Monster Story: About Breeding Monsters


This breeding guide is used to explain the breeding process in Monster Story and in theory happens when you breed monsters together to breed for a new monster. It helps you understand multiple myths and tricks that are proven to be false as it is most likely technically not possible. This explains why some people can get it while some cannot, what works for other may or may not work for you.

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The Breeding Process

You can breed two monsters together using the breeding garden which will allow you to create a brand new monster in your Monster Story Island. To breed you must unlock the breeding garden, learn more on how to unlock it on the breeding garden page.

How Breeding Works in Monster Story

When you select two monsters in Monster Story and press the breed button. It sends a message to the server/or game that Player A has bred a Fire Fire Monster and a Tree Rex Monster.

The game will determine what you have breeding by saying Red Element + Green Element, what monster can this make?

For example
Common Monster – 90%
Rare Monster – 9%
Super Rare Monster – 1%

Then give you a selection from that circle. Keep in mind these percentages do not represent the actual numbers, they are just used to illustrate how it works.

Myths and Common Mistakes

Breeding Left or Right
As noted above, it pulls the results from a pool of monsters. Breeding left or right does not matter.

Breeding Level
Breeding level does not matter because its based on elements.

Unless stated, there is no effects from decorations.

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