Sep 272012

Looks like the Shellwing Monster has been released into Monster Story islands today and it features a non-diamond type monster! Last week, we were introduced to the Sapphire Kraken an ultra rare monster that required players to have the Diamond Pegasus Monster to obtain.Monster Story Shellwing Monster - Baby

This weeks monster, the Shellwing Monster is certainly a beauty to have in your Monster Story island because it’s just so colorful! The monster itself is represented by the elements of Yellow and White, essentially Air and Shell. However, it features much more shades than just simple yellow and blue colors.

How to Breed Shellwing Monster

Like all breeding monsters, it’s not always as simple as the common monsters, especially not when when monster is classified as an Super Rare monster for the game. Breeding the Shellwing Monster may be quick for some lucky players or may be outstandingly difficult.

Regardless, it is up to your game to give you the Shellwing Monster or not. To breed the Shellwing Monster, simply use a Dream Bird Monster and a Shell Lizard Monster in your breeding garden for a chance to get this Shellwing Mosnter!

The breeding time is 7 hours and once you have hatched the monster you can place her into any White or Yellow Habitat.

Good luck and post your results! More info here.

Monster Story Shellwing Monster Epic

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  1. Just got it 1st try with dream bird and shell lizard

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