Mermaid World: Ginger Blossom Mermaid


The Ginger Blossom Mermaid is a three element mermaid in Mermaid World. That means that this mermaid requires you to use at least one hybrid for a chance to get. The three elements required to breeding for this mermaid is noted below along with their status

Derived from the crystal shores of the moon, she prefers jagged edges and enjoys to connect tail to tail. These intimate conversations make her feel at peace~ Game Description

 Mermaid World White TraitMermaid World Green TraitMermaid World Red Trait

Mermaid World Ginger Blossom Mermaid

Buying Price: 453Mermaid World Pearls
Selling Price: 775Mermaid World Coins
Sing Time: 6 Hours
Arriving Time: 6 Hours

Traits:   Mermaid World White TraitMermaid World Green TraitMermaid World Red Trait
Unlock: Level 9

Favorite Trinkets:
Rotary Phone


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Overall Attraction
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 Mermaid World: Ginger Blossom Mermaid Key Features

  • Orange hair
  • Three Mermaid
  • nature-like feel
About Ginger Blossom Mermaid
The Ginger Blossom Mermaid can be purchased for453Mermaid World Pearls in the game or you can breed one using the Opal Mermaid and Lotus Mermaid.

Mermaid World: Ginger Blossom Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Ginger Blossom Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

5 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Ginger Blossom Mermaid Pictures Chart

 Mermaid World Ginger Blossom Mermaid

  102 Responses to “Mermaid World: Ginger Blossom Mermaid”

  1. none

  2. I have tried like 20 times with Opal Mermaid and Lutus Mermaid and I can’t get her!!! I always end up getting Lutus or Opal mermaid again D:!!!

  3. Well,I using opal and lotus now for 1st trial, and the sing period is 6 hour,so it might be this mermaid.
    Both of mermaid is in super good mood to get this mermaid.I mean ecstatic^^

  4. It’s working!!!! You can call with coral and seafoam

  5. Try coral and seafoam

  6. Does anyone have any idea which mermaids choose to be friends with others?

  7. Dear Mermaid Expert,
    Wherever you are please tell me some combinations for ginger blossom, I tried the ones in the comments but it didn’t work D:

  8. I got on first try. Lotus and opal worked for me. 🙂

  9. Opal and lotus first try 🙂

  10. If this Is any help to you I got it with kelp and sweet water the very first time.

  11. I used Coral and Sea foam and I got Ginger Blossom on the first try. It took 6 hours to sing and 6 hours to call.

  12. My Ginger mermaid never loads when I open the game. I just get a floating question mark in a white box where she’s supposed to be. I can see her on the list for the realm, but I can’t actually see her. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • That is happening to me also on my phone, but when I use my ipad you can see her. When I dive in friends relms she is also a square with a question mark. Hopefully they will fix it soon. She is very hard to catch with being invisable..haha

  13. Silver song and lotus worked first time with a happy mood

  14. Honeydew and sweetwater worked for me 🙂

  15. I don’t have sweet water or silver song but I got her without
    Sea foam! Can anyone tell me how to get her
    Without sea foam, silver song or sweet water
    Cause I don’t have them?

  16. lotus first then opal worked for me 🙂

  17. Got it with Sweetwater & kelp

  18. I used opal and lotus and I still can’t get her I’ve tried these combinations but I still can’t get her anyone have a combination

  19. I think I’m getting her because the singing time is 6 hrs. I used lotus in the first slot and opal in the second slot.

  20. I think I’m getting her because the singing time is 6 hrs. I used the lotus is the first slot and opal in the second slot.

  21. Yo can

  22. I mean you can use citrine and seafoam, sweet water and kelp, or opal and lotus. Those are the only ones that work, unless you get it by accident from other ones.

  23. Wait, I forgot, you can use coral and seafoam, not citrine and seafoam.

  24. I’m honestly having the hardest time nabbing her!

  25. I tried opal and lotus 4 times and on the 4th time I got it!

  26. I have tried every combination to get her! NONE of them work! I tried them all multiple times as well! Some thing needs to be do to make it easier to summon mermaids!

  27. How long dose it take 2 get ginger blossom?

  28. Seafoam and coral got me ginger blossom on my second try 🙂

  29. Hey I think I got ginger blossom with velvet twist and opal mermaid

  30. I got her with sweetwater and lotus

  31. I just got ginger blossom again using seafoam and carbon night while trying to get isis

  32. I got her with tiger lily and opal:)

  33. If u guys read the comment of the original mermaid expert she will no longer be answering questions about mermaid world because some people have been posting inappropriate lap words online and she is to busy so I’ll answer your questions be cause I have most of the mermaids I’m missing prism princess and Electra and I wrote down all the combinations I used to get those mermaids so post me questions and I’ll be sure to answer them

  34. Can any of you give me a direct answer on how to got Ginger Blossom? I’ve tried all the combinations you have told me about and they don’t work!:(

  35. Finally worked with Lotus + Seafoam! Yay Ginger Blossom!!

  36. I got her with Celebration and Capricorn 6 hrs.

  37. May any of you give me a direct answer caus I’m starting to get annoyed by this game

  38. Sea foam and Lotus

  39. Thank’s it worked! Sea foam and lotus but I have wait for Electrica to get outa the bubble so I have to wait a while。

    • Great! I’ve been tryin Isis and ginger blossom to get amore but keeps givin me opal! 🙁

      • I have really hard time getting isis, I tried like fifty times in one day. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to try getting her till I got all the other two trait and three trait mermaids.(and yes I do know the combo so you don’t need to tell me and I know they give mermaids at random unless you buy them.)

  40. opal and lotus first try 🙂

  41. I got her just now with glimmer rose first then opal she takes 5hrs

  42. Uh! I just can’t get it I’ve tryed everything!!! Why won’t it work? Please help

  43. Sweetwater and Lotus! First try, 6 hours. This mermaid took me forever!

  44. I used sweetwater and lotus got her first try when I was trying to get limelight any one know how to get her oh and by the way it took 6 hours

  45. I used opal (1st mermaid) and velvet twist (2nd mermaid). They just got done calling and the silhouette looks like the ginger blossom one. The call and arrival time are both 6 hours for me

  46. Got Gingerblossom using Gilded Coral & Seafoam first go.

  47. Hey Mermaid Expert,
    I was wondering; if you use two ecstatic mermaids to sing will you have a higher chance at getting the mermaid you’re trying for?
    This would be really useful if you knew.
    -Camba out

  48. got Gingerblossom using Opal and Lotus but it took about 15 times!!!

  49. Isn’t it random? the selection of the mermaid you are to receive? so either way posting it up online probably wont help because it’s not accurate enough to say that you WILL get the mermaid you want

  50. Hey mermaid expert! I was wondering if you remember any ginger blossom combos for me because I am on level 23 but I still don’t have Ginger blossom…. I have tried everyone of her combos but none of them are working…. PLEASE MERMAID EXPERT, can you please help me….

  51. i got her three times now using sweetwater and kelp =) hope its lucky for someone like me 😀

  52. Keep trying with sweetwater and kelp

  53. how do you get marigold this will be useful

  54. Opal and Lotus is giving me a 6hr. mermaid…I hope it’s this one! (First try!)

  55. Mine was 12 hours. I think I got someone else. And guess what? I got peppermint mermaid this morning!

  56. Opal lotus first try

  57. I think it’s a freak combo but koi and celstia…

  58. I am currently singing Sweet Water and Calypso , and it’s taking 6 hours . Try it !

  59. sweetwater and kelp

  60. Seafoam and lotus works, first try after uncuccessful lotus and opal combinations!

  61. Yay!Got herr!

  62. I do her with sparkle pinkle and sunkiss it work great

  63. I hope I’m getting her its a five hour wait but it’s worth it give me good luck

  64. 6 hours sry lol but reading all the comments about how it takes 6 hours SO IM SO HAPPY I KNOW IT’S HER BASED ON THE READING IM DOING EVERYONE SAID IT IS SIX HOURS SO YAY!!!!!

  65. I GOT HER IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. I have tried coral and sea foam,opal and lotus,sweet water and kelp I have tried them but they aren’t working 🙁 can someone help?

  67. I think I’m getting her,it’s a six hour wait and I’m using coral and sea foam.

  68. I’m doing it with opal and lotus and the singing time is 3 hours don’t know if it will work but let’s see!!

  69. Yey friends! Try a seafom + Lotus = Ginger blonson!

  70. First try I got her

  71. Hey all you mermaid world players! Just wanted to tell you all that I got her with Lotus nd Opal! I know spa lot of you guys have tried this already but plz don’t give up!!!:) it took me awhile but I got her. Just plz don’t get discouraged. You will get her sometime!!! Love you all. Just keep trying!! Have fun!! <3 <3 😀 😉

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