Mermaid World: Gilded Coco Mermaid


The Gilded Coco Mermaid is a hybrid mermaid in Mermaid World. It combines two different colors to create this brand new mermaid for your game. You’ll notice that most of the times, the colors the mermaid represents are seen through their designs and this mermaid’s color the same as her representing colors.

Swaying to the smooth jazz of the 1930’s beat, she loves to move her tail, watching the fringe of beads sashay to and from. ~ Game Description

 Mermaid World Onyx TraitMermaid World White Trait

Mermaid World Gilded Coco Mermaid

Selling Price: 775Mermaid World Coins
Sing Time: 6 Hours
Call Time: 6 Hours

Favorite Trinkets: Shipwheel


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Mermaid World: Gilded Coco Mermaid Key Features

  • Golden hair
  • Rare Mermaid
  • Wear’s lots of pearls
  • Has Pearls on her fins
About Gilded Coco Mermaid
The Gilded Coco Mermaid can be obtained by using the Ecstatic Onyx Mermaid  and the Ecstatic Opal Mermaid to call for her.
The sing time is 6 hours and so is the call time.
Please keep in mind that which side you select to call for the mermaid will not matter. It is up to luck and your game to give you the correct mermaid. Just continue singing until you have this mermaid in your sea.
About Trinkets
Trinkets vary from player to player. The one listed here can only be used as a guide it may not apply to your mermaid.

Mermaid World: Gilded Coco Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Gilded Coco Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

5 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Gilded Coco Mermaid Pictures Chart

 Mermaid World Coco Mermaid  Mermaid World Gilded Coco Mermaid

  6 Responses to “Mermaid World: Gilded Coco Mermaid”

  1. Mermaid expert,
    Thanks 4 the tip. It helped! What is the difference between gilded and regular mermaids?
    Also, how do you make gilded joie?

  2. It is correcta mundo

  3. I got a gilded coco mermaid but I don’t have an ecstatic opal mermaid or an ecstatic onyx mermaid either!

  4. How do u get her!

  5. I used belladonna and sea foam and it took 6 hours for both!!!

  6. OMG!!! I got her by accident using a estatic Crystaline mermaid and estatic Onyx mermaid while trying to get the sliversong mermaid!

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