Monster Story: Leaf Lion Monster


The Leaf Lion Monster in Monster Story is a fire hybrid unlocked at level 7 when the Fire Fox Monster becomes available.  This great Leaf Lion Monster features a Leaf Lion that has red in its body represent the Red Den. The first thing you’ll notice about this Leaf Lion Monster compared to the other ones you’ve seen in Monster Story is its dark red color with green. When you evolve this Leaf Lion Monster into its Epic form he will feature a much great beak with strips around it.

One of the greatest thing about the Leaf Lion is that he spawns yellow flowers on its body when you get it to its epic form and it also has a very different feed rate and earning rate that will earn you a bit more money then other fire type monsters.

You will notice that on this Leaf Lion Monster, that he has no wings compared to the other monsters in Monster Story! This Leaf Lion Monster is definitively a great addition to Monster Story.

“Leaf Lions are the uncontested masters of the jungle. The leap from branch to branch, or sprint across the fern covered ground, without making the slightest sound. Leaf Lions are born with a plant-mane sprouting from their necks, but as they grow, their skin darkens and fills with ferns..” – Monster Story: Leaf Lion Monster Shop Description
“Monster scholars called Epic Form Leaf Lions the ‘Hearts of the Jungle’. With their massive strength, and mystical connection to nature, they are able to sense trouble anywhere within their wooded domains. Where plants or animals are being threatened intruders must answer to a Leaf Lion.” – Leaf Lion Monster Epic Description

 Monster Story Fire Red ElementMonster Story Green Plant element icon

Monster Story Leaf Lion Monster Baby

Release Date: August 02 2012

Release Version: 1.0
Rarity: Common

Hatching Time: 16 Hours
Buying Price:  200Monster Story Gold icon
Selling Price: 100 Monster Story Coin
Habitat: Red Den, Green Glade Habitat
Level Requirement: 7

Evolution Time #1: 16 Hours
Evolution Time#2
: 16 Hours
Evolution Time#3
: 16 Hours

 Monster Story: Leaf Lion Monster Key Features

  • Leaf Lion Design
  • No Wings!
  • Leaf tail
  • Plant aura in epic form
  • Plant/Fire elements
  • Different income rate
  • Flowers on its body at epic level

Monster Story: Leaf Lion Monster breeding guide

To breed the Leaf Lion Monster, simply select a Fire Fox Monster and a Tree Rex Monster in your breeding garden and breed these two monsters together. The breeding garden can be found in the market section of the market and you are to be at least level 5 to breed the Palmwing Monster because that’s when the breeding garden unlocks.

Alternatively you can breed any Red and Green monsters together for a chance to get the Leaf Lion Monster.

Please keep in mind that breeding left or right does not matter. The level of your monster also does not matter. It is up to chance of your game to give you the correct breeding time of the Leaf Lion Monster.

Monster Story: Leaf Lion Monster Evolution Guide

The Monster Story Leaf Lion will have four forms. To evolve the Leaf Lion Monster in Monster Story you must harvest and feed it food.

He will evolve into his second form at the end of level 3 through the Evolution Totem. Once you have leveled him to the end of  level 6 you will need to use the Evolution Totem where you will need to further evolve him for the Adult form.

Once you have an adult Leaf Lion Monster you can evolve him once more at the end of level 9 where you will get the Leaf Lion Mosnter’s amazing Epic form for Monster Story.

Monster Story: Leaf Lion Monster Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 165Monster Story Coin Level 6 399Monster Story Coin
Level 2 196Monster Story Coin Level 7 518Monster Story Coin
Level 3 224Monster Story Coin Level 8 567Monster Story Coin
Level 4 316Monster Story Coin Level 9 608Monster Story Coin
Level 5 361Monster Story Coin Level 10 742Monster Story Coin

Monster Story: Leaf Lion Monster Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 2 Level 6 165
Level 2 7 Level 7  400
Level 3 14 Level 8 810
Level 4 33 Level 9 1650
Level 5 82 Level 10 MaxMonster Story Food icon

Monster Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
 Monster Story Leaf Lion Monster Egg  Monster Story Leaf Lion Monster Baby  Monster Story Leaf Lion Monster Teen  Monster Story Leaf Lion Monster Adult  Monster Story Leaf Lion Monster Epic

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