Mermaid World: Tiger Tail Mermaid


The Tiger Tail Mermaid is a Special trait mermaid in Mermaid World. That means it is an exceptionally rare, and only available for a limited time. In fact rare to call and only a few players will be able to breed one of these mermaid into their game. It combines different hybrid or even three element mermaids  to create this brand new mermaid for your game using a very special combination.

    Make no mistake, this Tiger isn’t Koi. Part of the legendary Shellball team the Sirens, Tiger Tail loves to play just as much as her teammates.        ~ Game Description

Mermaid World Special Trait

Mermaid World Tiger Tail Mermaid

Release Date: March 25 2013
Duration: 6 Days

Buying Price: 399Mermaid World Pearls
Selling Price: 1450Mermaid World Coins
Call Time:  12 Hours
Arrive Time: 12 Hours

Favorite Trinkets:  Life Preserver

User Rating
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Overall Attraction
Rating: 4.0/5 (33 votes cast)

 Mermaid World: Tiger Tail Mermaid Key Features

  • Special Trait
  • Multiple colors
  • Limited edition

About Tiger Tail Mermaid

There is no confirmed combination yet. We will update page once it has been confirmed.

The Tiger Tail Mermaid is assumed to be obtained by using the Tigra Mermaid and Koi mermaid. This is confirmed.

The sing/call time is 12 hours and the arrive time is 12 hours.

Please keep in mind that which side you select to call for the mermaid will not matter. It is up to luck and your game to give you the correct mermaid. Just continue singing until you have this mermaid in your sea.

About Trinkets
Trinkets vary from player to player. The one listed here can only be used as a guide it may not apply to your mermaid.

Mermaid World: Tiger Tail Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Tiger Tail Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

8 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Tiger Tail Mermaid Pictures Chart

 Mermaid World Tiger Tail Mermaid

Confirmation Video

  220 Responses to “Mermaid World: Tiger Tail Mermaid”

  1. she’s…… uh…. sort of…pretty????

    • Sort of??? She’s ugly and scary . How come U think she’s sort of pretty.shes goth.I would never like her in 1000000000 years!

      • Ugly to you can be pretty to someone else. Goth can be pretty just like “normal” designs can be pretty. Don’t be rude just because some people have different tastes.

        • Agreeing with Carolyn and christa I like her bcuz she’s goth and she is quite pretty actually my cousin was so jealous when I burst in holding my iPad 3 and dancing she grabbed it from me scanned around in prism princess, shimmer and spectral realm lol I had to tell her but I told her the wrong ones haha she doesn’t know yet tho xxx and yeh she is awesome because she is different and some people are

      • Well, I think she’s awesome. IMO much more interesting then Lum.

      • People like you make me sick.

        • Evanylyn, Sorry you feel that way about others… oh,,,,when someone judges someone else they only define themselves and not the other person,,,

          about tiger tail… I don’t think she is suppose to be goth. I have not seen her being goth… I would say monster or alien from the eyes.. .. After seeing her tail… I want to say tiger shark.

          • I don’t feel that way about all others, I always give people a chance. It’s one of those “You give respect, you get respect” type things, but when someone is going to jump out and say “How could you like her, She’s ugly, she’s goth, I hate her, rah rah rah” that’s super judgmental, and that comment didn’t deserve respect. Seriously, some people need to be a little open minded. Now that I think about it, the girl who made that comment is probably around 10-13 years old. That’s worse, because it means she’ll grow up being disrespectful and judgmental if she doesn’t learn quick. (May not always be the case, but that’s how it happens most of the time.)
            And I agree about Tiger Tail. She has alien eyes, and tiger shark is exactly what I was thinking as well.

          • I think she’s a TIGER SHARK because,she has a shark like tail.

        • Hate her all you want but someone used their imagination to draw her. Who’s to say that she’s not the prettiest mermaid and we just have a different idea of what pretty is… Did that make sense? It’s really late here

      • That’s hurtfull and I am very happy with my tiger tail and I think she’s beautiful in her own way

    • I got her…she’s georgeous…:)…

      • How do u get Koi!!! I really need her to get Tiger Tail!!

        • You can get Koi by using Sweetwater and Onyx 🙂 Remember her traits are white, red and black. Any mermaids which have these traits will call for her, but the best is sweetwater and onyx 🙂 You can also see here

    • Just what I would think a “real” mermaid would look like! Very cool!

    • I just got the ember and celabrathion and im only level 18 but shes REALLY hard!

    • shes not very pretty but you normally look at her again and again,shes unique

  2. How long is she out?

  3. am i able to call for her tonight or was this just posted early?

  4. She’s cute in a creepy freaky way!She totally looks like a ZOMBIE CORPSE but,she looks like she can STEAL our SOULS!!!!!NN mermaid she’s out for 6 days.Your Welcome NN mermaid.

  5. Got her on my first try! Tigra and Koi mermaids!!
    A siren is a mermaid who drowns people lost at sea etc and are not pretty like their mermaid sisters 🙂 I think she’s great!

    • Both of mermaid was estactic?

    • Really that’s lucky

    • That does make sense, because sirens call the sailors into the water so they can have some one be with them. Like they would call the sailors and the sailors would WANT to go to them, it would make the sirens or the ugly mermaids feel wanted because they are normally not wanted. Lol it’s like::
      Cute mermaids want cute mermen
      Sirens want cute mermen
      Cute mermen want cute mermaids
      Boy sirens want cute mermaids
      So the female sirens settle for land dwellers, even if they will die, because for that brief moment the sirens were wanted.
      Dude that was like deep lol

    • Do both of the mermaids have to be ecstatic to get her

  6. She isn’t showing up for me in the game yet?

    Is anyone else having this problem? Really want to get her, love love love the creepy-ness!

    • Me too! Isn’t showing in my game neither! Luv the style, tiger!

      • I don’t have the mermaids to call her :,( anyone else have a combo that would also work???

        • Sorry on the limited mermaids its only one pair

        • Tigra is red yellow and black(oh if this is wrong I was doing the tigra mermaid off the top of my head,I’m pretty sure I right tho.)

          Koi red white and black

          Koi combos- coral and coco(I did this one coral and coco) sweetwater and onyx and opal and vapor
          Tigra combos- harlequin and coral, vapor and citrine, tiger lily and onyx. Hopes this helps you(she looks really scary and dark to me not really that ugly)

  7. I don’t have her

  8. I think she could be a monster mermaid *_*

  9. How come when I go to mermaid world and look at the limeted addition mermaids she’s not there? Or are you guys in another part of the world because I realy want her

  10. I can confirm 100% that the combo is TIGRA & KOI – I just got her.
    (Not sure if this will work but here is a pic) [IMG][/IMG]

    • Or try this

      • Well people know what Tiger Tall looks like because they can see what she looks like and people already know how the singing will look like.

    • Can she be summond if you use koi and tigra instead of tigra and koi

  11. Tigra & Koi, 12 hr sing time!

  12. When I went on my mermaid world I saw her(Tiger Tail) I’m so happy. I’m going to get her.

  13. Tigra and koi first try! Im not sure if its her but they are singing for 20 hours!

  14. I tried for her, because I think she’s beautiful. But when I tried Tigra + Koi, I got a 20 hour call time…
    Any idea what mermaid I might have on the way? I can’t seem to figure out what it’d be.

  15. I tried for her, because I think she’s beautiful. But when I tried Tigra + Koi, I got a 20 hour call time…
    Any idea what mermaid I might have on the way? I can’t seem to figure out what it’d be. Any help?

  16. She looks horrible

    • Oh come on people! Give her a chance!

    • She’s not that bad!She looks cool but a tad creepy(1% creepy,99% cool).

    • I think she is unique and creative and I can definitely see the tiger shark influence.
      I think she is a great start to their “wyld” collection and she is beautiful in her own way (not everyone is beautiful in the world and not everyone is bright and girlie – how boring would this game be if all mermaids looked the same!)

      You don’t have to get her if you don’t like her.

      • She is so hard to get all I get is an Ember.I’m getting mad.You sure this combination works gameteep?It’s like impossible very few people can get her.While the rest end up getting Ember&Electra,They’re getting very upset,and feel like they’ll never get her (based upon they’re comments).

  17. Guys I calling her(Tiger Tail) now. Sooooooooooo oooooooo happy 😀

    • Whell I don’t think I’ll have enough time to get her. :O :(. As we speak some of us will not get her. Not even my friends who play mermaid world.

      🙁 :O :d

  18. Why did they put this one out?

    • Maybe it was time to put out a creepy and scary mermaid. Which a loot of people love her. And Maybe some one told who erver makes the app conte to the place where the creators of Mermaid world.

  19. There’s something I don’t understand. Why can’t the combination be Tiger Lily x Koi? The description says “Tiger” NOT Tigra.

  20. She’s scary

  21. I put tigra and koi and the call time was 20 hours!!!!! How is that possible?!?!?!?!?

    • Hay the same thing is happen to me to right now it is 17:52. When I called Koi and Tiger at 8:05 am. It was 20 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(. Sometimes some calls are 30 hours :(. You know maybe there is no 12 hours. We have to talk to gameteep about this.

      • Then how come half of the mermaid world players got her I have all the limited edition mermaids except her

    • It’s possible that you got that high of a sing time with those two because Tigera and Koi are two known combinations for the Ember/Electra mermaids. So either way you’re getting a really cool mermaid. Just try again when the sing time is done.

      • Cc it could go to 30 hours or less that can happen. I’m crossing my thingers that on my first try I can get Triga Taill.

      • Cc is right the Tigra&Koi mermaids can call an Ember or yet possibly,rarely an Electra.

        • No that’s not true for Electra. For Ember I don’t know

          • Not even Ember. I got both of them(Ember & Electra) from drenfit mermaids.

          • Read the comments under Electra and Ember. My two Tigras and Kois are singing for 20h right now, so it have to be one of the magical traits mermaids. Don’t know which one yet.

            The fact that you didn’t get them from Tigra and Koi doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

          • I’ve gotten more electras (4) than embers (1) with this combo all trying for tiger tail. Which by the way does anyone know when she leaves? Mine says in 5 days anyone else?

    • its ember, ive got her twice trying for tiger tail

  22. What mermaids call her???!Please talk me!

  23. I think she looks like she was possessed or something but without The black she will look great weird that she has to be like this and she should be out in october sense she like a ghost but if you look carefully at her hair you’ll see a rose flower

  24. Omg! Her eyes! She looks like a demon from supernatural! A demon mermaid! This is cool!!

  25. I like this new mermaid! I think she is pretty! I also like Sea Dragon!
    I think this new mermaid is cool!!! Something different!!!
    In life not every thing that is shiny and bright will bring you positive endings!
    Open up and embrace the different…

  26. She must be hard to get. She’s pretty in a wild way. The thing that scares most ppl are the BEADY BLACK EYES. Per-lease. Shes one of the most beautiful ones! Ok, say I have bad taste in mermaids an’ whatever. I like her and she’s pretty. And another thing. I don’t think you should use tigra. Tigra is yellow, right? But Tiger Tail is moonlight – grey , black and red. ?. I don’t know -shakes head-.
    Personally i think she SHOULD BE (I’m not sayin’ she is) Vapor + Koi. They are most like her. But anyway if its confirmed its confirmed. BUT THERE MUST BE OTHER WAYS!!!!

    • Ya,it should be Vapor&Koi.Cause Vapor has a shark tail and Tiger Tail has a shark tail as well.Koi and Tiger Tail have the same design.

  27. Ok that was TOO-OO long comment
    ~ blushes ~

    • Who wants combo for Temptress? I got loads .
      Isis and Domino
      Tigra and Silver song
      Domino and Silver song
      Stinger and Domino
      (These have all been confirmed. One by my BFF, others by me. I was singing randomly.)

  28. Tigray and koi does get Electra…

  29. I like her she’s FIERCE an I like fierce she’s a little scary but she’s cool!

  30. Gaaaah, seriously Crowdstar? Am I the only one thinking that mermaid world is running out of ideas? First robotika ( who reminds me of Kida from Atlantis) and now we go this mermaid. O.o I think crowdstar might need a suggestion box. :3 But hey, it’s only my opinion.

    Not gonna try for this mermaid. I don’t like her design at all.

    • Oh bless her heart, she’s just different. There are too many cute and/or colorful ones so I’m happy to see crowdstar embrace the other side of mermaid mythology. If she was another rainbow or floral mermaid I’d think they were running out of ideas but it seems to be the opposite. She’s definitely odd, but I like her.

  31. I tried to get ember n I got Electra then I tried to get the tiger tail n got ember #doublefail

  32. Tigra+koi singing 20hr. what is this ????????????????
    This is not tiger tail

  33. She creeps me out!!!!

  34. So many comments! :0

  35. OMG I THINK IM GETTING HER! First try 🙂 spent like 4k though ._.

  36. I hate to be rude, but y’all don’t need a negative attitude towards Crowdstar. All mermaids aren’t bright and happy. Sirens are scary and that’s what makes this mermaid different from the rest. Different is good. Would you rather have a rainbow mermaid? I sure wouldn’t. Robata may be like Kida, but she is still cool. So I think if you don’t have anything nice to say about Crowdstar’s designs, then do something about it rather than complaining. That’s not what gameteep is for. It’s for helping other players.

    On the other hand, I also think Crowdstar needs a suggestion box. I would for sure give them suggestions.

    • I’m not complaining. Just giving my opinion. I do like that robota looks like Kida. Sure, I do not like tiger tail, but it’s only becuz I’m a not a fan of the design.

    • I was about to judge Robata then I realized it was not nice I want to get her so I’m going to check to see what the combination is to get her. I probably don’t have the right mermaids. I only have three celestial mermaids

  37. Crowdstar has a forum and the always take suggestions and post them as well as consider them you can join the forum right from the game in setting. That how I got her to gameteep, so go to their forum a rise cane over looks, it is so petty , variety is the spice of life. I realize that young people are not matured but come on grow up do all humans look alike. And what about pet they are all varieties don’t be so naive, put on your grown up pants!!!

    • For the love of muffins, it’s called giving an opinion. Sure, you have every right to take it as mature or immature, but people on these forum also have a right to give his opinion individual opinion. Three words….freedom of speech. I’m sorry to go off like this, but I can’t stand when people use the phrase “put on your grown up pants”.
      In MY opinion, that phrase does not make me see people in a mature light. It only irritates me to an extreme degree.

      • Nobody was directing the comment specifically at you, so no need to assume and defend yourself so hard. You’re not the only one that doesn’t care for her here.

        • I’m not defending myself. It just really chews on me when I see that phrase. I utterly apologize if I offend anyone.

  38. I love the way she looks~! She’s so pretty & hoping to get her before time runs out. I really do hope they come out with more gothic-like mermaids. 🙂

  39. Having difficulty getting this mermaid. They are both ecstatic mermaids for me, so they have everything. I first put Tigra mermaid on the first slot and then Koi and I got a 20 hour singing time which is the mermaid I am currently waiting for to arrive and now I flipped them like the video illustrates and I have to wait 6 hours. 🙁

    I really want this mermaid. I love the creepy feeling she gives. Hopefully I get her on my third try :(((

  40. Yay! Got on her my second try. Now if I could only summon Lum..

  41. I GOT HER!!!!
    She is beautifully cool! I’m so excited about Crowdstars new Direction! Changing it up is good! I love this game an will play it for a long time to come. I enjoy collecting and decorating.
    It’s so cool to have a Robot and Steam Punk mermaid! ESP now with all these new backgrounds!!!
    I got Tiger Tail by using Koi and Tigra! It took 3 turns. It was rough cause the mermaids sing time was 20 hours! So I collected pearls and used them until I could get the correct 12 hours sing time!
    Good Luck everyone!
    Ps: keep up the good work Crowdstar! I cannot wait for the fall! I wonder what kind of Halloween Mermaid is coming!!!

    • I wonder if there is a summer mermaid they will make.

    • What do the new backgrounds look like from the new version if there is any.I’m now able to play my game but,I need to update(get the new version).So,I’m a little clueless and I already know about the new mermaids.I’m gonna get her after my Ember&Fortuna finish.

  42. Got her.. Shes ugly :/

  43. I got her on my second try. First I got electra first though.

  44. i finally got her!! soooooo happy! first i got ember which i already had and then i got electra and NOW….. I GOT TIGER TAIL!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😉

  45. I got ember twice already I wish it was as easy to get the limited mermaids as it is to get the special traits mermaids

  46. I’m not go to get this one she to creapy for me to get I don’t like how see looks

  47. It’s hard to get her… I keep getting ember and Electra and it takes a long time for them to arrive…starting to get upset 🙁

  48. I got 4 Embers and 2 Electra’s before I got her. I used up about 250 pearls to push through the call/sing times.

  49. Already have Electra, but in an attempt to get Tiger Tail I ha e a mermaid coming at twenty hours.. Hoping it’s Ember at least!

  50. She is creepily cool! Got her second try!

  51. I have tried 3 times so far for this one, and I have gotten Ember all three times…… the 20hr call/arriving is not helping.

  52. OMG I’ve already have 5 Embers and 2 Electras from combination of Tigra and Koi and not even one Tiger Tail :/ Good news is I’ve managed to call for Midas for the 1st time but I’m still hoping to get this creepy mermaid. She’s so cool 🙂

    Now with past LE’s coming every day I have all 4 singing summits occupied with 20h mermaids and past LE’s 😀 This game is so funny… and frustrating sometimes.

  53. I’ve been trying to get her for a long time I keep getting a 19 hour singing time. I really would like to get her But I think the game thinks she’s ugly

  54. Tiger must have been next to oil spill thus creating black eyes , a dark body and hair and black smudges on her body

  55. Tigray and Koi got me Electra three times in a row 20hrs call 20 hrs to arrive are there any other combos to get tiger tail?

  56. Koi+Tigra got me 20 hours. Electra?

  57. i don’t have enough time to get her ’cause i was to busy getting celebration an joie

  58. Have yet to get her. Most of my time has been taken up by 3 20 hour sing times. All 3 have been electras. Not that I need her, I’d just like to get her before she is gone. Ugh!!

  59. I got 3 Ember’s and one Electra and they are now singing 20 hours for either of them. Now I have to wait until tomorrow. And will have only one chance to get her. Who knows if I will be able to do so. I wished they used a combination that didn’t work for other mermaids. Waiting ever single day for a 20 hrs singing has been so frustrating.

  60. Thanks god I god her tigra and koi……she is fantastic !!!!!!!

  61. I love her. I keep getting 20hr call times. Very frustrating this games dosen’t have a cancel button. Even if it costs us coins.

  62. I got Electra twice using Tigra and Koi…Grrr, I want Tiger Tail!

  63. She reminds me of vapor

  64. Is it weird that she reminds me of some anime?

  65. This mermaid just doesn’t like me. Since the release of her, I’ve been using the mermaids listed for her, even have two sets of koi and tigra going… yet every call i get its 20 hours. *sigh* Don’t think I’ll be getting this limited.

    • I feel for you…it’s almost ridiculous now. I just want this one. It’s one of the only ones I’ve wanted badly.

  66. I’m having the same issue with getting 20 hour call times, I’ve gotten Electra 3 times no and she’s not even gilded. It’s very frustrating especially since there is only one day left for her 🙁

  67. So far, I’ve gotten Ember and Electra using Tigra and Koi. I’ve got one last chance to get Tiger Tail, and Tigra and Koi are singing for 20 hours, so fingers crossed!

  68. I didn’t get her yet, but the sing time is 19 hours and I used koi first, then Tigray.

  69. They changed it to 5 days.Same here with the 20hrs problem I get that timer when I use Tigra&Koi,I think I’ll never get her.Good thing Ember moves fast when she’s arriving(tail fin moves quite fast).

  70. I’ve been trying since the first night she came out.. And I’ve gotten about 17 Electra and Ember mermaids that I’ve been forced to sell. Who wants that many doubles? This is getting ridiculous. Why would it give a more rare mermaid that takes longer to arrive. I’ve never been this frustrated. I really want her.. She’s my favorite so far. We need less floral mermaids. More beautiful, elegant mermaids. Tiger Tail is one of the best, for sure. Absolutely stunning.

    • I’ve gotten like 8 Embers in my game so,I officially decided not to get Tiger Tail,I even made Tigra&Koi ecotastic.Isn’t the combination supposed to be Tiger Lily&Koi cause based upon Tiger Tail’s description it says”tiger”not tigra.

      • It would have been MUCH better for them to make the combination with Tiger Lily and Koi, since we wouldnt have to wait a whole day just to try again.

    • Totally right. She swims elegantly, like well not exactly ballerina but ya know.
      She’s pretty

  71. I finally have 12hours call time!!!! Just don’t give up, i was about to as i wasnt getting her or any of the one day LE mermaids. I even had 2 duos of koi and tigra singing. i think i sang about 20-30 thirty times. But in the end i have her 🙂

    • From a fellow player who has gotten multiple Embers and Electras over the past 8 days: Congratulations.
      I am now waiting again for another 20 hrs call, just like I have been doing for the past few days and its kind of frustrating. I would feel EXTREMELY happy IF I get her. Congrats, again.

  72. I did tigra and koi and got 20hr anyone know who it cud be

  73. After about 20 Embers, 3 Electras, and 2 Citrines I was ready to call it quits, I just thought that this one I’m just not going to get even though I was singing with 2 Koi mermaids and 2 Tigra mermaids, I finally got a 12 hour singing time I couldn’t believe my eyes because I resigned myself to the fact that i just wasn’t going to get her and finally I can say that she’s on her way now all I need is Aries and Holly.

  74. wow am buzzing,i got her on my second try!!!!!!:)

    She’s so … Well her eyes they’re cute lol. XD

  76. I guess tomorrow is my last chance of getting her. If I get the 19 hour singing time then I guess that I can’t get the mermaid

  77. I will keep U updated

  78. I got her and i think she’s pretty in a goth/emo/supernatural way, Like a Grim’s mermaid or a true Siren.

  79. I think i will never ever get her.. been trying to call her like 15x since she came out.. i always get the 20hrs mermaid Electra/Ember. But now i have 16hrs singing time, what would it be? Any gamers here know what mermaid is this? Ill never give up, i have 1day left and hoping for tigertail!:)

  80. Did anyone get a 19 hour singing time and get the tiger tail mermaid?????

    • No, the Tiger Tail Mermaid can only be gotten with 12 hrs singing time. 20 hrs only calls Electra and Ember.

  81. And also what is it with crowdstar making her so hard to get and the other limited mermaids so easy to get well at least for me

  82. Finally!! I got a 12 hrs singing time this morning! After 10+ days of constant singing and waiting for 20 hrs to get a myriad of Embers and Electras, I finally got her on the last day. I wasn’t even expecting to get her anymore. I am so happy.

  83. Crowdstar, take note. The amount of tries needed to get these LE is beyond testing my patience. My daughters and I love this game. Such a shame it’s revolved so much around money making and not the game itself!

    They want us to give in and buy heaps of pearls by making everything take so long to do. Ridiculous. This is a huge issue they need to address. Lower the pearl cost on everything! Even randomising a mermaids traits is scandalous.

    One day left to get Tiger Tail and we have tried every day on 2 iPads with no luck!

  84. It’s all very well bring out all these fantastic new mermaids but where are we supposed to put them all?

    • I know right. There is barely enoph room for the regular mermaids and all of the LD mermaids….never mind the gilded ones.

      • im full too but i am saving up my pearls to buy more space in the lounge so i can keep up that way. and if u really need space just sell the mermaids like aqua, opal etc which you can buy in the store until you get enough space


  86. I got the Tiger Tail Mermaid after the Midas, now I’m trying to get the Blue Nova, Crustacea + Robata.

  87. She is so CREEPY! I just got her and then sent her exploring, and thought her favorite trinket was JUNK! =)

  88. Whelp, not getting this LE mermaid. Been at it everyday since she came out and all I got was a bunch of electras and a handful of embers and a few lower mermaids. It’s okay I suppose wasn’t real worried about getting this one just annoyed they used a pair that is a known combination for two magical trait mermaids that take a day to sing and a day to arrive. Hopefully I have better luck with the second Star Troupe mermaid! Looking forward to trying for her!

  89. Mermaid experts inneed help –I think I got her ? I have a 12 hr sing time going — does anyone know if I will still get her if she is not in the shop anymore but I sang for her before she was gone?

  90. OMG!!!!! Crowdstar must have gotten tired of hearing me whine and finally did something about it. I FINALLY GOT HER!!!!! Just like a lot of you, I tried the correct combination, ecstatic, every second of the entire duration and got nothing but 20hrs. The last couple of days I have been sending them bug reports and telling them how disappointed I was. I got 20 hrs yesterday, thought it was all over. Then, realizing I had one more day, I stopped trying for Lum and focused on Tiger. I got a 16 hr Domino. Super upset. I’ve been saving up my pearls the last few days. With 2 hrs left for Tiger, I had just enough pearls to finish dominos sing time, releasing my only koi and Tigra. I decided to give it one last shot and I got it! I feel like an elephant has been lifted off my chest. This has been the hardest to get mermaid I have ever gotten. Now, I’ve got 3 days to focus on Lum (been trying even longer for her). Here’s hoping I don’t have to wait til the last second for her, and hoping this new Stella will be a lt easier.

  91. Well she’s gone and all I have to show for my efforts are 7 Electras and one Ember. I am very disappointed. I was able to get the Eire and Lum so easily!

    I only recently started playing and was very excited about the Tiger Tail. If this is the type of experience I have to look forward to from this game, I should just quit before I invest too much time. I certainly will not be turning over any actual money!

    • Manda, I wouldn’t give up on the game just yet. I’ve been playing since January and this was not a normal experience. I’ve had LE’s that took 50+ summons, but I’ve never even come close to almost missing them. I definitely think there was something wrong with Tiger. I got Tiger literally by the skin of my teeth at the last second. But be of good cheer, at least you have Lum. I’ve had just as much trouble with her as I’ve had with Tiger. But yeah, just keep trying. It is fun when your efforts pay off. If you have trouble like this again in the future, try sending them a bug report. If you hit the little cog/gear up top by your stars, it’ll give you the options to contact the game and maybe they will be able to help. Good luck. 🙂

  92. I tried to get her and all I got were other mermaids. I tied the entire time she was out.

  93. We hold competitions to win pearls on our Twitter page all the time! Follow to find out about these competitions @TheMermaidGame and use the #MermaidWorld hash tag!

    Our page->

  94. Omg i got her!!! Cant beleive it like omg!!!! I love mermaid world!!! Best game ever!!! I love tiger tail shes soooo pretty luv her

  95. Can’t we just all agree that different people have different opinions, and just respect each others ideas? If we all had the same opinion life would be incredibly boring.

    • Yeppers

    • Gals I was afraid that you’d all start making fun of Sphyrna! You can’t hate everything everybody is beautiful in their own way. But it’s good that tiger tail is creepy. That makes her stand out. And I was surprised that all of you called Sphyrna pretty. I guess you learned your lesson!

  96. Sphyrna is prettier

  97. I wish I could have gotten her she just so unique!!!!! 🙁 waaa I love tht mermaid

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