Mermaid World: Eire Mermaid


The Eire Mermaid is a Special trait mermaid in Mermaid World. That means it is an exceptionally rare, and only available for a limited time. In fact rare to call and only a few players will be able to breed one of these mermaid into their game. It combines different hybrid or even three element mermaids  to create this brand new mermaid for your game using a very special combination.

This Emerald vixen hails from a distant verdant land and delights all with her Charming accent and delightful songs.~ Game Description

Mermaid World Special Trait

Mermaid World Eire Mermaid

Release Date: March 11 2013
Duration: 6 Days

Buying Price: 299Mermaid World Pearls
Selling Price: 1450Mermaid World Coins
Call Time:  12 Hours
Arrive Time: 12 Hours

Favorite Trinkets: Clover

User Rating
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Overall Attraction
Rating: 4.5/5 (24 votes cast)

 Mermaid World: Eire Mermaid Key Features

  • Special Trait
  • Multiple colors
  • Limited edition

About Eire Mermaid

There is no confirmed combination yet. We will update page once it has been confirmed.

The Eire Mermaid is assumed to be obtained by using the Emerald Mermaid and Charming Violet mermaid. This is confirmed.

The sing/call time is 12 hours and the arrive time is 12 hours.

Please keep in mind that which side you select to call for the mermaid will not matter. It is up to luck and your game to give you the correct mermaid. Just continue singing until you have this mermaid in your sea.

About Trinkets
Trinkets vary from player to player. The one listed here can only be used as a guide it may not apply to your mermaid.

Mermaid World: Eire Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Eire Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

8 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Eire Mermaid Pictures Chart

 Mermaid World Eire Mermaid

Confirmation Video


  96 Responses to “Mermaid World: Eire Mermaid”

  1. I got her on the first try. Charming Violet n Emerald!

  2. I loved this mermaid !!! I tried this combining and i confirmed this combination!

  3. 6 houre calling time and 10-12 expective time

  4. I used Crystalline and Glimmer Rose and got Eire the first time I tried =)

  5. Got her second try with charming Violet and Emerald. Love her tail, like a four leaf clover

  6. I just tried with charming violet and emerald and have a 12 hour summon time. Im assuming its her. This will be the first LE mermaid i get first try. She is soo beautiful. I love everything Irish and am so happy they have made this mermaid.

  7. Used charming Violet and Emerald
    Second try, 12 hours singing time!
    Fingers crossed 🙂

  8. I got her on my first try emerald -charming violet

  9. Charming Violet and Emerald keeps getting me Tropicana! (Gotten her twice and the current call time is 6hrs so…) Are the calling mermaids supposed to be happy or anything like that?!

    • Just keep trying you’ll get her in the end

    • Try making them Ecotatic(100%room decor,Favorite mermaid,trinket,SEPRET REALM from disliked mermaid)!

      • Thanks! I have a call time of 11:59:59 now, pretty sure it’s her! (Making them happier worked!)

        • Yep,that’s her(Eire)!!!!!!!
          I guess Ecotastic mermaids work for Limited Edition mermaids!At first,I got gilded Luau!Then,Eire was going to show up!So,now I must wait 12hrs for her to arrive and put her into hidden arches!Then,I gotta get Pisces before it’s to late!

        • Your mermaids moods aren’t really taken into consideration when singing for a mermaid. A majority of mine are either happy or pleased. Having ecstatic mermaids will increase your chance at getting a gilded mermaid. I got the sun star mermaid with a happy vapor and a pleased tropicana one the first try. It’s really all about luck and chance.

  10. I got her on the third try with Emerald and Charming Violet. Even bfore I read her hint, I knew Emerald had to be one of them. 😛

  11. What is the mermaid you git when you use the charming and emerald mermaid BUT its a 12h calling time? They say the Eire mermaid is 6h calling time so which mermaid is it?

    • It is the Eire mermaid. Its not a 6 hour calling time. Its all 12 hours. From the Limited Edition Mermaids, I am assuming they are going to keep the 12 hours. So whenever an LE mermaid comes out and you use the correct mermaids and get 12 hours, you know you got the limited edition mermaid

  12. My charming violet and emerald are singing for 12 hours think its her yay, first try

  13. I got her my first try with Emerald Mermaid and Charming Violet Mermaid, 12 hr singing time and 12 hr arriving time. Do not listen to anyone up there that said they got her using a different combination than what is hinted at in the description, because you’ll end up wasting valuable time using a combination that does not work. LE Mermaids are not like the regular ones where you can use more than one combination to get the same mermaid, you must use the mermaids that are hinted at in the description. Also the game is kinder to those who play everyday.

  14. I got her on the 1 try whit emargald and charming violette

  15. cuuuuuute

  16. So easy to get only 3 tries ^^ combination and sing time confirmed

  17. I tried using both mermaid sets. Crystalline and Glimmer Rose did not work for me. However Charming Violet and Emerald did work. I selected Emerald and Charming Violet in this order like 6 times and did not get Eire. So this time I switched it to Charming Violet and Emerald , now I have a 12 sing time.

  18. She reminds me of Kelp and Prism Princess(She has a bit of rainbow & Prism has rainbow too)!

  19. SPECIAL mermaids(Magical,Celestial,Diamond or Gem,Galactial)chase Limited Edition mermaids!I know this because my Fortuna Swirls mermaid follows my Sun Star mermaid!

  20. Took four tries. Got her ~<3

    • Cool!She’s like one of the easiest Limited Edition mermaids!Pisces is so freaking hard I was just about to type the f word instead of freaking but,luckily I stopped myself!!!!
      I badly want PISCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pisces is definitely a hard muffin to get (took 28 times to get) but just keep trying, she’ll come.

        My Aquarius took 49 tries
        Pisces took 28 tries
        Amore took 8 tries
        Jade took 1 try
        Joie took 3 tries
        Sun Star took 5 tries
        And then this took 4

        My strong suggestion is to try for Pisces between midnight and 6 in the morning. She always seem to come between those times

  21. I maid her with Electra,Crustacea

  22. On my 7th try with emerald and charming violet (both ecstatic) and no luck yet…

  23. I’ve tried charming and emerald mermaid about 7 times and still no luck 🙁 . Can u help me, is their another combination.

  24. I stand by my above comment. I’m getting her with an ecstatic charming violet and a pleased emerald. On my first try also, mood has nothing to do with your chances of getting an LE mermaid

  25. Anyone still get crashes like 100 times a day?

  26. If I get her it will be third Le mermaid

  27. got her on my first try <333

  28. I’ve tried this combo about 12 times so far and no luck. Grrrrr

  29. GRRRR I try and try and try again but I get Anything but Erie mermaid from emerald and charming violet I have gotten these mermaids: 3 charming violets, 1 twinkletail, 1 sparklepinkle gilded, 1 tropacana gilded, and 1 sweet water gilded GRRRRR

    • Ok this is kinda funny after my little rant. Tried again and the call time says 11:59:59 soooo, one can hope… right?

      P.s. ok my emerald, and charming violet were both SUPER happy like the face with the stars… Each time I tried

  30. woohoo! got her first try! 😀 it did work with the emerald and charming violet 🙂

  31. can you get the mermaid AFTER shes gone?

  32. Took me a few tries, but finally have the 12 hours singing time. 🙂 So excited!

  33. I got her on my third try! I don’t really like this mermaid much.. but I still want her because she’s limited edition!

  34. I can’t get here … I’ve tried it over 15 times! It’s either 6 hours (tropicana mermaid ) or 30 mind 🙁 Help?

    • All you can keep doing is trying. It’s all about luck with this mermaid. Personally she’s my least favorite since all she finds is junk. -.-“

  35. i got her using charming viollet and emerald im soo happy cause im irish and its awsome i love her she is singing but i can tell!!!!! whohoo!!

  36. on i got her on my 5th try she is haard

  37. 26 tries…no luck…

  38. 15 tries later I am stuck with another six hour wait time 🙁

    • Though yes, Cassidy (that’s what I named my sun star mermaid) is the best treasure hunter, Sparkles (my Electra mermaid), Sweetheart (my Amore mermaid) and Belle (my Joie mermaid) comes in 2nd thru 4th places as treasure finders respectively (in my opinion).

  39. Accidentally called for the Eire mermaid again,I was just so happy to finally get a three star realm that I forgot about the event.

  40. Finally I’m calling her right now 😀 :3 :3 🙂 🙂 😀

  41. It took me like 10 try but I has champing on the left which was not doing any thing when I put emreld on the left I got her

  42. :3 when their done sing I’m going to try and get two like I did with sun star. Sun star is my favorite I’m getting lot of money because of her I already got 3 new tanks so now I won’t have to sell any of my mermaids to make room. And she can can find pearls too one of them found me 10 pearls

  43. I got her on I think 5th try. I wasn’t expecting it to work so I was super happy! I am soooo waiting to see who the Easter LE Mermaid will be…bunny ears? Spring theme? Hmmm…

  44. I got her on the third try

  45. My first LE mermaid, it took me quite of few tries but I finally got!!!!

    Charming Violet and Emerald….it worked.

  46. When I came on they were done signing and I make them sing again now I’m get two

  47. -face palm- I totally want gilded sweet water. Got that Eire mermaid…FOR THE THIRD TIME!

  48. Lol I has 21 pearl so I made her come faster ok and the first time I sent her expolering she brought back a boot lol the 2 time I sent her she brought Bach her tricket

  49. Yay I got her

  50. Once again- another mermaid eludes me. I tried over 75 times for Pisces and never got her, and I’ve been trying for this one constantly since the moment she came out. Still nothing. Bout ready to just delete this game.

  51. Help! I tried so long it nothing works! I tried charming and emerald 43 times, and so far nothing! PLZ help! So frustrating!

  52. I think I just got her! I used Emerald and Charming Violet, and the singing time is twelve hours. Will I still be able to unlock her tomorrow because of arrival time? Or are there other twelve hour mermaids? Ahhh. I just want her because I am Irish.

  53. GRRRRR!!!!!! I am SO BEYOND FRUSTRATED!!!! I’ve gotten limited edition mermaids….I’ve gotten gilded mermaids….I’ve gotten the regular mermaids…..WHY CAN’T I GET THE EIRE MERMAID??!! I swear I’ve tried a hundred times. I’ve gone from 500k coins down to 34k just trying to call her! I have one emerald and like three charming violets…..I’ve tried soooo many combinations and she’s just not coming! I have seven hours left. I’m Irish and I want her soooo badly! Please please please help!

  54. Heheh see I got 3 now :3 >:D
    Not trying to be mean

  55. Missed out 🙁 tried and tried and tried and nothing! Had violet and emerald in 1 tank, chrysalis and rose in other and nothing. First one I’ve e er missed. So disappointed!!!

  56. It was so difficult to call her! But I get her some hours before she go! 😀

  57. I got her my third try! Love her!

  58. hey i’ve tried about 15 times to get her and i only get limelight!!!!!

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