Mermaid World: Sugar Star Mermaid


The Sugar Star Mermaid is a Special trait mermaid in Mermaid World. That means it is an exceptionally rare, and only available for a limited time. In fact rare to call and only a few players will be able to breed one of these mermaid into their game. It combines different hybrid or even three element mermaids  to create this brand new mermaid for your game using a very special combination.

This is the third Wandering Star Troupe Mermaid to appear in the game.

Sugar Star used to be good friends with Harlequinn and Honeydew before joining the Wandering Star Troupe. She makes sure to say hi whenever the Troupe come around.  ~ Game Description

Mermaid World Special Trait

Mermaid World Sugar Star Mermaid

Release Date: May 3 2013
Duration: 9 Days

Buying Price: 399Mermaid World Pearls
Selling Price: 1450Mermaid World Coins
Call Time:  12 Hours
Arrive Time: 12 Hours

Favorite Trinkets: Sugar Starfish

User Rating
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Overall Attraction
Rating: 4.4/5 (25 votes cast)

 Mermaid World: Sugar Star Mermaid Key Features

  • Special Trait
  • Multiple colors
  • Limited edition
  • Third Wandering Star Troupe
  • Pink hair

About Sugar Star Mermaid

There is no confirmed combination yet. We will update page once it has been confirmed.

The Sugar Star Mermaid is assumed to be obtained by using the Harlequin Mermaid and Honeydew mermaid. Combination has been confirmed.

The sing/call time is 12 hours and the arrive time is 12 hours.

Please keep in mind that which side you select to call for the mermaid will not matter. It is up to luck and your game to give you the correct mermaid. Just continue singing until you have this mermaid in your sea.

About Trinkets
Trinkets vary from player to player. The one listed here can only be used as a guide it may not apply to your mermaid.

Mermaid World: Sugar Star Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Sugar Star Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

8 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Sugar Star Mermaid Pictures Chart

 Mermaid World Sugar Star Mermaid

Confirmation Video


  107 Responses to “Mermaid World: Sugar Star Mermaid”

  1. She’s beautiful!

  2. I ❤ sugarstar she is so pretty I have to have her I’m gonna try calling her until I have her. I am totall obsessed with finding her! Yay first comment!

  3. I ❤ sugarstar she is so pretty I have to have her I’m gonna try calling her until I have her. I am totall obsessed with finding her! Yay second comment!

  4. Is that the only combination, or can it be any combination containing those colors? Because I was kind of forced to say goodbye to my Harlequin yesterday due to lack of space 🙁

    • Man that sounds like that really sucks
      Do y

      • Well, I went ahead and summoned another Harlequin since my original post took so long to get through the mods. Now I just gotta get lucky I guess.

  5. Yes she is ingot her my second try good luck to every ones else : D

  6. Lol I’m the first one to get here 😀


  8. They’re running out of ideas for clues… 😛

  9. Got her on my first try I’m so happy!!! And I got her with Harlequinn and Honeydew

  10. Got her on my second try!! Woohoo!

  11. So pretty ♥ trying to get her!

  12. I got her on my second try, and she is BEAUTIFUL!
    Try Honey Dew and Harlequin.

  13. I got her on my first try and she finds the best things✨

    • What does she find????

      • She finds rare things. Like crystals and ultra rare tiaras plus weird cool rocks and corals that you can sell for 11,000 coins. Although it is extremly hard to find her favorite sugar starfish trinket, it took me a hundred tries and I still don’t have it. Anyways, I’m new here my name’s Allyssa but u van call me Ally. And I love to help so please feel free to ask me questions

  14. I am trying so hard for her! Anyone know how to get her trinket? Or Lum’s?

  15. I got her!!! Fooled YOU 🙂
    She’s so hard to get!!!!

  16. She is the prettiest mermaid EVER. She could be a model!!!

  17. I need her!!!!!!!!

  18. I have tried at least 5 times with Harlequin and Honey Dew but keep getting Citrine VERY ANNOYING

  19. Meh 2z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I got her I got her! I really did!
    I’m level 19 and here are my mermaids
    Aqua, citrine, coral, fuschia, kelp, opal, onyx, blue belle, tiger lily, charming violet, luau, lotus, honeydew, crystalline, sweetwater, marigold, sea foam, sunkiss, glimmer rose, velvet twist, belladonna, vapor, harlequin, calyspo, coco, sparkle pinkle, twinkle tail, emerald, tropicana, limelight, carbon night, celestia, tigra, Isis, koi, inky, sea dragon, ember.
    Woa, I never wrote down my mermaids but that’s a lot

    • Calm down….
      We all understand that you have gotten a lot of mermaids..
      I have so many I can’t even think of any of them except Lum

  21. Well, Haley,
    She can find red coral, her trinket and other stuff that I haven’t discovered. Mainly because I’ve had her for about 4 hours.


  22. Just out of curiosity but What level are you on?
    I’m on level 22 almost level 23!

    • 35

    • I have 35 MERMAIDS
      And on LEVEL 22 almost 23 like you

    • I am on level 43 and have 82 mermaids (83 once Robata gets here!) 😀

    • I’m level 38
      69 mermaids not including my doubles in lounge that would make near 100
      50 common, 12 gilded,7 limited editions
      13 realms 12 of which are three star (I’m pretty proud of that!)
      4 singing summits
      AND I had to restart from nothing in February after the last game crash. Sooo I’m not trying to brag but I’m pretty darn proud of accomplishing that so quickly. I was super upset from losing all my progress but that’s why I only have 7 limited editions because all from before are gone 🙁

  23. I’m on level 23 and have 49 mermaids

    • P.s I’m curious who’s at the highest level? I wander if you can only reach so far?so anyone past mrs.t level 43?

      • lol I’m sorry wonder not wander lol
        p.s.s ive officially got 5 sugar stars! I wanted to do this before when sun star came out but only got two and then lost those to the game crash.. then when stella star came i barley had enough time to get the two mermaids needed to call her and to get my one…now that I’ve go enough singing summits and pearls I’ve gotten a realm full 🙂 soooo happy now i sent them exploring in a line time build up my coins decor and pearls 🙂 I wont keep them all in play though, just when I’m exploring with them otherwise ill keep four in my lounge i work hard to keep my realms happy three stars lol
        GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ELSE TRYING TO GET HER I HOPE YOU ALL GET HER IN TIME 🙂 I really wish i could get my sun star back she was my favorite of the star troupe ladies/:(

  24. I let harlequin and honeydew sing but they only give me different mermaids…SO ANNOYING BUT I REALLY WANT SUGAR STAR

  25. I can’t seem to get her either 🙁 I am so over this game

    • Maybe just keep trying until she’s gone. If you don’t get Sugar Star then maybe you can get the next mermaid they will release. Do you have Sphyurna? I think you can get her they make the scary ones really easy to get :). And you can try for Taurus.
      Hope I helped. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Ps Sphurna is in my summit right now!

  26. I have 43 mermaids

  27. Sumi, we have 7 DAYS to get this mermaid. don’t give up now!

  28. If you need any help, you can ask me, I have almost all of the mermaids.

    • Me too But I accidentally sold Crustacea and I don’t have the Diamond trait mermaids and of course I don’t have PRISM PRINCESS (I’ll work on that later) 🙂

  29. I’ve tried 10 times with Honey Dew and Harlequin. Even changed the order. It’s not working!!!

  30. Ive tried like 50 times and none of them were stella star

    Man i want her so badly!!!! 🙁

    • I know that feeling. I really wanted Aquarius but I only had a little bit of mermaids. But now I have almost all of the mermaids and I am willing to try again. She also finds really awesome things. Boy Aquarius( and) stella star should come out again RIGHT EXACTLY NOW!

  31. I have taken sparkle off my name because its a long name!!!

  32. And I’ve put it back on again!!!

  33. Sorry Jane,
    That’s the only combination that I know about and Amber,
    You can’t get Stella star anymore, sorry.

  34. I can’t get her I’ve tried 3days to get her andi still can’t get her help me!

  35. I find it easier on the last day to get LE mermaids on the last day.Hope this helps! :3

  36. So pretty definitely my favorite mermaid ♥

  37. Is this the right combo??? I keep getting inky or onyx.

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  38. Got 12 hrs. All of sudden game shuts off and when I went back on, its gone…. Went to try again and no luck….really unhappy.. Game shuts off randomly and I lost her

    • Stupid game!!!!!!!!!
      Me and Kelsey think that the mermaid world boss controls when the game freezes. It turns out that because of this, Kelsey doesn’t have any limited edition mermaids. And I am having trouble getting Sugar Star!!!!!

      Ps probably the stupid boss has no friends. He he he 😀

  39. I have a tip for getting rare mermaids notice that they have sparkles on their tail those mermaids are really hard to get except for glimmer rose!

  40. Nothing would make me happier then getting sugar star!!!!

  41. Omg I might have her just had a 12h mermaid and got inky hoping this 12h is her please please ps I’m on level 26 and have 50 mermaids I need some space I’m off on a pearl hunt!! Who’s best at finding pearls?

    • Velvet twist, Stella Star, emerald and Charming violet. But I’d have to say Stella Star is the best.

  42. Finally got her!!!!!! Im so happy!!!!!
    Yay. 🙂

  43. She is soooo pretty! I have my Harlequin and Honeydew singing and I got a 12 hour singing time! I am totally sure that it’s her. I’m so excited! ^•^

  44. Guess what. There going to fix the audio bug there going to fix every crash there is!!!!! So I guess no more lounge crash.

    • And see you later Vidio crash 🙁

    • They also said ” Stay tuned for something magical happening in Mermaid World”

      • What’s the magical something happening in Mermaid World I can’t wait to find out.It better be some new mermaids coming.

        *Crowd star what about the mermaid contest that people did can some of those mermaids enter Mermaid World?!Like Porcelin Queen and Flame Princess and many more.Please,please,please Crowd Star!*

  45. ^ • ^

    • I’m just trying to put smiley faces on this so I can increase the number of comments!

      • Booooooo tttttoooooo yyyyoooouuu ssssyuuuuggggaaar ssstttaaar you need to be in mmmmmmyyy sssssiuiuinnnnggiinh sssuuuummmit. Yyooooouuu aaaareee sssooooo ppprrrreeetttty Iiiiii cooooouuuld uuuusse aaaan iiiiiiiinssstttpaaarrrrraattiion Fffffoooor Spppppphhhhhyyyrrrrrrnnnna

  46. Let’s see I’ll try to increase the comments to 93

  47. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. After trying at least 30 times I finally got Harlequin and Honey Dew calling her – then the game crashed and I had to call again. Of course now it is a 10 hour-calling time instead of 12. Darn it. These game crashes are so annoying!

  49. Can’t get her!! Have tried over 100 times! There isn’t another combo is there? I’m getting so mad all I keep getting is inky! Help!!!

  50. I’m finally singing her I think! 12 hour sing time after trying an trying! Ecstatic Harlequin an ecstatic honeydew wouldn’t work! So finally I tried ecstatic harlequin an not happy honeydew and got it first try! Hope this helps!

  51. Harlequin and honeydew 10 hours. What is it

  52. I’m getting sooo pissed! 🙁 I keep getting inky or someone else!!! Please help!!!

  53. So thrilled that I finally have her on the way! She is a pretty mermaid I must admit, even though I usually like the more unique and different looking mermaids better. Excited to have her in my realms soon!! 🙂

  54. I was trying to get this mermaid using calypso and twinkle tail but I ended up with A 16 hour sing time. Anyone know who this could be?

  55. can i still call back Sugar Star if the limited time frame is over…i have lost her when i sent her to look for treasure….

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  57. Is anyone constantly getting Honey Dew instead of Sugar Star after 25 TIMES?! I am 🙁

  58. I have my harlequin and honeydew mermaids singing, and it says 10hrs? Is sugar star?

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