Mermaid World: Calypso Mermaid


The Calypso Mermaid is a hybrid mermaid in Mermaid World. It combines two different colors to create this brand new mermaid for your game. You’ll notice that most of the times, the colors the mermaid represents are seen through their designs and this mermaid’s color the same as her representing colors.

Dance? A favorite pastime, especially Salsa! When a dance partner presents themselves, this is the best scenario, as tandem moves elicit more delight. ~ Game Description

 Mermaid World Onyx TraitMermaid World Green Trait

Mermaid World Calypso Mermaid

Buying Price: 453Mermaid World Pearls
Selling Price: 825Mermaid World Coins
Sing Time: 3 Hours
Call Time: 3 Hours

Favorite Trinkets: Shipwheel


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Overall Attraction
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 Mermaid World: Calypso Mermaid Key Features

  • Black hair
  • wears a lot of green decorations or necklaces.
About Calypso Mermaid
The Calypso Mermaid can be obtained by using the Onyx Mermaid  and the Kelp Mermaid to call for her.
The sing time is 3 hours and so is the call time.
Please keep in mind that which side you select to call for the mermaid will not matter. It is up to luck and your game to give you the correct mermaid. Just continue singing until you have this mermaid in your sea.
About Trinkets
Trinkets vary from player to player. The one listed here can only be used as a guide it may not apply to your mermaid.

Mermaid World: Calypso Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Calypso Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

 4 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Calypso Mermaid Pictures Chart

 Mermaid World Calypso Mermaid

  50 Responses to “Mermaid World: Calypso Mermaid”

  1. I got the Calypso mermaid with onyx and lotus.

  2. I am having the hardest time getting Caypso. I have tried kelp and onyx over 30 times together and all I get is kelp. I onyx and lotus liked the person above suggested and I got another mermaid. Has anyone tried any different combos that have gotten you this mermaid. I’m so frustrated!

    • I have breed new onyx and kelp’s and tried to breed them and cross breed with the older ones. Calypso is being a pain in my butt. I’ve tried like 40 times, I’m thinking the mermaid world people should give her to me…. This is getting so insane!

      • I,too, am having a hard time getting Calypso. I have tried Onyx and Kelp repeatedly and mostly get another Onyx or Kelp. I tried some of the other combinations and did get a SeaDragon which was a nice surprise but I really need Calypso !

    • I tried getting the winter mermaid using sea foam and celestia mermaid but I got the calypso mermaid instead. I got her on my first try so I hope this helps.

    • I got her with sea foam and coco mermaids so it is not onyx and kelp 🙂

      • It could be either just depends on your luck I have tried kelp and onyx and it worked!

      • Sea foam and coco got sea dragon for me. She was a nice surprise, but I need calypso in order to get another three star realm so I can unlock the second singing summit!

    • Try switching them around, like kelp as mermaid 1 and onyx as mermaid 2.
      See if that makes a difference, good luck!

  3. Calypso was a really easy mermaid for me to get. I did kelp with onyx and got it on my first try. The mermaid I had a hard to e with was seafoam. Just saying. And calypso isn’t very pretty.

  4. I used seam foam and Onyx. 😀

  5. I’m also having a hard time with calypso. I’ve been trying for 2 days now with kelp and onyx, and then I tried matching onyx with other mermaids and keep ending up with other ones… Very frustrating. Funny that it’s happening to us on the same day…

  6. I tried both myself and have not succeeded

  7. Same I have tried kelp and onyx over 50 times, tried switching sides and everything. I have also tried the lotus and onyx, no luck so far and I’ve done that one 10 times.

  8. I got her using onyx and luau, I was trying for celestia but got calypso instead.

  9. I used aqua and kelp to get calypso. Hope it helps.

  10. I can’t seem to get calypso. I’ve tried all combinations over 50 times. Is there any combination other than kelp and onyx, luau and onyx, seafoam and onyx, harlequin and kelp, and finally lotus and onyx..please help..I’m so frustrated

  11. I was trying to get Seafoam, using Coco & Kelp, and got Calypso on the first try.

  12. I have tried every combo on this page and still have not gotten calypso

    • Really Easy Mermaid to get I got her on my first try but anyways really easy if you don’t get her on first try, Try using
      Kelp Onyx
      Honey Dew Onyx
      Sea Foam Onyx
      Try using anything Green And Black.
      Hope This Helps 🙂

    • Me too this sucks…

  13. I think I’m getting her from Onxy and Honeydew. I can’t get Carbon Night

  14. I haven’t been able to get her yet either. Not terribly frustrated yet, since I’ve been getting pretty much most of them that I need so far.

    Just enjoying the ride for now. 🙂

  15. She is ugly ): no offense…

  16. I used seafoam and celestia. I was trying to get the sea dragon with them since i didn’t have calypso, but managed to get her

  17. I got her with onyx and honeydew mermaids. Call and arrival times were 3 hours.

  18. Sea foam and onyx 1st try

  19. Coral and celestia 1st time was trying to get lotus but got her instead 🙂

  20. The Calypso mermaid looks just like my best freind Kelsey. I am not kidding!!!!!!!

  21. I got Calypso with Celestia and Inky.

  22. Mermaid expert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I tried for her over 60 times I probably spent like 20k on her but I finally got her with the onyx and luau mermaid

  24. I freaking got her when I was trying ta get Leo I’m starting ta go a bit crazy over Leo now

  25. I got the Calypso using Silver Song and Luau. The problem I have is placement. Any time I try to put her some place where theres plenty of room for her My Ipad kicking me out of the game

  26. First try 3 hours ;p

  27. Really appreciate all of the help and suggestions here, everyone! I’m going to try for Calypso today and I will come back and update to let you know what works or what didn’t. And I think Calypso is adorable-love her bobbed hair!

  28. i cant get her either but im trying luau and onyx the time is like 59 mins 🙁

  29. i breeded onyx and kelp and the time was three ours so i hope i get her because i had a realy hard time getting for a couple hours but i think i got her now.yay!

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