Mermaid World: Winter Mermaid


The Winter Mermaid is a Special trait mermaid in Mermaid World. That means it is an exceptionally rare, and only available for a limited time. In fact ultra rare to breed and only a few players will be able to breed one of these mermaid into their game. It combines different hybrid or even three element mermaids  to create this brand new mermaid for your game using a very special combination.

The Winter Mermaid swirls about her realms with an icy elegance. Her Celestial presence makes her seem as though she sleeps in Crystal Castles above all the watery realms of the ocean.~ Game Description

Mermaid World Special Trait

Mermaid World Winter Mermaid

Release Date: Jan. 10th 2013
Duration: 6 Days

Buying Price: 709Mermaid World Pearls
Selling Price: 1450Mermaid World Coins
Call Time:  12 Hours
Arrive Time: 6 Hours

Favorite Trinkets: Snowflake

User Rating
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Overall Attraction
Rating: 4.3/5 (25 votes cast)

 Mermaid World: Winter Mermaid Key Features

  • Special Trait
  • Multiple colors
  • Limited edition

About Winter Mermaid

There is no confirmed combination yet. We will update page once it has been confirmed.

The Winter Mermaid can be obtained by using the Crystalline Mermaid and Celestia mermaid. 

The sing/call time is 12 hours and the arrive time is 6 hours.

Please keep in mind that which side you select to call for the mermaid will not matter. It is up to luck and your game to give you the correct mermaid. Just continue singing until you have this mermaid in your sea.

About Trinkets
Trinkets vary from player to player. The one listed here can only be used as a guide it may not apply to your mermaid.

Mermaid World: Winter Mermaid Evolution Guide

In Mermaid World there are no evolution for your mermaids. That means that this mermaid cannot evolve and has no stages to change from one to another.

Mermaid World: Winter Mermaid Earnings [Per Minute]

Each set of mermaid has their own amount of earnings and trait. These earnings do not change.

8 Coins/Minute

Mermaid World: Winter Mermaid Pictures Chart


Confirmation Video

  81 Responses to “Mermaid World: Winter Mermaid”

  1. Celestia + crystalline 12 hours sing time

  2. Got her using Crystaline and Celestia

  3. Got her too using crystalline and celestia on first try sing time 12 hrs and call time is 6 hours 😉

    • Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been a bit preoccupied 🙂 Just wanted to give an update and mention that I got The Winter Mermiad using Celestia and Crystalline. It was a Sing time of 12 hours and an arrival time of 6 hours. For anyone who is getting discouraged, keep trying! You can’t expect to always gt the Mermaid on the first few tries 🙁 but you have to stick with it, and don’t give up! I believe in all of you, and I know you’ll get there! 🙂 good luck! Hope this helps 🙂

      If any of you need more tips on other mermaids, just reply to this post asking about that specific mermaid, and I will reply here, and on that mermaid’s profile page. Just ask for Mermaid Expert, because I have almost all of the mermaids! Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Hey Mermaid Expert, do you know how to get her trinket?? I have wasted so many coins trying to explore for it and nothing!

  4. I am getting her right now

  5. I’m going to get to get crystalline then, or maybe I already have her……..

  6. First time I ended up getting Silver Song, now I retried and only have an hour singing time…doesnt look optimistic

  7. Good luck guys.

    She seems too easy to get, Got her first try.

  8. I have been trying a few times with no luck. I’ve now got 5 hours left on a 10 hour sing time currently. Guess we have to wait and see what this brings

  9. I have too wait 15 hours I will see what they will bring

  10. How do you get crystalline I’ve tried and tried to get her

  11. Got her on my first try just 2 hours left!!!

  12. R you going to post a video for the winter mermaid?

  13. I’ve tried many times. I have gotten luau a lot, silver song once, & now something with a 16hr call time:$ I rly hope I get to get her. It definitely won’t be from lack of trying!

  14. I have been trying a lot!! I got crystalline a lot, luau some and now I’m waiting 10hrs for something. I really hope i get her!! I’ve been trying a lot!

  15. Well I’m not having any luck with the combo 🙁 however I do have something that takes 20 hours ?? Does anyone know what I’ve made ? I again have used the confirmed combo to sing a winter mermaid. Ty

  16. Hey all!

    Help us shape the game!
    We’re having a poll on our Facebook Page! Come and vote on it and help!

    Its located here->


    Mermaid World Community Team

  17. I really hope I get the Winter mermaid before it expires.. I’ve been singing for 2 days and I finally got the celestia mermaid…. And I already have the crystalline mermaid.

    Sooo currently, I am waiting 3 hours for another mermaid which I called with crystalline and celestia…

    Hope I get the Winter mermaid soon!! 😀

  18. I tried so many times but still no luck of getting the winter mermaid 🙁

  19. I recently just started calling with the crystalline and celestia mermaid .. Anddd it’s going for 16 hours 😮

  20. How can we get her easily 🙁

  21. Iv tried 12 times now.. Iv gotten Opal, Onyx, Celestia, Crystalline, Luau, and Emerald.. many 6hr singing times.. sigh.. I hope I dont run out of time!

  22. I am getting so discouraged! I’ve been trying with the right mermaids since she came out and so far no luck! I now have to wait another 10rs for Silver Song. I only have until monday! 🙁

    • I feel the same way, been trying bout 20 times but still couldn’t get her. I kept getting silver song (I have at least 3 of them) 🙁

      • Yea. Im just hoping if I keep with it I can maybe get her tomorrow, can’t do anything today because I’m waiting for silver song to be summoned. And they were singing while silver song was summoning but it was only for 1 minute so that’s another aqua mermaid. Ugh!!

        • I think I got 4 silver songs, 3 celestias, and a bunch of other mermaids I sold during singing for winter mermaid. I just got a 12 hours singing so I hope I’ll get her 🙂 Good luck to you! Just keep trying!

  23. How to get celestia!!!!! I got crystalline

  24. Getting her right now there singing I hope I got her……

  25. This mermaid is impossibly hard to get!
    I am on my 41st attempt and I still have no darn luck!

  26. I’m wasting my money trying to get winter m. With crystalline and celestial but not a darn thing

  27. Got her on my first try

  28. i got her with onyx and fuschia and that 2 her arriving time is one hour i dnt knw how dis happened i was tryin 2 get carbon night but i got dis 1 instead

  29. Can anyone tell us if we will get Winter if she is still being called when the day ends? We have been trying and trying and at 4pm, we got a 12 hour mermaid. It meets all the requirements and arrival time. Afraid she’s going to be ended while swimming to us!

  30. YESSSS

    I’ve finally got the Winter mermaid and I just need to wait 6 more hours!!! 😀

    • Now I just have to wait and see if I get the Capricorn mermaid which is unlikely for me cause I haven’t got the carbon night mermaid OR the seafoam mermaid :/

  31. Does the Winter mermaid look nice?

  32. I got her. It took me about 6 or 7 times! Wow, that was expensive but worth it.

    • I’ve got Celestia and Crystalline singing right now, with 12 hours singing time to wait for the winter mermaid. but it says only 1 hour left, do you think I can still get the winter mermaid, or it may revert to another mermaid once I’ve hit the deadline?

      • No, it shouldn’t change because you called for it before it ended. If it does change it is highly unfair but I doubt that will happen 🙂

  33. 3 hours left and finally got a 12 hour sing time after trying to call her the entire week. So excited!

  34. 1 hour until she is gone and I just finally have the mirmaids singing.., i finally got het after like 50k trying to get her yay!

  35. I finally got winter mermaid after tries after tries yay I’m happy now

  36. Hi all; due to the issue of loading at the weekend, we’ve given users 2 more days to get the Winter Mermaid 🙂

  37. I tried crystalline and celestia but the summoning time is 20 hours O_O I have no idea what mermaid I’m getting.

  38. I Got 10 hours? What mermaid is it? 🙁

  39. Just got her!!! Any questions? Ask me!

  40. Hey everyone, I play on an iPhone an iPad an on second try I got the winter mermaid! Then for fun I tried again today since they kept her a little longer an got her on my first try so now I have 2 on iPhone! But on the iPad me and my daughter have tried the whole time she’s been released with no luck, only getting 1,6,10 hour mermaids. But then today we finally got her! So it is posible if u just keep trying an trying! Good luck

  41. Just got another winter girl!

  42. I tried crystalline and celestia and got silver song and emerald.
    I finally got a 16 hour sing and than 16 hour call time and it looks like I’m getting Capricorn. So much for winter mermaid. 🙁

  43. Never mind it wasn’t Capricorn it was Sea Dragon 🙁

  44. Am i too late? Iv got a 6 hour sing so it wont be Winter 🙁

    Think im too late anyway? My daughter really wanted her so iv spent the last 3 nights getting all the mermaids needed to get the 2 that make Winter Mermaid x

  45. This mermaid cant be gotten any longer, but there is a new Aquarius mermaid coming today!

  46. Aquarius mermaid is GORGEOUS.

  47. srry to misgude any1 i really sorry it wasnt winter mermaid it was belladonna mermaid im rel sorry!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  48. Can special trait mermaids be used to call something awesome? Like now that I have them, what can I do with them?

  49. Hi everyone. It’s mermaid expert. I’m very sorry that I haven’t been commenting lately. I’ve been extremely busy, and I’ve been going through a rough time. I’m sorry to say that as much fun as its been being able to answer questions and receive nice feedback, I’m leaving the site. I wanted to thank Summer and J for being awsome supporters. Thanks guys 🙂 unfortunately I really don’t have much free time anymore. But that’s not my main reason for leaving. Recently people have been saying mean things to each other and to me. Some people don’t like me or what I say, even though I’m just here to answer questions. One thing I want to gt straight is that I NEVER LIE OR MAKE THINGS UP. I’m a very truthful person, and when my honesty is challenged, that’s it. Thank you so much to my supporters! I will only be visiting this site for only a few more days. Bye guys. Sorry people have to be mean. I never wanted this to happen, but I don’t want to have to feel this way. No one should. I guess this is my last good luck. I have faith in you guys. 🙂 good bye

  50. I could have gotten her! Wish the limit was longer,but then again, it’s not winter anymore! 🙁

  51. i really hope they rerelease her soon i didnt get her last year and its almost half way through the winter season.

  52. How come she’s not here yet?

  53. Such a shame that this is the only mermaid, so far, not to be released a second time for new members or those who wanted to try again. She’s very beautiful. Shame.

  54. yea i am disapointed she hasn’t returned lets hope she comes back this november or december i would be really suprised if she was realised after eire since thats the first day of spring.

  55. Is she a one time thing?

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