Oct 042015

Jurassic World Game - Sea Mosasaurus Update
Jurassic World the mobile game for Apple iOS and Android users have released a brand new update and it includes some amazing new content including the highly sought after aquatic dinosaur that took down the Indominus Rex in the movie, the Mosasaurus. Included in this update is also a two new dinosaurs including a new pack as well as two brand new hybrids for your game.

The biggest and baddest sea dinosaur the Mosasaurus is now available for players to obtain through the tournament. The tournament is separated into multiple tiers and the higher you go the better the spins (this does not include increase in the Msasaurus pack).


  • top 100% – Mystery Pack
  • top 50% – Common Pack
  • Top 25% – Rare Pack
  • Top 10% – Super Rare Pack
  • Top 5% – Legendary Pack
  • Top 1% – Mosasaurus Pack



Jurassic World Game - Sea Mosasaurus Spin

The Spin

Being in the dominator tier does not mean your rates for getting the packs will increase. In fact, the rates for obtaining the Mosasaurus packs is insanely low and there are the lucky individuals that are able to land on the pack itself. Whether it is pre-determined or not and the spinner is just for animation purposes, one thing is for sure, this pack is very difficult to obtain.


Jurassic World Game - Sea Mosasaurus PACK


  2 Responses to “Mosasaurus Pack Now Available in Jurassic World: The Game”

  1. when will mosasaurus willl come again

  2. And will it be in a impossible tornament if it dous come back?

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