Mermaid World: List of Mermaids


Here is the complete list of Mermaids in Mermaid World. Please keep in mind that these are not in any specific order and you may need to scroll for the mermaid you wish to Call for and get into your game.

Also remember that most of the combinations for hybrids and three trait mermaids have been discovered. Other magical and celestial trait mermaids are being worked on. If you know the combinations please help others by letting them know in the comments below.

mermaid world review screenshot

Full Chart in Forum (Now Open, Thanks to Infinity.)


Newest Mermaids

Gilded Mermaids

Main Mermaids
Hybrid Mermaids
Three Trait Mermaids
Magical Trait
Celestial Trait
Gem Trait
Galactical Trait

  1,595 Responses to “Mermaid World: List of Mermaids”

  1. How can i get to Atlantis Mermaid? I’ve tried over and over and over again but i can’t !!!

  2. I just got Atlantis. 12 hours to go. I can’t wait!

  3. i need to know the capitian mermaid!!! ive been trying to get her with twinkle tail
    and koi, but im really confused if marigold is the mermaid to use instead of twinkle tail. I NEED TO KNOW I WANT THE MERMAID SO BAD!!!

  4. Got her with twinkle tail and koi

  5. Anybody know how to get Amber??

  6. PLZ help , how do I get the Amber mermaid I cant find anything relating to how to get this girl, thanks

  7. I’m on level 28 yay

  8. You can get the Atlantis mermaid with stinger and sweetwater

  9. Please update the list the of mermaids there have been new mermaids added and we need the combos.

  10. Did anybody got Fae mermaid ?

  11. Fae is Limelight+Tropicana. It takes a few times of singing. The sing time is 19:59:59 so is the call time. She’ll be thrown in the mix usually

  12. Anyone got Prisim Princess with a different combo?

  13. Is anyone going to update this page? It’s missing so many mermaids!

  14. I think I have Fae coming, I used Tropicana and Limelight.

  15. I got Essence with Tropicana and Limelight and I also have a sunshine mermaid so let me know if you want the combo for her, it was actually and acident but oh well!

  16. I used… In this order….. Vapor and Sparkle Pinkle… What would I have gotten? It’s a 20 hour mermaid at that

  17. Does anyone know what blue nova and domino would make? I know it mostly makes common mermaids, but does it make any rare ones? Please tell me!

  18. I think i got a Temptress first try! It is 36 hours! Yay!

  19. Hi everyone
    I’m starting over so any apprciated S o m e how They lost my game

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