Monster Legends: Firesaur Monster


The Firesaur Monster is a single element monster that is part of the main core monsters in the game that represents the beginning of the “Fire” element in the game.

“Possessing a mane of white-hot hell fire and more than just a sting in his tail – the Firesaur is a creature of mythic awesomeness! The Firesaur will make fast work of anyone foolish enough to challenge him.” – Monster Legends Description
 Monster Legends Fire Element
Monster Legends - Firesaur
 Release Date:
 Rarity: Common
 Breed Time: —
 Hatching Time: 0.29 seconds
 Buying Price: 100Monster Legends Gold
 Selling Price: 100Monster Legends Gold
 Habitat: FireMonster Legends Fire Element
User Rating
VN:F [1.9.20_1166]
Egg Design
Breed Rate
Rating: 3.5/5 (1 vote cast)

Monster Legends: Firesaur Monster  Key Features

  • Core/Main element Monster
  • Represents the beginning of monsters with Flame elements
  • Released in the original release.
  • Available for purchase only, using coins.

Monster Legends: Firesaur Monster breeding guide

  • You cannot breed this Monster. You must purchase this Monster using Monster Legends Gold.

Beginner Breeding notes [Universal]

Please keep in mind that the it does not matter which side you select your Monster for breeding. The level of your Monster also does not matter. None of these affect the breeding process and its ultimately up to luck given you have the correct combination. You can get any other Monster that are made up of these elements.

Monster Legends: Firesaur Monster Evolution Guide

The Firesaur Monster will evolve once you have fed him to a certain level in the game. It starts off with an Monster egg where after you have hatched him he will become a baby Monster in the game.

It evolves at different levels according to the monster after you have fed him enough food where he will gain a more powerful form to battle enemies in your game.

This means the stages are separated into

  • Monster Egg: This stage is when the Monster is still being hatched
  • Baby Monster: This stage is from level 1-4 when the Monster is still in his baby form.
  • Teen Monster: The Monster evolves into this stage when you have fed him enough.
  • Adult Monster: The Monster evolves into its adult form after you have fed him enough from his teenage form.

Monster Legends: Firesaur Monster Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Revenue
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4 [E]
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7 [E]
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10  42
 Level 11
 Level 12
 Level 13
 Level 14
 Level 15

*[E] = Evolution

Monster Legends: Firesaur Monster Food Chart

Feeding your Monsters will allow your Monsters to evolve into more powerful forms in the game.

Level Food Cost.
Level 1  5
Level 2  10
Level 3  20
Level 4 [E]  40
Level 5  80
Level 6  160
Level 7 [E]  320
Level 8  640
Level 9  1280
Level 10  1400
 Level 11  1500
 Level 12  1600
 Level 13  1700
 Level 14  1800
 Level 15  1900

Battle/Health Points (HP) Chart

Attacks 1 2 3 4
Normal Razor Claws Torrid Paw Burning Ball Fire Dart
Special Skill Meteor Strike

Monster Legends: Firesaur Monster Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby
Teen Adult


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