Aug 142012

The Diamond Pegasus Monster is the rarest monster in Monster Story and little players have had the luck at breeding this mystical special beast. However we know the in-depth secrets and success to breeding this monster and we’re here to share it with you.

Monster Story Diamond Pegasus Baby

Important Information

Before you breed for the Diamond Pegasus Monster in Monster story, you must understand that the monster is Ultra Rare and many players may not be able to get it. More importantly, the Diamond Pegasus Monster is actually a four element monster which means that you need to have four different elements in your breeding process to have a chance at getting this monster.

When you breed four different elements together, the breeding system will place the Diamond Pegasus Monster into your chance of getting it and if you get 44 hours then you have a Diamond Pegasus Monster breeding in your island!

Breeding Combination

Our friends have reported that they have been successful with breeding the Diamond Pegasus Monster from levels as low as level 11 and simply using very simple monsters. This means that you do not need and epic or super monster to be able to breed the Ultra Rare Diamond Pegasus Monster in your App Game. Two trusted and confirmed combinations are Sea Buffalo Monster and Palmwing Monster. Another popular combination by player WBANGCA is using a Ecogoo Monster and a Griffin Monster.

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  • Kevin M.

    I just bred a diamond Pegasus with a palming and sea buffalo with both at only level 5. I just made it to level 13. My storm I’d is Konshens. My island’s name is: Mind isle.

    • Susy

      Do you think it would increase your chances of breeding a diamond Pegasus if you used a firestorm bird instead of a griffin and a medusosaur instead of a ecogoo?

    • Brendan wingrove

      Omg I got the diamond pegasis on my second try with sea buffolo level 4 and palming level 4

  • Hailie

    Add me

  • Connorjs

    connorjs is my team lava id! I always give gold! Same id for dragon story and bakery story 🙂

    • Super Man

      add me, gold is appreciated!

      ID: Lukesthename
      Island: Mt. Monster

  • SkyniteZero

    these games are great im a daily player so add me SkyniteZero Dragon story and Monster story

    • Lilly

      I tried Ecogoo and Griffin but it didn’t work what am I doing wrong ?

  • Andy S.

    Thanks for the info. My storm id is androsis22 invite me. 🙂

  • Carted

    Add me! Isle name is Pineapplez ….storm Id is Poloendo

  • Raymond Richard

    add me: DomoKun2001
    Isle name: Monsterville

  • Lauren

    Wavewing on the left level 8 + Leaflion level 8 = diamond pegasus on the 2nd try, my island is at level 18

    Storm ID: lauren6041

  • Daniel Uldal Svendsen

    Hey i love to play monster story but i dont know the real combination to get the Diamond Pegasus plz add me and tell me how to breed it ID is Darkbattle99

  • Lindsay

    Does it matter on your chances if you switch up the monster combos to try and increase your chances? Or should I just continue using the same combo I’ve been using…this is so frustrating! LOL. I’ve been using sea buffalo and palmwing, and gave up and now using ecogoo and griffen! So, wish me luck!!

  • Tianna

    Could use all the friends on here as much as possible so add me demonicangels2812

  • Kativia

    In the process of trying to get one of these bred. Add me, I give gold daily. Add Kativia

  • Jareen

    Add me im on daily snkaggs

  • Monster Story

    Breeding the Ultra Rare Monster Diamond Pegasus is hard.
    But if you try a lot, you get one. 🙂
    I switched the cimbination every time i bred (sorry for my
    Bad english lol, im Dutch)
    So.. After a couple of weeks i got my D. ;)iamond Pegasus.
    I don’t know what the combination was. I thought:
    Griffin+Frankenogre 😉
    Good luck if you haven’t got one yet!

    • Greenfairy295

      Monster story, I’m half Dutch and my mother is full Dutch. Where in Holland do you live?

  • Diamond Pegasus Tips

    You can breed with any monster you want.
    But you need 4 elements to have a chance to get it.
    Blue, Yellow, Red and Green.

    It isn’t very easy to get this Monster, because it is a Ultra Rare Monster.
    You can breed with: Griffin + Ecogoo, Palmwing and Sea Buffalo, Phoenix and
    Frankenogre, and other monsters: it only needs 4 elements to have a chance to get
    it. Left or right? It doesn’t help.

    Hope this information is helpful. Good luck! My Isl

    • Mobby


  • Ligia

    Add me pls, yligia

  • rizziwizzi

    Kindly add me: rizziwizzi

    Thank you!

  • o-dot

    finally i got the diamond pegasus i tried griffin and tonguetoad. my name is estradel

  • Stephen

    I got it on my first try with sea buffalo then palm wing add me paradise113

  • Lilly

    Add me lilly_saing

  • twiztidfrkshw

    yeah i have been playing for about a week and i am at level 16 i just breed a diamond Pegasus with
    my level 7 frankenogre + level 4 phoenix on my fourth try for a shell lizard so i dont think the levels really matter that much

  • Mobby

    I have tried both combinations and none of them work

  • Shay

    Just bred the diamon at lvl 11 with Wavewing + Leaf Lion.

    Storm ID: Slim ShayD

  • Lilly

    It looks soooooooooooooooooooooo confusing and complicated uhhh 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 😉 😉 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Felicia

    i have been tring to get Diamond Pegasus for almost a month now and still no luck. :'( I have also tried most of the combos. i’m just wondering if using android or apple matters. Is there anyone using android that has bread it?

    Add me please. My id is redrevng2006

    • Dee

      I use android also. I’ve been playing about 2 months now..tried every combo I possibly could and keep getting the same monsters. There MUST be a difference between android and apple. Please add me soon and let me know if this app is even worth playing on android.


  • Jordyn

    I just got one thanks to this site! I’ve been breeding for a Shell Lizard and a Diamond Pegasus pretty much all day. Now i tried the Sea Buffalo(level 5) and Palmwing (level 4) combo suggested, eventually got the Shell Lizard and next try I got a 2day mating time.

  • Buibui29

    I just bred a Palmwing and a seabuffalo and the breeding process is 2 days so I will wait for 4 days until I know the monster but I don’t think it’s pegasus D:

  • twiztidfrkshw

    i have gotten two more diamond Pegasus this week using frankenoger and phoenix both at level 10 it seems to be pretty easy

  • Megsterater

    I got it first try with Cuddle crab and Ecogoo! Hope this helps! Please add: ID: Megsterater

  • Malefycent

    Thanks for all the tips. Please add me: Malefycent

  • Natha

    Im in level 29 can i have a diamond pegasus

  • gautam

    if you want an shell lizard = ego and griffen,if a dimo pagusus =leaf loin and wawing not a

  • gautam

    i am on 21 level and my storm id is heatest

  • gautam also

    it is a best comment

  • Ryuuky Kyo Ryu

    Ecogoo and Griffin not working. My mother spent years without any results, and we start back in 2009.