Mermaid World: Onyx Mermaid


The Onyx Mermaid is the main mermaid for the Onyx color in Mermaid World. She is a black hair girl with extremely white skin.  You can easily obtain this mermaid because you can purchase her in the market. When you do purchase her you’ll be able to unlock other mermaids with the Onyx trait through singing.

A dark beauty drawn to the night, she shrouds herself in mystery. Made of the Blackest Black, descending to never before reached depths is a constant pursuit. ~ Game Description

 Mermaid World Onyx Trait

Mermaid World Onyx Mermaid

Buying Price: 900Mermaid World Coins
Selling Price: 350Mermaid World Coins
Sing Time: 15 Minute
Call Time:30 Minute

Favorite Trinkets: Shipwheel

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 Mermaid World: Onyx Mermaid Key Features

  • Black hair
  • Elegant black/purple-ish color.
About Onyx Mermaid
The Onyx Mermaid can be purchased for 900Mermaid World Coins coins in the game and is one of the beginner mermaids.

Mermaid World: Onyx Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Onyx Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

 3 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Onyx Mermaid Pictures Chart

 Mermaid World Onyx Mermaid

  38 Responses to “Mermaid World: Onyx Mermaid”

  1. 2 levels short to unlocking this mermaid boom-shak-a-lack-a

  2. Me too gillfriend

  3. She I not under my being list I’m on level 12 and I need her!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Nicole,
    Wow that’s really cool that you you’re new, and already at level 10! When I was new, I wasn’t even close to there 🙂
    Onyx is available at level 13. You’re really close! There is no way to summon the onyx mermaid before she comes out, (same with opal). So if you have the right amount of money, you can purchase her at the store right when she comes out!
    Hope this helps! Good luck 🙂

    If any of you need more tips on other mermaids, just reply to this post asking about that specific mermaid, and I will reply here, and on that mermaid’s profile page. Just ask for Mermaid Expert, because I have almost all of the mermaids! Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So close! I’m at level 12 and I have like 200 points to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think for the Electra mermaid, you need the Isis mermaid & the koi mermaid but I’m not exactly sure.

  7. Yay!!! Just reached level 13 and I have the onyx! I want to see what happens when I sing opal. And onyx together!

  8. I really need honey dew I cannot get her

  9. I just need about 500 points then I can get onyx

  10. Uh I’m 1 level away and I need this mermaid to breed to get the sun star mermaid b4 she leaves and I can’t get her :/

  11. How do u get the honey due mermaid

  12. Use kelp and citerine and if this dont work then make them happier. Just keep trying

  13. Btw honey dew is chubby. Its kinda funny. Ooh and marigold isn’t pregnant. Thats her hand. Shes the same size as honey dew i would say.

  14. I got onyx with onyx and tropicana. I was mad because I spent a lot of coins and wasted time when I already had her.

  15. How do u get onyx ,?????????? I need her like now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. what does her bottom look [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!
    trying to draw her here!

  17. i really need her i NEED this i HAVE to get starfairy

  18. How do you get honey dew I’ve tried citrine and kelp but I don’t work… I got another citrine!!!

  19. Hi,
    I just started mermaid world.
    How can I get the onyx mermaid without Being the level.
    There are some more mermaids I would like to get.
    Please Help.

  20. I wish I was level 13 to unlock her

  21. How can I call her?

  22. Help!!! I need Onox in, like, 6 days!!! 🙁

  23. ;( … Wait… Nope, never mind, forget this post was here!

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