Aug 152012

The Shell Lizard Monster in Monster Story is another special creature that has a unique element. Everyone knows that the Diamond Pegasus Monster is an Ultra Rare four element monster, and well this Shell Lizard Monster is also a rare monster.

Players beginning Monster Story will know that you cannot purchase this monster using coins yet you must use gold. However, like all players little people want to use gold when they have other means of getting it, that means breeding the Shell Lizard Monster.

Monster Story Shell Lizard Monster Baby

Important Information about Shell Lizard Monster

If you want to know how to breed this monster you must understand that this is not a normal monster where you can simple combine two elements and create it. It is a core monster of an entirely new element. Some players have dubbed it Shell element from its shell like design, while others call it a protector from creatures it spawns with hard protective outings. Regardless, it is known as the White-element  so it represents White Monsters.

The most important thing about this Shell Lizard is that its actually a 3 element monster, which means you must have at least three different elements in your breeding combination to get it. Which three? It doesn’t matter as long as there is three.

Monster Story Shell Lizard Monster Egg

How to Breed Shell Lizard

To breed the Shell Lizard, you must have read the above and know what elements it is. It is recommended that you use 4 elements for a chance to get a Diamond Pegasus Monster as well so that will be the best solution. The recommended combinations and confirmed by Gameteep are Palmwing Monster and Seabuffalo Monster. Another combination to breed the Shell Lizard is Egocoo Monster and Griffin Monster.

  • LuLu123

    how do you got a shell lizard ???????
    by breeding

    • Lilly

      Omg i just got a shell lizard by breeding dream bird and Ecogoo 🙂 But i still need to wait 5 more hours 🙁 by the way dream bird level 7 and Ecogoo level 10 🙂 hope that helps 🙂

    • Elliot

      Try sea buffalo and griffin that’s how I got it and my friend got it too!

  • Heather

    I did a level 7 dreambird and a level 5 ecogoo and just got one!!

  • Ethan

    I tried to make one but I accidentally made diamond Pegasus by trying ecogoo lvl7 and griffinlvl7

  • Lulu

    I bred a inferior and a birdball and got a shell monster

  • Kevin

    I’m a level 20 which isn’t great but I’ve been trying to breed the Shell monster since day one and haven’t yet. I’ve gotten a birdball, griffin, many palmwings, and a Phoenix in the process but still no shell.

    • Pikachuguy

      I’m level 27 now. Not one Shell Lizard. I’ve tried every combination of the 4 elements. Almost all of my breeding time was spent trying to get it.

      This game sucks in this way. Not in other ways, just with the Shell Lizard.

      • Clericabeam

        Don’t keep switching the pairs. Keep the same pair over and over. I used birdball and leaf lion, and bred them a good many times over and over. No switching no matter how long it takes or how many tries. Patience works wonders! 🙂

        • Add me at AmberandTaz


  • Rabbits

    I got one by breeding a level 7 leaf lion and a level 7 wavenwing

    • Lilly

      Well if your lucky just one but it takes patience so if you aren’t that patient then you gotta buy it hope this helps 🙂 <3 oh by the way add me my ID lilly_saing 😉

  • Lol

    I just got a diamond egg when I was level 11. Add me. ziiqii

  • Finns isle

    Lvl 4 wavewing and lvl 4 Leaflion

  • Jake

    I finally got one lvl seven leaf lion and level seven wavewing

  • Lola gold

    I have both shell lizard an diamond Pegasus! Come see my storm8

  • Ligia

    Lv 9 palmwing + Lv 9 sea buffalo!

  • Alyssa

    I have 6 shell lizards from sea buffalo and palm wing

    • Alyssa

      Add me pokelover586

  • CapriciousIsles

    Had no idea how I got the egg with wavewing and blob

  • Mustafa

    How do you get diamond Pegasus

  • Dina

    Does it really matter what level your monsters are on?

    • Cataf36


  • Cataf36

    I can’t get it. I’ve bred palm wing and sea buffalo over 50 times.

  • Cataf36

    It took me forever but I finally got it. I used sea buffalo and palmwing every day. If u don’t believe mE add me. My storm8 id is cataf36

  • Jordan192

    I breed sea buffalo and palm wing and I got diamond Pegasus then i sell it

    Am I smart

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  • Staci

    I have tried Sea Buffalo (8)\Leaf Lion (7), Sea Buffalo\Wavewing (7), Firefox (7)\Ecogoo (5), and Wavewing\Leaf Lion … I have got Griffins, Sea Buffalo, Wavewings but no Shell Lizards. It’s very frustrating. Any Suggestions?

  • Shayan

    I got it with sea buffalo lv 4 and a. Chipmoss lv 4 add me shayan120

  • Chloe deckern

    Leaf lion and wave wing first try!! x3

  • Louis

    I know how to breed leaf lion by using fire fox and tree rex

  • caleb

    I got one by breeding a level 7 leaf lion and a level 5 wave wing and got one on my first try

  • Isaac

    I got it! Used a Level 4 sea Buffalo and level 6 palmwing

  • jasmine

    Wasn’t anything special 🙁