Mermaid World: Lum Mermaid


The Lum Mermaid is a Special trait mermaid in Mermaid World. That means it is an exceptionally rare, and only available for a limited time. In fact rare to call and only a few players will be able to breed one of these mermaid into their game. It combines different hybrid or even three element mermaids  to create this brand new mermaid for your game using a very special combination.

Lum is a mermaid driven to wander across all the Sunkissed worlds, never settling in any place for long. Isis claims Lum leaves hidden treasures in her wake, but who knows the truth?~ Game Description

Mermaid World Special Trait

Mermaid World Lum Mermaid

Release Date: March 18 2013
Duration: 13 Days

Buying Price: 499Mermaid World Pearls
Selling Price: 1450Mermaid World Coins
Call Time:  12 Hours
Arrive Time: 12 Hours

Favorite Trinkets: Bunny Basket

User Rating
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Overall Attraction
Rating: 4.9/5 (32 votes cast)

 Mermaid World: Lum Mermaid Key Features

  • Special Trait
  • Multiple colors
  • Limited edition

About Lum Mermaid

There is no confirmed combination yet. We will update page once it has been confirmed.

The Lum Mermaid is assumed to be obtained by using the Sunkiss Mermaid and Isis mermaid. This is confirmed.

The sing/call time is 12 hours and the arrive time is 12 hours.

Please keep in mind that which side you select to call for the mermaid will not matter. It is up to luck and your game to give you the correct mermaid. Just continue singing until you have this mermaid in your sea.

About Trinkets
Trinkets vary from player to player. The one listed here can only be used as a guide it may not apply to your mermaid.

Mermaid World: Lum Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Lum Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

8 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Lum Mermaid Pictures Chart

 Mermaid World Lum Mermaid

Confirmation Video


  156 Responses to “Mermaid World: Lum Mermaid”

    Jokes but I really want her because she is SSSOOOO PRETTY
    Oh and one question, why am I the first one to post on Lum mermaid… Huh? Shouldn’t other people be the first, shouldn’t they well let’s find out… Oh wait we already have and it’s me but other people I have one question that’s simple enough I guess… Who likes Lum because I like he, she has got to be the best limited mermaid that the people of mermaid world have put up, don’t u think so….???? Well that’s my comment said so, oh and that was a rhetorical question which means you don’t have to answer me just so you know:) I THINK THAT THE MERMAID EXPERT IS AWESOME and all the advice she gives me ALWAYS works so thank you mermaid expert, whoever you are:)

  2. That might not of made sense so sorry if it dosn’t;)

  3. I love her! Its not fair that i dont have isis to call for her but every time i sing lotus and onyx i get 1 hour time soo plzz help me i really want this mermaid and without isis theres not lum! Anyways i was the first ever to discover the lum mermaid ! But i dont have something to prove it sooo dont hate me:3 im sorry for this but im soo excited !!!!!!!! Go go go go go LUM mermaid!!!:D

    • If you have them, use Calypso and Vapor to call her. I usually have a super hard time getting my mermaids to call the right one, but when I tried this combination I got Isis on my first try! I used Lotus and Onyx a million times and got a whole bunch of nothing, so I tried a different combo and got her. I get better luck using two two-trait mermaids to call three-traits instead of using one two-trait with a one-trait. Anyway, Isis takes 6 hrs to call and 6 hrs to arrive, but there should be plenty of time to get and use her to call Lum before she’s gone!

      • Thanks for the information too! 🙂 i hope i can make it befor shes gone! 5 hours left to been called and allot of hours for her to arrive. Go go go go lum mermaid! 🙂

    • There are multiple ways of calling Isis. Just look at her traits and experiment with those colors. Onyx and lotus, vapor and calypso, calypso and coral, vapor and kelp are some of the combinations I tried and I think I got her with calypso and coral. You got to try different combinations till you get them

      • Thanks for the information,i did it 🙂 the isis mermaidis has been called! Basically there are 5 hours left 🙂 go go lum mermaid !!! I reallly hope to get her ! Sges my fav!

    • Woooohooo I GOT HER!!!!

    • U do know that to gt isis in onyx and lotus

    • I was having a hard time too getting Isis so I made Lotus and Onynx ecstatic and I got 6 hours singing and received Isis and I am getting Lum now it just takes time so keep trying

  4. Thanks so much!!! I got her 😀 sunkiss and Isis!

  5. Well… I don’t think that she’s pretty at all 😀 That pink and roses… bleh… 😉 But I’m a fan of Coco and Onyx.

    What intrigues me is her description: “Isis claims Lum leaves hidden treasures in her wake”. I wonder if she’s capabale of finding fine treasures like Sun Star.

  6. Yeah I have the mermaids for it

  7. Who has ember I do

  8. I called for her it didn’t work so I’m going to try again when I get back home! 🙂

  9. I got mine before there was even a page for her! First try, honeydew, second was Lum. Sunkiss on left, Isis on right, neither were ecstatic.

  10. On my forth try, will try again later

  11. She will be my third LE if I’m able to get her. I have the sunkiss and Isis mermaids but haven’t gotten her yet. My other two LE I’ve gotten on the first try.

  12. I love her I’m now going to try and get her I love this website

  13. Didn’t get her someone tell me who else you used I used sun kiss and Isis

    • there is only one combination and its Sunkiss and Isis. It usually takes multiple tries so just sing until you get her

  14. She is really gorgeous, I got her on my 12th try, the first 11 they gave me charming violet honey dew glimmer rose and celestial mermaids

  15. Darn,I have to get SUN KISS!Or I might be late for Lum!!Also,I already own Isis.I feel like swearing because I never got Sun Kiss I’ve tried to get her a BUNCH of times when I got Kelp(Level 2).That was a bunch of months ago!Now I’m on Level 30 close to Level 31!

  16. I think im on my 4th or 5th try right now….. trying for her in one summit, and limelight in the other. then…. all i have left are from electra on up!! ( i do have ember, nova and crustacia)

    im just going to keep singing! lol

  17. Got her with Sunkiss and Isis on first try! She’s pretty, but too much pastel pink. She’s still a great mermaid to add to your realms 🙂

  18. Omg omg omg! She is so pretty! She is the prettiest le mermaid I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait to get her!

  19. I got Isis with Honey Dew and Koi

  20. How many singing summits can you get, only 2

  21. Currently waiting on temptress but after her willbe Lum!!! Yay!!!!

  22. I can’t get her, tried about 5 times now with Isis & Sunkiss 🙁 is there another combination.

  23. They picked the best combo ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the mermaids and got her on my first try!!!!!

  24. I have never gotten any special mermaids an I use the ones they say to use an still never get them so I’m starting to think is just to keep ya playing an only a few really get them

  25. Trying for lum, third try but won’t be her:( 3 hr calling time. For those of u who have her which mermaids does she like and dislike? I will keep trying….

  26. I LOVE THE LUM MERMAID SHE IS SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!! I was just wondering if enyone has the singing time

  27. Can someone help me get Lum I’ve tried over ten times with Isis & sun kiss its not working and I really want her!!!!!!

  28. You just got to keep trying. I finally got at 12 hour sing time with Isis and sunkiss. She has been the most difficult LE I’ve sung for but she is on her way. I tried probably over ten times got lots of 3 and half hour even 5 min sing times. Just keep trying. She is a bit expensive but just keep trying.

    • Cc she is not cheep but is u save up money on the game she is cheep like i have done it about 45 ties and i didn’t make a dent in my money because i have about 122K so my point is the combo costs 3000 some what but u should have saved ur money

      • Lily, I have her already I’m not worried about getting her or how much it costs. I’m just simply saying the pair to sing for her is a little costly.

  29. i have both mermaids but no luck so far. she will be my 8th LE. I already have aquarius, amour, jade, joie, sun star, pisces and eire!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeehhh!!!!!! sooooooo pretty!!!

  30. Still haven managed a single friggin special mermaid! Hopefully I can nab Lum.

  31. This is my 20th try and I can’t get her 🙁

  32. If anyone has gotten lum, how happy were sunkiss and Isis? Plz help-I really want her!

    • Mermaids moods have nothing to do with calling a mermaid aside from the gilded ones! My Isis was pleased and my sunkiss was ecstatic. You have to keep trying this combo if you want this mermaid, and hope luck is on your side.

    • Try them when they’re ecotastic that’s how I got some of my Limited Edition mermaids.(it works when they are ecotastic)!

      • Clarice please start spelling correctly. It’s ecstatic, not ecotastic. Sorry but its bugging me every time I see you post it and every sing post it’s spelled incorrectly.

        • Thank you for saying something lol it’s been bugging me too! Misspelled words bother me so much…

          • Me too…. Don’t really like misspelled words.. Is there another way to get her?? It is so hard to get the lum mermaid 🙁 I tried already for, like, 35 times!!… But I have about 700 k so no worries there, but anyways… Help!!!!

          • Me too…. Don’t really like misspelled words.. Is there another way to get her?? It is so hard to get the lum mermaid 🙁 I tried already for, like, 35 times!!… But I have about 700 k so no worries there, but anyways… Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I just need the Isis mermaid and now there sing to get Isis finally to me 20 try to get it I can’t wait to try and get the this limaidtion mermaid go Luke to every one

  34. I got Isis I keep trying to get lim and I got a 10hr sing time who is it plz tell me?

  35. I’m level 21 what about use 🙂

  36. 6 hours is ??????

  37. Is she a good treasure hunter like sun star? My game reset and I lost everything!!!! I was so happy with sun star too cuz her treasures gave me so much money to open new real s and such soooooooo bummed I lost her and everyone else!! It’s almos enough to make me stop using this wonderful game

    • Don’t worry you’re game that you lost will be back!That’s happened to me and it took me like 1 month or 1/2 a month to get it back!(I meant the progress you lost will be back!)

  38. this is driving me nuts don’t have the isis and have to wait 15h for my new relam so i can call her. u guys got any combos that work first time?

  39. I got the Isis mermaid and the sunkiss mermaid but I keep on trying them together but it’s not working

  40. Ahhh so frustrating, this is my 28 try and I can’t get Lum.. I couldn’t get amor either. Every time Isis mermaid is chosen for calling a new mermaid it doesn’t work out for me. Is anyone having the same problem?


  42. I got her first try!! Waiting for her to finish singing!:) 12hrs both singing and calling. Good luck getting her

  43. Bullshit ive spent over 30 dollars finally get lum the dumb game crashes and bow it wont give me her such a scam this game is an after all the money even before ive spent srcrew this money hungry game

    • If your game crashes then contact support. Mine has never crashed. And how come you spent money for this? This is not a money hungry game, if yon don’t want to wait and are impatient, then you spend money, but you can get all mermaids without spending one dollar. And if you had trouble getting Lum, we pretty much all did. I tried about 20 times and now she’s on the way.

      • Read other comments on other mermaids the game crashes just because your doesnt doesnt mean others wont and who are you to tell me i cant spend MY money on the game why would they have that option then i was just stating that after i spent MY money on this game it crashes and doesnt give me what i paid for if you have a problem with this then dont read people comments because you completly wasted your time telling me what i already said i did duh

      • Also ive been playing this game for a very long time i know how it works i have all the mermaids and im on a very high level i just dont appreciate after i spend money and actually get what i was paying for then the game crashes and still takes my money but doesnt give me what i paid for so get ur pantys out of a wad and dont get so defensive the first comment i left wasnt directed towards you so why talk crap to me

        • Issues much? If you didn’t get your pearls contact tech support and stop raging on this site. You should have been given a receipt so use it ( and some valium) and contact them. Clementine was just trying to be helpful

        • Agreeing with Katherine, and i think you should read your first comment again then, you were quite raging in it. And if as you said it’s not directed towards the people in this community, why post it here and not on the support website? That would have been more helpful i think. And you actually complained that it is a “money hungry game”. So this is why i decided to reply cause i don’t have the same image of the game as you do.
          And sure you can use pearls, never said you couldn’t,i’ve bought some too.
          And i’m telling you that my game doesnt crash so that you won’t think it bugs with everybody but only some of you guys, which can give you hope that there is a possibily it won’t ever crash ^^

  44. I really need confirmation video

    • You shouldn’t need one. The description says you need Sunkiss and Isis. The game only offers one calling combination for Limited Edition mermaids. Just keep trying. I got Lum first try with this combo. It’s just all luck

  45. Got her again (finally). Make Isis the first mermaid and Sunkiss the second. Good luck, Bros -bro fist-

    -The Muffin Queen

  46. Read her information SUNKISS and ISIS FIVE HOURS OF WAITING

  47. i’m on my like 7th try and still no luck!
    sunkiss is ecstatic and isis is happy so i don’t see what the issue is get your head in the game ladies i want lum
    is it definitely a 12 hour sing and arrival? not really inclined to believe people saying it’s any less..

  48. I am on try 30, my Isis and sun kiss are ecstatic and I keep getting mermaids I don’t need. I think that the LE’s should not be soooo hard to get, it is turning me off and making me not want to play anymore. I have no problem with a challenge but I think getting a LE mermaid should be a reward for accomplishing something not just random luck. It’s not fair that some get them on try one and others never get them even after 30 or more try’s. Come on programmers think this over as u will begin to lose players interest.

  49. I know what u mean the first time I got the game I deleted it because it kept crashing.then a friend got and I got it again and play it a lot now just called the Isis so all is good.

  50. This mermaid rocks! By far she is the most prettiest mermaid ever!!!!!! I never get the limited edition on my first try. But I always get them in the end.

  51. Does it matter if my Isis is gilded? The Isis/Sunkiss combo isnt really working (I keep getting Calypso) and I was wondering if that could be the problem. 😉

  52. What I’ve come to the conclusion of on the mermaids, is that when you want a mermaid you might want to have a a lot of open space or one that is about to be open, if there is no room then it’s harder to call mermaids! I’ve noticed when I had called mermaids and had no room it’s almost impossible to get a new mermaid BUT like I said previously when I get a new one opened I get the awesome mermaids quick!

  53. Is it still possible to get lum if your mermaid is estatic

  54. If anyone having trouble I got Isis using seafoam and Koi, hope that helps….took me ages to get her dont give up

  55. I didn’t really want her as much as Eire… But I still try to see my luck, got her on my sec try… While I didn’t get Eire at all 🙁

  56. It’s hard but it’s true u can get this mermaid

  57. It’s a MUST – HAVE !!!

  58. Still havent got this mermaid ahhhh

  59. Still havent gotten this mermaid ahhhhhhhh

  60. I’ve been on mermaid world for quite awhile now, it’s a hobby for me and my 3 daughters. I stay home so we check all the time and call all the time for these special holiday mermaids and have never got any. I’ve tried the confirmed pairs over 30 times and read people’s comments and try what’s worked for them but still nothing…can anyone help?!

    • I’m on try 56 for Lum so I feel your pain. I don’t think it’s fair how some get them so easily and some can’t get them at all.

  61. Still havent gotten her spent more money to speed things up man this game sure frustrates me hope this doesnt offend anyone 😉

  62. Best b-day present ever! Just got Lum

  63. I’m waiting for Isis in my singing summit and now I need to get sun kiss and then sing for Lum! 🙂

  64. I’m so frustrated…I’m on try 34 and I’m losing my patience. I’m so ready to just buy the pearls for her…

  65. I got her!!!!!!!!


    • I have tried so many times to get lum mermaid but I just can’t get her is there a trick or some thing plz someone help me!!!

  67. I have tried putting Isis and sun kiss together 20 times exactly (that’s why I posted a comment today) I still haven’t got Lum. I think might just give up! Has anyone got any idea why I haven’t got her yet?
    Thanks (for someone who can answer my question)

  68. Do Isis and Sunkiss mermaids have to be ectastic to get Lum?
    Thanks (to someone who can answer my question)

  69. Sun Kiss rt & Isis lt I ended up with Inky. Second try with the duo flipped looks like a Glimmer Rose.

  70. I finally have the lum mermaid! I’m so happy! I loveeeeee her

  71. I think some of the limited edition mermaids need to have longer availability times, or shorter call times. It’s ridiculous sometimes. Been trying with at least two pairs of Sunkiss and Isis since she first came out, and still no luck. Waiting for some unneeded mermaids to come in before I can try again. :/

  72. Have her! Forth try! I love her!

  73. I have tried every day since she Lum came out with Sunkiss and Icis and I can’t get her. This is ridiculous! The most I get is 6 hrs then I call again 3 hrs next 6 hrs, it’s all day like this same for Pisces too. I didn’t get her either. What’s up? It’s no longer fun if I can’t summon and limited mermaids. I even make sure they are ecstatic when they sing but nothing’s helping. Is anyone else having this hard of a time?

  74. i love pie

  75. hgyf

  76. how do you change your gameteep profile pic???

  77. I’ve tried everyday since she’s been out and all I get is charming violet!

  78. What’s the deal with the treasures she “leaves behind” ???? I have gotten ONE good thing from her searches and it was her own trinket. I was hoping after I found that she would start leaving treasures or finding better items, but to no avail. Not worth the purchase at all!

  79. Have tried and tried to get Lum, switched sides with sunkiss and iris… luck at all. Getting very discouraged.

  80. Lum came back for today only and on my SECOND try i got her . i am SOOO happy

  81. Finally got her after 56 tries. Woo hoo. I’m not even excited because I’ve been trying so long and it’s just left me irritated.

  82. Can you sing for expired LE mermaids?

  83. Grrrr my lum mermaid wont find anything good she keeps finding junk decor!!!!!!!! U r lucky if ur’s found anything good

  84. Try making your mermaids really happy to get her I tried with Isis and sun kiss both ecstatic and it worked on the second try

    • Yup Clarice… That’s working for me!!! But :0 I keep getting stinger but getting closer huh!? And also have you seen tiger tail? Cool and by the way I am so close to getting her and she is pretty and I keep accidentally selling my mermaids!!! Wha…!!!! XD

    • SHE’S HARD TO GET 0_o
      Uuuuuhhh…, I need her!! Only a few days left… :O

  85. I have tried to get lum like 60 times and each time fail I just can not get her

  86. Ty clementine, I did FINALLY get Lum after 68 tries. She is the worst explorer of them all, but she is pretty. Now there is Stella Star being released at midnight! (4/5/13)

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