Monster Story: Diamond Pegasus Monster


The Diamond Pegasus Monster in Monster Story is the rarest of all monsters in Monster Story. It is the most wanted monster and the most difficult to breed for monster that requires much luck from the games breeding process. Some players that try to breed for this monster in Monster Story may take days, weeks, or even months of non-stop breeding. So don’t expect to get it easy.

This Diamond Pegasus monster features a Pegasus like design where he can unleash circles of rainbows as his special effects. This is most certainly one of the most adorable monster in Monster Story.

” The Diamond Pegasus monster is the most elusive monster known to scholars. Even to meet a trainer who has seen one is a once in a lifetime experience. Their beauty is the subject of poetry and song.” – Monster Story: Diamond Pegasus Monster Shop Description
“An Epic Form Diamond Pegasus is the summit of mystical creation; they are nature, beauty, truth and love, embodied. One can gaze into the facets of their crystalline form and lose oneself in the contemplation of existence, or walk beside one in a meadow and feel all life’s problems scatter like light refracted from Gleam’s eyes.” – Epic Diamond Pegasus Monster Description


Monster Story Diamond Pegasus Baby

Release Date: August 08 2012

Release Version: 1.0
Rarity: Ultra Rare

Hatching Time: 44 Hours
Buying Price: 2,000 Monster Story Gold icon
Selling Price: 100 Monster Story Coin
Habitat: Diamond Fields

Level Requirement: 10

Evolution Time #1: 44 Hours
Evolution Time #2
:  44 Hours
Evolution Time #3
:  44 Hours

 Monster Story: Diamond Pegasus Monster Key Features

  • The Rarest Monster of all!
  • Features a Pegasus design
  • Diamond Element

Monster Story: Diamond Pegasus Monster breeding guide

If you want to breed the Diamond Pegasus monster you have to understand that this is a 4-element ultra rare monster that not every player can get. Some players may spend days, weeks, months and we mean over 5 months and still not get a hint of this Diamond Pegasus monster.

Breeding this monster is up to luck and having at least 4 different elements in your breeding process. Four elements means, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Having monsters that have the same element in the breeding process won’t even give you a chance at getting this Diamond Pegasus Monster so be sure to count your elements before you breed to see if they are different.

Confirmed combination and proven success will be posted here shortly.


Monster Story: Diamond Pegasus Monster Evolution Guide

The Monster Story Diamond Pegasus will have four forms. To evolve the Diamond Pegasus Monster in Monster Story you must harvest and feed it food.

He will evolve into his second form at the end of level 3 through the Evolution Totem. Once you have leveled him to the end of  level 6 you will need to use the Evolution Totem where you will need to further evolve him for the Adult form.

Once you have an adult Diamond Pegasus Monster you can evolve him once more at the end of level 9 where you will get the Diamond Pegasus Mosnter’s amazing Epic form for Monster Story.

Monster Story: Diamond Pegasus Monster Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 525 Level 6  2520
Level 2  840 Level 7  2992
Level 3  1102 Level 8  3386
Level 4  1575 Level 9  3780
Level 5  2047 Level 10 4200Monster Story Coin

Monster Story: Diamond Pegasus Monster Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 2 Level 6 260
Level 2 10 Level 7 650
Level 3 20 Level 8  1300
Level 4 55 Level 9 2500
Level 5 130 Level 10 MaxMonster Story Food icon

Monster Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
 Monster Story Diamond Pegasus Egg  Monster Story Diamond Pegasus Baby  Monster Story Diamond Pegasus Teen  Monster Story Diamond Pegasus Adult  Monster Story Diamond Pegasus Epic

Diamond Pegasus Monster Breeding Video/Proof

Evolution Video by WBANGCA

  97 Responses to “Monster Story: Diamond Pegasus Monster”

  1. Got the diamond Pegasus with sea buffalo and palm wing 1st try

  2. what is your storm8 id

  3. Sorry emilio_2001

  4. Are they epic form?

  5. I am breeding the sea buffalo & palm wing, & got a 44/2day incubate time! First [email protected]

  6. add me sz_amei.. i got diamond pegasus on my first try breed!!

  7. Ug! I got it on my first try but I don’t have 150,000 to buy the habitat. Advice?

    • try to not spend any money i have the same issue but i dont have the coins i started with 1000 coins and now im at 127,426 coins and i dont have a lot of monsters ( insanityllusion) add me so you can see

  8. same here 🙁

  9. Every day I only can send 3 gold out but I receive more than 3 gold from not same the person?

  10. I got my Diamond Pegasus 1st time with Ecogoo Lv7 and Griffin Lv4 in attempt of Shell Lizard. Just got lucky!!!

    Add me up Xyllence

  11. Add: luisbih


  13. Ive just breed a diamond monster with a lvl 10 sea buffalo and lvl 8 palmwing took about 20 try’s but I’ve got the egg now add dj87 and see for yourself

  14. Anyone no how 2 hatch shell lizard

  15. I got the. diamond Pegasus you need to have all elements present as in dragonstory plz add me dragonstormdee or d2shyne I have all the dragons in dragon story and have diamond Pegasus need more friends so add

  16. Add: bandit178 and dabandit78.

  17. I got a 44 hour breeding time last night but I checked it ten hours later, it said 22. Is it still likely to be the diamond pegasus or has a glitch changed it ?

  18. 32 days breeding

  19. Add me ID KKeatzrockz, I bred wavewing and leaf lion and got 2 days 44 hours! First try

  20. I have TWO diamond Pegasus monsters!! One is hatched, one is breeding! My storm ID is zrindo67, Misfit Island.

  21. Add me maravilla179 and restaurant story and city story 🙂

  22. I think I just bred one in the attempt of getting a shell lizard
    Thirty-two gold and two days
    Add at : Mikune

  23. I have 2 diamond pegasus using ecogoo and the griffin. once I bred the first one, I tried using the sea buffalo and the palmwing to get the shell lizard, I found that unsuccessful on the first try so I went back to the ecogoo and the griffin when I bred the diamond pegasus for the second time…….. 😛

  24. I think I am gonna have it by using 3rd ev. Leaf lion and griffin 3rd ev

  25. I Got Diamond By Lvl 4 Wavewing and Lvl 7 Burnbark Lizard my ID: InkModel

  26. Plz add me playingwithpets

  27. Daily gold giver!

    StormID: Maradise2

  28. Add me MonsterTamer

  29. Plz Add me ID:TheBlazinAce and i give Gold Daily too Lvl 30

  30. So I did dream bird and ecogoo to get a shell lizard but I got a 2day I didn’t breed diamond with blue and I don’t have four elements so what is it?

  31. I got my Pegasus by using the Sea Buffalo & Shraptor… it took me two tries i think…
    : )

  32. Haha o.o I got this by breeding a dream bird lvl. 7 and a tree rex lvl. 7 im not lying it says 2 days is it the pegasus?

  33. I’ve been trying for a diamond for maybe a month? A little less? I tried with the ecogoo and the griffin monster…..I forget its name…..anyways a green and blue monster with a yellow and red monster. I was striking out but it wasn’t a big deal because I’ve been trying for 5 months to get the diamond dragon in dragon story. But just today, I was going to retry that combo but by accident I selected my wingblob or whatever it’s called, the one that’s blue and yellow. So I got kind of annoyed with myself — a blue/green and a blue/yellow can’t get a diamond Pegasus. But lo and behold!! A 2 day breeding time!! Could it even be anything else? Ah!!

    • Yes it could be the mosstrich….I had the same thing one day. I was so exctited thinking I finally had my diamond….but 2 days later all it was, was the silly old mosstrich lol. I am still trying but I have 2 shell lizards and had no problem getting them.

  34. Hello, i received a egg which need two days to hatch this morning, therefore it must be the diamond pegasus. My combo are TREE REX & DREAM BIRD !!!! which i attempt to get a Mosstrich (i didn’t get one yet = =).

    In conclusion, breeding a diamond pegasus just need a random combo parents! Not like what we think before (need 4 elements!)
    Suggestions: just use my combo, since tree rex & dream bird will spend 3 hrs only for palmwing (most of the time), therefore u can try many times a day to breed diamond pegasus!!

  35. I’m trying soo long for a diamond pegasus monster, but it doesn’t work.
    It seems that I will never get a diamond pegasus.
    That makes me really sad :'(

  36. Add Mfnenaa

  37. Is there anyone else, who tried so long for a diamond success, but with no success?
    Since the game came out, I've been trying different combos with four elements, but it seems I will never get a diamond pegasus :'(.

  38. Ive been trying sense level 15 30 right now

  39. yaaay i have a diamond pegasus hatching in my breeding den *-* add me: cedkugedchgd (i know, it’s very complicated, lol)

  40. Yeah!!Finally got it on my 8th try!!Add me manie555.Its still in the breeding den.

  41. add Thefallenforest

  42. Add me ellenyu88

  43. Got it,add me saddams

  44. add me ryukishin8

  45. Finally got mine 2 days ago!!! 🙂 with ecogoo & griffin!! My ID is lindseyleeann

  46. I just bred a diamond Pegasus with a level 4 gobbledygoo and level 10 medusasaur
    ID Snoopylover05

  47. oh my god…i’m unlucky…
    i tried with ecogoo and griffin…and i bred only ecogooes and griffins…
    i tried with sea buffalo and palmwing…and i bred only griffins and sea buffaloes…
    help me please…are there other breeding ways?
    my id is Beraldo98 add me 🙂

  48. Add me im on every day snkaggs

  49. I got one to! They’re so beautiful! I’m very happy! 😉
    Add me, my island is on level 20 or 21, I don’t know. I forgot. XD
    My island name is Monster Island
    There are more Islands with that name so be sure you add me. ;p

  50. What is the combo?

  51. i got lucky one of my first tries i got the ruby manticore on my first try and it took like 30 tries for the sapphire kraken im on level 27 now
    Add me my id is shmuliebz

  52. بالنسبه للعبه مونستر لاباس بها لان الديموند طلع لي من خامس محاوله اما الدراقون مي زينه

  53. add me sanadsoso look diamond

  54. This dragon is awesome I got first time got lucky

  55. I got it with inferoo and wavewing both level 7
    I’m level 17

  56. Add me in monster story, hottpinkbenz

  57. i got the pegasus with phoenix and sea rex (level 10)
    my id is Beraldo98 and i’m lvl.30

  58. please add winsominy, lv 26
    still trying to hatch a diamond though

  59. I got it 2 days ago!( Yay).

  60. By the way people look at the gold finsh 1 gold=1hr so that means if you get 44 gold you got it!

  61. Does anyone know what monster takes 2 days but costs 32 gold to finish? I was trying for a shell lizard XD

  62. I bred the diamond pegasus on my first try with sea buffalo and palmwing. I was only level 10 at when it was breeding. When the egg hatched, I was around level 14. I started breeding for the sapphire kraken and got it on my 20th try(its still breeding right now) Im level 15 now Storm ID is paradise113. Look at breeding place in my monster island for proof

  63. Got Diamond Pegasus with Sea Buffalo and Palmwing!
    Add: AnimalReaort57

  64. Finally got it sea buffalo palmwing 🙂

    Ps want a friend?

  65. Storm Id is jamyjam94

  66. I have been trying for about 8 months to get a Pegasus. I listened to what everyone was saying and wasn’t getting anywhere. I finally got tired of trying those and decided to mix it up. I did a Frogalog and a Phoenix and got it on the first try with that! I’m so excited! Add my storm8ID: PrincessPumpkin

  67. Yeah is true, i breeding a pegasus with buffslo and palmwing, wait for 2days ^_^

  68. I’ve trying to breed a diamond pegasus for months now and still nothing

  69. I finally got it after 2 months of trying add me acruz3107

  70. Got it first try w/frankenogre & firestorm bird come see for yourself id is: fireytaste

  71. wavewing and burnbark lizard
    add me

  72. plzzz add me ID : surawit13

  73. Still trying, but hopeful. Id: Malefycent

  74. Guys I have figured it out , there is no concrete combination that can breed the diamond,the same thing in dragonstory,well let’s just say u need something called LUCK!!! and a combination of more than three colors that’s all nothing else my friends although I have a diamond in both games I just thought that I could help newcomers thnx for the way my strm Id is smurfykiri

  75. To lucky i got one with wavewing and inferoo .. At same day i got diamond dragon in dragon story with fireworks and dawntree .. Its my lucky day now .. I got two rarest in same day wohoooo .. Add me >>>> jagzenkodo

  76. This is WAYYYY too similar to Dragon Story…

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