Mermaid World: Plume Mermaid


The Plume Mermaid is a Special trait mermaid in Mermaid World. That means it is an exceptionally rare, and only available for a limited time. In fact rare to call and only a few players will be able to breed one of these mermaid into their game. It combines different hybrid or even three element mermaids  to create this brand new mermaid for your game using a very special combination.

This mermaid is the third community inspired mermaid in the game which is part of t he Mermaid World Community inspirational line of mermaids.

This Dominating beauty loves to swim across the realms and Twist and turn as she shows off her unique style.~ Game Description

Mermaid World Special Trait

Mermaid World Plume Mermaid

Release Date: June 7 2013
Duration: 6 Days

Buying Price: 399Mermaid World Pearls
Selling Price: 1450Mermaid World Coins
Call Time:  12 Hours
Arrive Time: 12 Hours

Favorite Trinkets:

Enchanted Feather

User Rating
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Overall Attraction
Rating: 4.5/5 (26 votes cast)

 Mermaid World: Plume Mermaid Key Features

  • Special Trait
  • Multiple colors
  • Limited edition
  • Community Appreciation month!
  • Third mermaid inspired by a creation of Mermaid World Community.

About Plume Mermaid

There is no confirmed combination yet. We will update page once it has been confirmed.

The Plume Mermaid is assumed to be obtained by using the Velvet Twist Mermaid and Domino mermaid. Combination has been confirmed.

The sing/call time is 12 hours and the arrive time is 12 hours.

Please keep in mind that which side you select to call for the mermaid will not matter. It is up to luck and your game to give you the correct mermaid. Just continue singing until you have this mermaid in your sea.

About Trinkets
Trinkets vary from player to player. The one listed here can only be used as a guide it may not apply to your mermaid.

Mermaid World: Plume Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Plume Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

8 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Plume Mermaid Pictures Chart

 Mermaid World Plume Mermaid

Confirmation Video

  100 Responses to “Mermaid World: Plume Mermaid”

  1. First comment! Now I have to get Domino!

  2. Yay I’m the first one who got the 12 hour singing time 🙂

  3. I’m going to name her Karana

  4. Yes, the combo is: Mermaid 1-Domino eccstatic and mermaid 2-Velvet twist happy. Called twice same combo in the same summit and got her on the second try. Good luck!

  5. Got her on the second try! 😉 that makes me feel slightly better since I’ve wasted so much on trying to get a pink gemini mermaid. Lol

  6. Why do I keep getting Sea Dragons??!!? Every time I try for a LE mermaid, I end up with a Sea Dragon. I AM TIRED OF SEA DRAGONS!!!!!

  7. I got her on the first try and before this was posted

  8. I got her on the first try yaaaaay!

  9. I’m getting her on the first try! She is very pretty! <3

  10. How to get These mermaid

  11. 😀 im getting her and I’m going to name it hacket. Because my favorite teacher likes this one :3

  12. Yeah! After at least 6 months calling for Prism with Diamond Swan and Diamante, i finally got a 48:hrs. I think this is it! Got Prism finally!!!!

  13. I’m getting her on my first try!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! 🙂

  14. Got her on my first try!!!!!! So happy!!!!!! I’m gonna name her after me because we’re the same skin tone and I wear lots of green!!!

  15. So glad I got her on my second try! I am soo happy after trying a million times for Sakura and not getting her. I still really want the purple Gemini.

  16. OMG I got her first try!!! She is so pretty.

  17. Ugh! My 5th try and no luck *sighs*

  18. So pretty…..want to get her! Gotta get Domino first 🙂

  19. Just got her! Domino and Velvet Twist. Took me 5-6 times

  20. Does it matter if one of the mermaids is gilded? I have tried 4 times now and still nothing?

  21. Yayyyyy!! I got her!!

  22. No matter how hard I try, I have yet to get ANY le mermaid. 🙁
    I tried so hard to get Tarus, never got her.
    Tried so hard to get Omnom, couldn’t get her.
    No I feel like I’ll never get be able to get Plume either… 🙁

  23. Do both mermaids need to be ecstatic in order to get a limited edition mermaid? I’ve been trying with both pleased Domino and Velvet Twist and I keep getting 2 minute mermaids.

  24. I got Plume on the third try!

  25. What limited editions do u have? I got Plume, Sakura, Mint, Joie, Stella Star, Sugar Star, Bahama Star, Spindle Star so far.

    • I got all of them but Holly, Winter and Capricorn.

      • I have Lum Eire Pieces. Omnom Bahama Star Rose gold Amakua mint. That’s all I can remember But the game says I have 17 LEs!!!! And I have Stella Star.

    • I have omnom, Sakura, the GEMINI twins, plume, sphyrna, carcha, Stoma , Amakua, lum❤, spindle sugar and bahama star(that’s all I can remember), AND AFTER Plume leaves the cherry pudding jelly mermaid will be available!!!!

    • I have Rose Gold, Sakura, Plume, Bahama Star, Stella Star, Sphryna, Jade, Peppermint and the pink Gemini. Am still trying to get the purple Gemini because purple is my fave colour! HAS ANYONE GOT ANY TIPS TO GET THE PURPLE GEMINI?! IF YOU DO PLEASE REPLY TO THIS!!!!?

    • I got Amore, Pisces, Eire, Lum, Stella Star, Mint, Rose Gold, Sugar Star, Sphyrna, Chica, Bahama Star, Spindle Star, Omnom, Both Gemini, Sakura, Plume. I have a few more but can’t remember!

  26. This mermaid was so easy to get. My sister and I both got her on the second try. I’m really exited.

  27. Thank you so much Sbg I got it on the first try!!!!! 😀

  28. I have all the LE mermaids except the Sun Star one which I accidentally sold 🙁 I’m working on Plume right now with over 10 tries and still no luck :(((

  29. I’m still trying to get Domino!!! 15 hours….. Is it her?

  30. Awesome day today!!! Plume is In a 3 star realm! Ember arrived today and I’m getting temptress and Crustacea!!!!

  31. Tried since announced!!! FINALLY!!!!

  32. I got plume 1st try before she was even posted here. What’s the next one?

  33. Dear mermaid expert

    I have tried exactly 31 tries and keep getting domino honeydew and lotus. Please tell me is there are any other ways to get plume mermaid

    • Dear Cool, sometimes you need to switch sides with the mermaids. I would not suggest trying to get another mermaid and come back to Plume because, Plume is leaving in 2 days so, good luck Cool. I hope this answered your question. If you need any help, just post to me and I will answer back.

      • Dear Mermaid Expert,

        Is there a reason why I have not been able to get ANY le mermaid?
        I have tried 15+ times for the le mermaids I’ve attempted to get and still no luck.
        I often switch sides for the mermaids and they are almost always ecstatic while calling.
        Any ideas or suggestions?

        • Dear Coralline, sometimes it’s about the matter of luck but, don’t just give up early. The more you try, the more luck you’ll get. So, good luck with LE mermaids.

      • Thanks for your help mermaid expert but I still haven’t got her and she has five hours left:(

  34. Yay I got Plume ages ago but haven’t posted since I’m more into the mermaid world community forums (no offence but I still love gameteep!) so I’m always up to date with what’s happening. Plus I write lots of stories on the community my best one is the Electra on on Share Pics area it’s really good!

  35. Hello mermaid lovers!
    Sorry this is late, but this is the combo that will obtain the plume mermaid,
    Velvet twist.
    Don’t worry, I haven’t obtained her yet, but in trying, and if you don’t give up, you could get her like I plan to do.
    Good luck!

  36. I got plume on my 6th try but who cares? I GOT PLUME!!!

  37. I tried with domino & velvet twist and i got tigra, i didnt have her.. Then i got a ten hr one? What could that be? Please someone figure it out and tell me?

  38. I have a 16 hour mermaid coming. Who is it?

  39. Plume is almost gone (1 day left)!!! So try really hard (extra extra extra hard) 😉

  40. Yes!!! The last few hours tO get her and i did!! 🙂

  41. I got her on my first try !!

  42. Hi who is your fav mermaid including LE?
    Mine is Omnom 🙂

  43. That’s it, all the realms are full! I have no space for new mermaids! What are the game people up to? They keep on getting more mermaids but they do not add more realm space!! I do not count the lounge as space , one can only see pics of the mermaids! (And I already have more than 15 mermaids there!). Gamers please join me in asking for more realms!

  44. yeah we do need more realms! Please make more!

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