermaids in a room and if u have to switch them around to sing for other ones ur stuck with their trinkets in that room. And if all ur other rooms are 3 star the space is Very Limited!! They need to make a Storage room !!!

  32. Does anybody know how to get the Chocolate Mermaid?

  33. HI PEOPLE: The confirmed combination for the DIAMOND mermaid is Ember and Carbon Night. She looks rockin awesome!! :D

    • Also for Strawberry, there are only 2 more days left, the combination is Sunkiss and Tropicana, and her trinket looks delish!!! :D

  34. I GOT SPRINKLE TAIL ON THE FIRST TRY!!!!! Yayayatsya!!!!
    Maybe it was because I was chewing an Oreo……

  35. I know that emerald is one of the mermaids for sprinkle tail but I don’t know the other one. I am guessing stinger.

  36. Goodmorning mermaid fans. Newest mermaid combo =
    Limelight and fortuna swirls :) ) name is just sundae ;)

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