Nov 082012

Lets be honest, this Pumpkinhead monster in Monster Story looks like something or Halloween! Well it might be, or it might not. Probably not though because Halloween is over and we’re in November now. However, this Pumpkinhead Monster will more than likely remind you of the great time in Halloween with craving pumpkins and it’s adorable face.

Monster Story Pumpkinhead Monster Epic

The Pumpkinhead Dragon is flat out funny. His carved out face, and big bright orange smile will put a smile on your face as you watch him jump up and down in your Monster Story game. It also has some bat wings on its back so if you ever see it fly then you know why.

How to breed Pumpkinhead Monster (Learn more)

The Pumpkinhead Monster requires you to be at least level 7 to breed. Although the elements required to breed this Pumpkinhead Monster is as low as level 3-5 we’re not sure why its locked to level 7. At any rate, this monster is a combination of Air and Plant. In Monster Story terms, that’s green and yellow. That means you need to use two monster in the breeding garden to breed for this monster.

To breed for the Pumpkinhead Monster, simply use the Dream Bird Monster and the Tree Rex Monster. The breeding time should be 6 hours and you can place this monster into any Green or Yellow Habitat.

Keep in mind the breeding left or right does not matter, it takes time to breed certain monster and it is up to your game to be able to breed for this Pumpkinhead Monster. The Level of your monster also does not matter.

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